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I wanna know know know know what is love !
Ok so these are like short one shots right?

Not exactly... it's more like a nonlinear story about a group of girls (who go to the same college and are good friends) and their relationships, both with each other and with other women.

In the first chapter, we are introduced to all the main characters so far. Chapters 2 and 3 are about Kotoko and Tsutsuji (who become a couple). Chapter 4 is about Miki and Satou (who may become a couple or not, as it's not certain yet whether Miki returns Satou's feelings). Chapter 5 is about Kana and two women, Yoriko and Mao, who we didn't know before. Next chapters might tell us more about all these pairings, or be about completely new girls, or both -- as the free narrative structure gives the author a lot of room for improvisation.

So they are not really one shots... more like vignettes of the lives of a group of characters presented to us in a mostly nonlinear way.

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I still love this series even though we're getting away from the original couple. I think Kana's story, while not the most original, has a lot to say about how different people experience love. Yoriko very well could have been in love with her, but couldn't wait any longer to see if the feeling was mutual and Kana very obviously wasn't aware of anything more between them. I hope Mao and Kana can be happy together and that the other co-worker isn't too messed up by Kana's weird post-confession, loveless kiss. If there's more to the series it'd be nice to get a group date by the end of it all, but anything would be nice after all of the good story we have already gotten.
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@Nene thank you that helped me get a handle on what was going on quite well.

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Please let there be another chapter with Satou and Miki again. Also, some with Kanako. I doubt it will happen though

Hey look at that! I'm happy that Kana realized that she was in love and hope the one she may have with Mao lasts

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Please let there be another chapter with Satou and Miki again. Also, some with Kanako. I doubt it will happen though

It's quite possible. After all, their stories haven't been conclusively wrapped up: Miki hasn't accepted Satou's love (she hasn't even noticed it yet iirc) and Kana x Mao is only a prospect that is suggested in the last page of Kana's chapter.

Hey look at that! I'm happy that Kana realized that she was in love and hope the one she may have with Mao lasts

Time will tell.

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I wonder how much more there will be. This strikes me as one of those one volume manga

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Baby don't hurt me

Don't hurt me
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Huh this is... pretty unrelated from the earlier series. Like, a bit, but idk, it was all kind of disconnected, a bit closer to a series of oneshots or a collection than a single manga. With a few of the oneshots being sequels.

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This was cute and all, but I keep forgetting who is who since all the couples are black-hair x light-hair and have similar faces.

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I'm always a little bummed when a character like Ao-chan gets a day in the lime light to suffer. Like, exploring her regret is great and all, but she deserves love too~

Also, I like me a pragmatic gyaru who can get down to business lol

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Aww I wanted to see how kotoko's friends would react.

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Don't mess with a girl's authority kink "Class Rep".

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This series suffers from a serious case of same face and it makes it really hard to follow it as an anthology of couples.

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Other than the one with Ao-chan, this chapter dump has made me love this series so much more. I like the messy girl one the best though, followed by the blackmail one, and lastly the afterward
Edit: I also just noticed the Cotton Candy image at the end, which is one of my favorite re-reads. Thank u for that

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Even more Girls' Arcadia!? Awesome! I loved the new installments. Follow-up with the main couple - great! Catching up with the former best friend - also great (not too angsty for my liking)! New, adult life couple - so good (although class rep might've benefitted from the glasses when not working)! And lastly, the (too) rare and elusive gyaru yuri, something we definitely need more of - excellent (though too short). Overall, if this is it, it was a great ride and I hope the author revisits at least the side couples at some point down the road.

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@Beefaroni and @Kinnikufan, I couldn't agree more.

This book has made me a giant fan of Yatosaki Haru. I knew her only for her short doujins, I had no idea she could do SO WELL with a longer story! I'm really impressed.

I hope we'll get more Mao and Kana and Satou and Miki in future books. Those girls need their happy endings...

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I kind of doubt it. The point of those two stories was that there was one character (one in each) who needed to realize they were in love. To be precise, Satou and Kana. At the end of the stories, Satou realizes she's in love with Miki and Kana realizes (really bittersweet, this one) that she had always loved Yoriko but, by realizing it too late, has screwed up any real chances she could have had with her. But, hey, there's always Mao... perhaps now Kana will be able to have a real romance with her?
Imho the author considers the main point of both tales solved, and it's unlikely that she will return to them.. (except if fans demand it really loudly, in which case, maybe?)

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Cute! Nice little epilogue to let everyone know these two will be just fine.

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I liked it but I agree with the same face critiques

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It's hard to get angry at someone for stealing your clothes when they look so hot in them, yup yup.

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the kotokoxtsutsuji is so cute~~~

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a-angst (´・_・`) I thought there was going to be no angst (;_;)

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no one warned me ab the angst on ch. 7 (´-`) I’m gna cry fr

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