Opapagoto by Nazuna Shiraume — Ongoing


The importance of "family" is being forgotten. At an all-girls school, a program to simulate and nurture family ties is carried out. Each student plays the role of father, mother, or child at random. Ayagasaki Kasuga is a girl who has been assigned the role of father in this outrageous project.

Chapter 1: Girl Meets Girl released Aug 6 '14
Chapter 2: Father's Debut released Sep 20 '14 Ecchi
Chapter 3: First Morning released Dec 2 '14
Chapter 4: Naruko of the Katagiri Family released Dec 1 '16
Chapter 5: Declaration of War released Dec 7 '16
Chapter 6: What It Means to Be a Family released Dec 14 '16
Chapter 7: What I Can Do released Dec 21 '16 Cross-dressing
Chapter 8: Still Doesn't Know released Dec 29 '16 Cross-dressing
Chapter 9: Dinner☆Dash (part 1) released Jan 6 '17