Morishima Akiko

Angels Wings released Sep 26 '04 Comedy Full color Romance Yuri
Let's Meet in the Movie Version Sailor Moon Doujin released Jun 17 '05 Comedy Haruka x Michiru Yuri
Girls' Love released Jul 16 '08 4-koma Comedy Moe up the butt Yuri
Relieving Stress released Feb 2 '09 Office lady Yuri
Midsummer Lovers released Apr 15 '09 Beach Dark skin Sequel Swimsuits Yuri
Off Time released Mar 4 '10 Adult life Age gap Bath Couple life Mature Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
Afterschool Kotatsu Time K-ON! Doujin released Dec 13 '10 4-koma Comedy
Girls of Sun and Sea released Feb 27 '11 Beach Dark skin Prequel Swimsuits Yuri
Wonderful Morning released Jul 28 '13 Adult life Romance Yuri
LesbianSOLO Original Doujin released Jan 13 '14 4-koma Adult life Comedy Yuri
TakuLez Meet-Up Report released Jul 17 '14 Autobiographical Yuri
Yuri Friends released Sep 2 '14 4-koma Adult life Autobiographical Comedy Mangaka Yuri
LesbianSOLO! 2 Original Doujin released Oct 19 '14 Adult life Cheating Drama Sequel Yuri