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Si usted ya la vio, no cuente el final. Si usted aún no la vio, no adivinará hasta el último minuto de intolerable suspense... que el asesino es Jack el forastero.


Es claro que sí. XD ¡Y muy apropiada! Porque al fin y al cabo lo que se está conversando es que a la gente le gustan los trailers con spoilers.

Y spoiler más grande que ese, no hay. :P

Si no me falla la memoria de nuestras viejas discusiones en la thread de hispanoparlantes, White Rose es uruguaya (aunque ahora vive en Montréal). Así que debe tener conocimiento de primera mano de la música rioplatense.

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^ Andá, si vos una vez te escribiste un tango para un personaje de manga. (⁀ ᗢ⁀) ~♪

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^ Andá, si vos una vez te escribiste un tango para un personaje de manga. (⁀ ᗢ⁀) ~♪

Sólo los primeros versos... :)

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She's a hell of a lot more resilient than me. If an incredibility cute girl would wake me up like that I don't think I would have said no or turn her away. How long before that's exactly the same for her >>

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Why do I find this so fucking hot? I also find this whole setup/story bizarrely engaging, for better or worse.

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This is going to be quite depressing and only time will tell if it will change to a feeling of wholesomeness.

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wish I felt safer when in pain, then I'd feel safe all the time

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Aawwww that was lovely.
Hana-san starting to mend Kitty's broken heart and Kitty-chan attempting to spice up Hana-sans non existent love life. Bet there's some ups and downs coming up for them both .

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Can't decide whether this should just go wholesome, or wholesome BDSM-y ... hmm ...

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Can't decide whether this should just go wholesome, or wholesome BDSM-y ... hmm ...

As not a practitioner myself, when someone says, "I really get off with pain," I'm like, "OK, that's true for you--have fun and stay safe!"

"Only pain makes me feel safe," seems (although it's a term I'm coming to dislike because of its vagueness and all-purpose judgy-ness) much more problematic.

At any rate, I'll be very interested to see where this goes.

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this is very gripping for reasons I haven't parsed yet and I'm torn between wanting the two to remain platonic because clearly that gal hasn't had a lot of healthy relationships in her short life and wanting to see their game of chicken through

im obsessed with this manga im waiting every month for a new chapter

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this is very gripping for reasons I haven't parsed yet

there's a little BDSM in all of us

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I love this manga so much. Aoto Hibiki is great.

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Apparently this is completed with 60 chapters, if MDex is to be believed. Omnomnomnom.

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this is very gripping for reasons I haven't parsed yet

there's a little BDSM in all of us

kind most her trauma from her childhood might make her use pain as an coping (having your mother do that to you as an child will surly leave you scared in a way) , not an healthy one for sure >.>

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Thanks for the update!

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You know, I have heard from reliable sources that you can just... you know, like BDSM, without having a tragic past or trauma.
That reminds me of that BDSM-Series from Mira where the conflict was that one of the girls was into BDSM, and was unsure wether her romantic interest was too. The fact that she liked BDSM was just that, a fact. Not something born from a specific bad experience or moment in her life, she just liked it.. Guess I am gonna reread that.

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Unconventional, but let me in on that breakfast.

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im sooooo into this story lol. It's like a rare treat when it updates. there's so much mystery and intrigue! And the catlike way the girl is drawn is lowkey kinda hot? Like im generally not a fan of the whole catgirl thing. But the biting, and the affection mixed with wary eyes, and that special kind of daintiness is something else. She has an unusual tempo to her actions and emotions that's really captivating. I, too, could spend a whole meal just watching her eat. and her issues, like, they're super fucked up, but they're portrayed in a way that for some reason speaks directly to my id and is kinda cathartic. Like it's not just maximum hotness, it's like, direct lizard brain communication, and there's a lot of emotions there.

Sólo los primeros versos... :)

That was a peak dynasty moment tbqh, i won't be forgetting that one any time soon

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Glad this is back! Can't wait to get to later events in the story.

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It's back! It's back! So happy!!!
I srsly love this manga. I read it's been completed at 60+ chapters. Please don't drop it and keep translating it to the end! Pretty please! Ok?

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The mc finally had her gay lightbulb moment and it only took her 14 chapters! Not bad, not bad at all.

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Thank you Daphie and everyone who works in this project for the new chapter!

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That last panel was like: "they ask you how you are and you just have to say that you're fine–"

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