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Happy 2020 party emojis here Let's hope it's a good one. Woop woop.

And with this new year, I figured now was as good a time as any to start this. For about a year or two now, we've had a loooong list of mangas, doujins, artists, pairings, anthologies and other such works in the queue for the featured chapter. But that queue is beginning to thin out, so I figured it might be a good idea to open up the suggestions to you users. You lucky lot, you.

So yeah, feel free to suggest some works, artists, pairings, whatever, on the site you'd like to see in the featured chapter on the front page. Beloved classics you love to reread, underrated oneshots or works you feel deserve more love, artists who consistently create quality work, anything really. Suggest it here, and we'll add a bunch to the queue.

Figure I should give some tips though:
Multiple suggestions are highly appreciated, in fact they're encouraged, but try not to go overboard. Try to stick to at least a reasonable number.
Do at least a casual check to see if your requests have been suggested in the thread already. I don't wanna see 20 people all saying to feature Shitsurakuen.
This is not a thread to request a work get scanlated.

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Tsurezure Biyori - Ch 17 - One of my absolute favourite confession chapters.

Yuridori Midori - Kisa and Saki and the red thread of fate - fun premise, very fluffy.

Walk Wit Me - A two-parter with a very atypical setting for yuri and some pretty dark themes.

Her Tale of Shim Chong - I'd recommend this a thousand times over, but I'm not sure it's allowed to be uploaded here since it's officially licensed in English. However, the first two chapters are free to read on their site, so maybe they're allowed here as well? Not sure.

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I think these one shots/doujins melted my heart (2 make 1) I cri

This was my first yuri manga and the reason I found it was because I thought it was the manga of Strawberry Panic! I was wrong....... but it's an incredible coincidence that both works are yuri! lol Because it has a little something for everyone Because it's the best thing ever this one it's a surprise in the genre and so good!

And I guess Yagate no Kimi ni Naru because ... We all know.

My most loved pairings

I love these artists

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joined Aug 19, 2013 I go back to this all the time. It's one of my faves. Really unique. Still waiting on the rest of it (may be discontinued) One of Takemiya Jin's best. I reread this one a lot. I reread this one a lot too. I absolutely LOVE this one. So unique! I love this one and the 2 chapter spin-off from it. One of the series that got me into yuri. I read this before finding out about Dynasty Reader!

joined Nov 16, 2019 - it’s just adorable ;; i love the couples so much. i could read the quite short chapters over and over again while waiting for updates this never fails to make me laugh, arisa is an icon coworkers exchanging notes inside coat pockets??? super cute i was iffy about reading this at first bc of the huge age gap but it turned out to be a really soft and heartwarming manga, made it to my list of fav yuri works so i think more people should give it a read (the pixiv chapters are as adorable too)

more on the lewd side:



also, happy new year and thank you for your work on this site ;;

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One of my fav autors that i found for first time in this site and her kyosaya doujins are a must to read
but i you are looking for more explicit Works Mira is something else in that area
Tag: (this and the subtext tag keep me awake)
Series: (it is incomplete but the blushing thing is awe)
Pairing: (My most Beloved ship to be honest lets spread the kyosaya love for everyone /(-)/)

Well that's all happy new year Yuri mates let´s pray for another year of awesome and wholesome yuri

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If we’ve manwha translators, I’d love to see this piece translated to English.

The author’s other series, Lilith, is translated and licensed on the webcomic site Lezhin. But alas! The author’s other works are not translated.

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As far as authors go, needs some love.

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Gonna put a couple comedic series that I find to be fun that might be overlooked:
Love Flag Girls

A few authors that haven't been mentioned:
Kanbayashi Makoto
Nishi Uko
Minase Ruruu

and etc:
Goat girl

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Story of Eirin and Keine Part One
Story of Eirin and Keine Part Two
Almost 200 pages of some of the best Touhou doujins to ever exist.

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My favorite so far
- Tsuki to Suppin
Low energy people can love too
Barbaric Couple
- Like a Snowfall in Spring
Froze- wait wrong anime
- Still Sick
Finally they going o-
- So, Do You Want To Go Out, Or?
"Bae, i wanna fuck u"
- We Can't Draw Love
Just confess already and "what the hell dad?"
-Hana Ni Arashi
Bucin Couple
Bucin = Budak Cinta = Lovey Dovey
- Cotton Candy
Sometime i cry when re-read this
- Watashi wa Kimi wo Nakasetai
Some gurl watching movie together
- Fusoroi no Renri
Love the Art, the Story, theEverythinginthismanga
- Out of the Blue!
I really love this manga
- Bloom into You
Can't express it in words
- A Room for Two
Basically just two girl sharing room
- After School
Read the rest at Mangadex
- A Pitiable Boss And A Pathetic Liason
- Live-streamer Girlfriend
She love her girlfriend
- Sasameki Koto
Finished 3 time and cry 3 time
Don't ask me why I'm cry, because i dunno why I'm cry when read this

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「Omae Gotoki ga Maou ni Kateru to Omou na」 to Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta no de, Outo de Kimama ni Kurashitai

Please post it here too.

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I have always thought that was a really good series for the series. It still gets me going in tears at the proposal part even 8 years later from when I first read that.

I also liked for the comedy.

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Theres only one of the five chapter of this series of one shot and still the first one shot was really great, I hope some day I could read the rest of this series and with that author

I promesse this chapter is so fucking great, it's been 4 years I'm looking at scan on this site and I think it's one of the best series Ive ever read

If the author have made other works then It would be great to discover it :)

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