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July 19, 2018
Chevaliere ch02 by Daise released Jul 19 '18 4-koma Comedy Historical
Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Overture ch06: The Treasured "glittering star" by Goto Sora and Nakamura Kanata released Jul 19 '18 Anime Music School life Slice of life Theater
The Violence Action ch12.4 by Asai Renji and Sawada Shin released Jul 18 '18 Action Assassin Drama Slice of life Violence
July 18, 2018
Agent 3 and Agent 8's Free Time by babblethesushi Splatoon Doujin released Jul 18 '18 Agent 3 x Agent 8 Image set Yuri
Melty Blood - Back Alley Alliance Nightmare ch02 by French Bread, Kirishima Takeru, and Type-Moon Fate/X Doujin and Tsukihime Doujin released Jul 18 '18 Action Comedy Crossover Drama Fantasy Official Subtext
Master and Mel OneeLoli Hentai by Itou Hachi Original Doujin released Jul 18 '18 Age gap Animal ears Lolicon NSFW Yuri
Citrus ch40: love your life by Saburouta released Jul 18 '18 Aaaaaangst Anime Drama Pseudo-incest Romance School girl Yuri
Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? ch10: We welcome on any weather! by Koi released Jul 18 '18 4-koma Anime Comedy Moe up the butt Slice of life Yuri crush
Useless Princesses ch02: Unforgivable by Ajiichi released Jul 18 '18 School girl Yuri
July 17, 2018
Splatoon 2 Off The Hook Collection by Kashikaze Splatoon Doujin released Jul 17 '18 Image set Marina x Pearl Yuri
Alone With Another by Takeshisu Original Doujin released Jul 17 '18 School girl Yuri
Comic Girls ch13 by Hanzawa Kaori released Jul 17 '18 4-koma Anime Comedy Mangaka Moe up the butt Older than she looks School girl Yuri crush
My Ignorance of a World Yet Unknown ch06 by Momono Moto released Jul 17 '18 Aaaaaangst Adult life Co-worker Drama Het Love triangle Office lady Yuri
Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ch13 by Nanatsu Mukunoki released Jul 17 '18 4-koma Age gap Anime Comedy Lolicon Yuri
Seifuku no Vampiress Lord ch12: Mismatch of the Rendezvous Lord by Matsumoto Tomoki released Jul 17 '18 Childhood friends Comedy School life Vampire Yuri
July 16, 2018
It's Tough Being Neeko ch09 by Aldehyde released Jul 16 '18 Comedy
MOON LIGHT by Notori D Pokémon Doujin released Jul 16 '18 Blushing Lillie x Moon Sleeping Yuri
Poisoning the Sweet Apple by Fukuroumori Hibike! Euphonium Doujin released Jul 16 '18 Asuka x Kaori Yuri
K-ON! Shuffle ch01 by Kakifly released Jul 16 '18 4-koma Comedy Music School life Spin-off
Flame Heart by SimpleClass Nanoha Doujin released Jul 15 '18 Arisa x Stern
July 15, 2018
A Kiss And A White Lily ch43: A Fanfare for Her by Canno released Jul 15 '18 Comedy Drama Romance School girl School life Tsundere Yuri
Story of the Horns by Chichizuki Fate/X Doujin released Nov 18 '17 Comedy Ibaraki Douji x Shuten Douji Yuri
July 14, 2018
My Dead Boyfriend Came Back as a High School Girl by Tokiwa Rokukou released Jul 14 '18 Age gap Comedy Drama Gender bender Het Supernatural Yuri
Sugar Mama by BruelDratia Pokémon Doujin released Jul 3 '18 Cynthia x Lusamine Exhibitionism Gay for pay NSFW No text Yuri
Between Philia and Eros ch03 by Kida Miyuki released Jul 14 '18 School girl Yuri