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June 24, 2017
Hana and Hina After School ch15 by Morinaga Milk released Jun 24 '17 Co-worker Comedy Drama Romance School life Yuri
Homuhomu Night Mission by Kaori Hero Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Jun 24 '17 Comedy Ecchi Homura x Madoka Read left to right Yuri
Citrus: ~ love panic ~ (10th Anniversary of Yuri Hime) by Saburouta released Oct 2 '16 Aaaaaangst Drama Pseudo-incest Romance School girl Yuri
little by little by Kanbayashi Makoto Love Live! Doujin released Jun 24 '17 Nico x Nozomi Sequel Yuri
Met My Sister on a Dating Site ch07: The Sisters Went To A Love Hotel by Mochi Au Lait released Jun 24 '17 Comedy Incest Romance Yuri
A Room For Two ch16 by Yukiko released Jun 24 '17 4-koma Comedy Roommates School girl School life Slice of life Subtext
Mitsuboshi Colors ch28: Akamatsu Yui by Katsuwo released Jun 24 '17 Comedy Moe up the butt School girl Slice of life
June 23, 2017
Model-chan and Plain Manager ch03 by Taneko released Jun 23 '17 Adult life Co-worker Comedy Yuri
Citrus: Vol. 6 Special 2 by Saburouta released Dec 22 '16 Aaaaaangst Drama Pseudo-incest Romance School girl Yuri
Citrus: Vol. 6 Special by Saburouta released Dec 19 '16 Aaaaaangst Drama Pseudo-incest Romance School girl Yuri
New Game ch45 by Shotaro Tokunou released Jun 23 '17 4-koma 404: Men Not Found Anime Blushing Comedy Older than she looks Slice of life Subtext Yuri crush
Cutie Beast ch04 by Mira released Jun 22 '17 Big breasts Comedy Fantasy Lots of sex Lots of tentacles NSFW Rape Yuri
June 22, 2017
Strawberry Fields Once Again ch01 by Kinosaki Kazura released Jun 22 '17 Comedy School life Yuri
Ayakashiko ch17 by Hijiki released Jun 22 '17 Animal ears Comedy Monster girl Slice of life Supernatural
She's Such A Damn Perv! by Hoshino Ouka Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Jun 22 '17 Comedy Kanan x Everyone Kanan x Mari
Our Journey to Lesbian Motherhood ch08: A Gay Couple Has a Difference of Opinion by Higashi Koyuki, Masuhara Hiroko, and Sugiyama Emiko released Jun 22 '17 Adult life Marriage Non-moe art Yuri
June 21, 2017
Shoujo Kishidan × Knight Tale ch03 by Inue Shinsuke released Jun 21 '17 Action Comedy Ecchi Molestation School girl Sports Yuri
Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro: Volume 5: The Remnants of That Day by Kawasaki Tadataka released Jun 19 '17 Comedy School girl
Wild and Horned Hermit ch40: The Strange Weather Gnawing at Gensokyo by Aya Azuma and ZUN Touhou Project Doujin released Jun 20 '17 Comedy Fantasy Official
Sweet Dreams in the Demon Castle ch34: Springy Princess by Kagiji Kumanomata released Jun 17 '17 Comedy Fantasy
Sweet Dreams in the Demon Castle ch33: Stop Getting Serious in a Party Game! by Kagiji Kumanomata released Jun 4 '17 Comedy Fantasy
Kemono Friends Comic a la Carte Japari Park Anthology ch08: "Japari Buns are Scaaary!" by Tokyo Robin Kemono Friends Doujin released Jun 18 '17 Animal ears Comedy Official
Shiori Experience - Jimi na Watashi to Hen na Oji-san ch21: Satsuki Meguro by Machida Kazuya and Osada Yu-Ko released Jun 15 '17 Comedy Drama Music School life Supernatural
The Useless Senpai and The Talented Kouhai by Mochi Au Lait Original Doujin released Jun 21 '17 Blushing Bullying School life Sports Yuri
Yuyushiki ch33 by Mikami Komata released Jun 21 '17 4-koma Anime Comedy School life Slice of life