Takemiya Jin http://ameblo.jp/yuricomic/

Takemiya Jin began working on original yuri doujinshi in February 2007 and debuted in Yuri-Hime two years later, after winning their Division Prize for "All My Love and Lies". From March 2009, she has published in every issue of Yuri-Hime. Her series "Fragments of Love" ran in the first 15 issues of Rakuen: Le Paradis, and her series "Irrational Us" is currently running in Rakuen WEB. After a two-year break from doujinshi, she resumed self-publishing in December 2013.

Yuri-Hime collections: Love Flicker (July 2010), KiLa KiLa (July 2011), Perfume of Love (June 2012), Steps (June 2013), Game (June 2014), Chouchou Nannan (Feb 2015)
Hakusensha collections: Girlish Sweet (April 2010), Fragments of Love 1 (August 2011), Seasons (Dec. 2011), Fragments of Love 2 (May 2013), Fragments of Love 3 (December 2014)


Butterfly Love Live! Doujin released Nov 24 '14 Blushing Eli x Nozomi Yuri
Love Me! Original Doujin released Jan 25 '15 Comedy Kuudere School girl Tsundere Yuri
Valentine's Magic Original Doujin released Feb 14 '15 School girl Valentine's Yuri
First Love's Pledge Original Doujin released Jun 13 '15 Yuri
Wish Love Live! Doujin released Jun 27 '15 Adult life Eli x Nozomi New Year's Wishful thinking Yuri
Girl Meets Girl Original Doujin released Dec 20 '15 Childhood friends Comedy Romance School girl Yuri
Abyss by Horii Kisuke and Takemiya Jin Original Doujin released Feb 13 '16 Blushing Glasses Not yaoi School girl Tomboy Yuri
Deep Original Doujin released Feb 14 '16 Blushing Glasses School girl Sequel Valentine's Yuri
Graphite Original Doujin released Jun 13 '16 BDSM Bullying Ecchi School girl Yuri
Live-streamer Girlfriend released May 6 '18 Adult life Yuri
Marionette released Jun 29 '18 Age gap Cheating Ecchi Netorare School girl Yuri
A Flower in the Storm released Aug 24 '18 Co-worker Comedy Office lady Yuri
Apocalypse for Two released Oct 31 '18 Drama Horror School girl Yuri Zombies
Sensei! Teach Me? released Dec 15 '18 Age gap Big breasts Lolicon Yuri
Sensei! Please! released Dec 15 '18 Age gap Big breasts Lolicon Sequel Yuri
Lunatic Lady released Apr 11 '19 Adult life Maid Yandere Yuri
Who Are You? released Jun 20 '20 Big breasts Creepy NSFW Twins Yuri
Melon Melon released Jan 2 '21 Age gap Bread Food Lolicon Wholesome Yuri
Senpai no Neko Original Doujin released Aug 10 '21 Bisexual Cheating School girl Yuri