Sayonara Folklore by Kazuma Kowo — Completed


Hayase has gone to this school for years, so she knows that you do *not* touch anyone on Monday, and if you do, there's a little incantation that must be recited. But Mashiro has just transfered in, and does not know these things. Hayase explains that we do not touch on Monday, because not too long ago two girls did - and they fell in love, became lovers and tried to die together. Therefore, if you don't recite the charm, you might fall in love with whomever touched you...and that would be bad. Of course Hayase explains this after Mashiro has touched her...on a Monday.

Chapter 1 released Mar 23 '11
Chapter 2 released Apr 15 '11
Chapter 3 released Dec 30 '11
Chapter 4 released Dec 30 '11
Chapter 5 released Dec 30 '11
extra 01 released Dec 30 '11
extra 02 released Dec 30 '11
extra 03 released Dec 30 '11
extra 04 released Dec 30 '11 Animal ears