Also known as Kanno and twilightzone

New Game! Anthology Comic ch03: You're a Bully New Game Doujin released Apr 26 '18 Aoba x Hifumi Comedy Official Subtext
The Witch's Work released May 27 '18 4-koma Adult life Co-worker Comedy Supernatural Yuri
Bloom Into You Comic Anthology ch02: Perhaps A Constellation Like That Bloom Into You Doujin released Jan 5 '19 Official Sayaka x Touko School life Yuri
One Page Short released Mar 20 '19 Love triangle School girl Yuri
Baby Don't Cry released Jun 8 '19 Adult life Drunk Yuri
The Story of our First and Last Night released Nov 27 '19 Ghost Marriage NSFW Tragedy Yuri
Midnight Funeral Where I Can't Let it Be Found Out released Jan 30 '22 Age gap Comedy Ghost Incest School girl Yuri
She Stands at the Center of the Star Trail Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Doujin released Mar 5 '24 Drama Maya x Nana