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Hm, an interesting start for a new series. It seems like it'll go into some dark stuff in the future, though it's too early to say for sure how it'll turn out. Still, I'll keep an eye on this.

Also, her openly lesbian friend seems cool - I already ship her with her other friend.

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lol I wrote something, click in "create post" and it dissapear? WTF?
well, I'll put it again
Finally this is here! This tome is too cute, I have it ♥
Also this issue it's from Galette number 1, I said it because I don't see it attached to it

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This is certainly shaping up to be a promising example of the "ordinary MC meets alluring yet troubled love interest" flavour of yuri.

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another hotaru(probably)

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oh my im already interested in this manga
i will wait for future updates xD

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Reminded me of NTR: Netsuzou Trap

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Doesn’t matter if it gets dark, I don’t care if one of them kills someone. As long as the two main girls are happy and the feelings a mutual, nothing else matters

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Good start.

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Lovely art!

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im scared this could be a good story, but the potential for it to be really crap drama is looming within it :P

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Also, her openly lesbian friend seems cool

My thoughts exactly! Great looks and what little we see of her, while in no way groundbreaking, is pretty neat. <3

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NTR and HSL vibes incoming.. I really hope it’s not as predictable as abuse + cheating. Here’s to hoping it’s a more light-hearted, romantic, fluff yuri

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College? Yuri?

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I love that MC's friends seem to have personalities and motivations if their own. Too often there will be a yuri story set against daily life situations, but the characters unrealistically only seem to interact with and matter to each other. This author seems to be immediately characterizing those two, as well as the gyarou classmate and the girl from her story.

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I love the art style so much, damn

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I hope this doesn’t get too dark and angsty, the charm of college and adult romance stories is usually the more mature characters that don’t have to to deal with that kind of stuff.

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Subscribes immediately

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`will it be drama?

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The paradise is lost.
R.I.P. the paradise.

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Interesting! I'm looking forward to how this plays out.

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Gotta keep an eye on this manga. I loved the start. Let their love blooooooom. Mmm. Oh and she'll do anything. Woah. I wonder what she meant by that.

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Well that’s one way to pay rent

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Doesn’t matter if it gets dark, I don’t care if one of them kills someone. As long as the two main girls are happy and the feelings a mutual, nothing else matters

But that's the thing, my gut is telling me that Tsutsuji isn't as nice as she appears to be. I feel like she doesn't really like Kotoko and simply has an ulterior motive.
Ofc it's might just because of the recent Still Sick series making me overly suspicious on girls that act a little bit too nice

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Definitely think this isn't going to be happy go lucky Yuri and things aren't going to end well for Kotoko. I like darker more downbeat works rather then always happy go lucky ones. Also love how well developed Kotoko friends are, I assume they be playing a bigger part in this. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up been completely different then what I'm expecting. But Tsutsuji will probably end up been a crazy stalker a la like the film Single White female, who takes over Kotoko's life and drives her insane.

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