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reading the comments until now is more entertaining that this dumbster fier of hentai :3

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My god this plotpoint is even dumber than I origianally thought it would be

XD Ikr!!! like the most cliche plot poin the author could find!!!

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All chapters up to 50 can now be read without the app on the website I mentioned earlier. It still requires a Japanese IP, which is a barrier much easier to overcome for any potential scanlators.

so they aren't in english T^T damn we need some one to pick it up!

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no new chapter ay?

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sooo axed? canceled ? no raws or what ??? T^T damn another one not finished.....

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Raphy and Sagiri hype!
But this series doesn't feel that popular though. I want more.

You will only get 14 chapters (meaning 4 chapters here and only 1 on Mangadex) as i think it got axed, which is i think the second time for the author after Mimi Mix. Either the author don't have great luck or other things.

wait really?? ugh I wanna some good yuri that is translated compleatly T^T

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Is this yuri?

well, I though the missing yuri tag was by mistake, but nop reading the comments so I guess it's not yuri at all >.< get's an pass from me

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This is gold.
Also, this is definitely going for the poly rout

Not gonna lie, I'm kinda starving for more manga like this. Both poly and sex work deserve a lot of good material that it still lacks in comparison with other kinds of yuri. I love how wholesome and positive it is and I hope it stays like that.

“I love how wholesome and positive it is and I hope it stays like that.”

given that it’s an fictional representation of prostitution yeah, you could make it “wholesome”
unfortunatly I really don’t like how some people in real life are trying to make prostitution in any positive light when in reality ain’t any.

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That was nice, but ultimately unfulfilling. Has there ever been a poly manga with a nice, satisfying ending (h-doujins excluded)? I'd honestly really like to read one.

Never read a poly manga/manhwa/manhua with a nice poly ending unless it is a straight harem novel.....or one of those reverse harems where the girl says "let's all just stay friends!" For some reason, Yuri and Yaoi tend to be more monogamous with a 1v1 end-game couple.

You could always try the poly tag on dynasty scans but most of the manga there are either one-shots or really short manga that most often doesn't have a satisfying ending and/or enough development.

That said, I have read a few novels that have good poly endings! Benjamin Medrano is a great fantasy wlw writer who's written quite a few series with female MCs ending up with a bunch of girls. So if you're fine with reading 300-400 paged books instead then check his works out.

Sorry for intruding but with which book/series would you recommend starting?

All of the series are different worlds/timelines so it doesn’t matter which series you start with. Really depends on what you like. I personally recommend Ancient Dreams first so you ease into his writing style. Here’s also a basic rundown of each of his series:

Ancient Dreams- Elves, dryads, demons. His first work so it’s a simple fantasy. It’s about an old deity/spirit MC who wakes up after years of being trapped in a necklace and finds the world changed. Gets involved with some kind of sinster plot that involves a brainwashed goddess, an elven princess, and a whole bunch of other cool side characters.

Through the Fire- MC is an elf but her entire village basically gets burned down and killed by a dragon. Her “crush” also get captured by said dragon while she herself basically loses her arm and her magic core. She vows to save the girl she loves but she has to get powerful enough to do so and that’s hard when ur legit a cripple.

Beesong Chronicles- BEEGIRLS. Forget about cat girls, beegirls are far superior. MC used to be a Bee but then becomes a beegirl because a god won a bet or something and all the bees got turned into demi-humans. Super funny, cute, and lovely. Still lots of action and is the only series of his where the MC doesn’t really end up with a harem of girls.

Lilith’s shadow- Sci-fi fantasy? Basically superheros and MC is the creation/daughter of a notorious supervillain. MC tries to steps out of the shadows of her creator’s past and find her own identity. Super cool alt-world building and lots of interesting female hero love interests.

Mantles of Power- Angels and Demons. MC is sort of a fallen angel who may or may not have accidentally landed into the arms of a demoness and then falls in love with her.

Dusk Gate- New series, but in the same universe of Through the Fire. MC is a cynical mage-elf that was imprisoned in some demon’s castle as a slave for a few centuries till some adventures accidentally free her. No development in romance yet but a few love interests on the horizon.

All of them have poly endings, except for Beesong Chronicles and all of them are really good, especially if you like fantasy.

hi do you also have some wlw fantasy novels that are monogamus and also ofc end up in an happy ending with an girl???

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^Its not like they are doing anything tho! Kusanagi says she has to wait till she is 18- so I dont really see anything wrong atm.

doing or not ain't all the problem here. I just can't imagine how a 30 yo woman can see a 13 yo child as a possible partner in the future. what would an adult talk about with a kid? and just how waiting 5 years for a 18 yo (still) child could sound good? ain't there better options?
I just don't believe in a relationship 18/35. they seem unreal from my 28yo point of view
got kinda too serious and freaked myself out since I have young cousins -_-

42 she'll be 42 what the hell!!!11 XD how could I've missed that
well that's just more unbelievable))))
a 36 yo woman dreams of an 18yo lover in 5 years that's just rofl rly
I hope that's just fiction, right, Japan?... Japan?

so what you don’t like the idea of an 18 year old now just cuz it’s an age gap? you know that in other countries the age if consent is 16? and there is nothing wrong with that age gap ofc as long as she is 18 >.>

I myself does find an huge age gap weird, but others might not so who I’m to judge then? once they are adults go for it! (I consider 18 to be adult)

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People are very uncomfortable with shannon x Kiki because its unclear if Kiki is meant to be a child or not. Kiki is mostly just kind of annoying and they dont really have any interesting history together whereas Dorothy and Shannon obviously do.

I guess, I can't really imagine she's that far removed from any of the other main girls age-wise. I also think its a bit early to be judging her character given we've barely learned anything about her yet, other than the fact that she's a werewolf and that she's quite fond of Shannon.

Yeah I agree dont get me wrong. In her introduction panels, the guy next to the guy harassing her is like "are you a pedo or what?" So we can assume that she at least appears young enough for someone to call a sexual pursuer a pedophile. Later however, maria refers to her as a woman and Kiki herself says that she isnt much younger than Shannon.

Still, it was revealed that both Maria and Dorothy are both only 17. This in itself irks me because they both look and behave like adults. Theres no reason for them to classified as teenagers other than the author just wanted to appeal to pedophiles (which is a massive fucking problem in all of manga/anime.) With all of that being said, that could easily mean that Kiki is deadass like 15 which feels incredibly wrong and uncomfortable in a rather explicit ecchi. If shannon is equipped to lust for someone as lewd as Dorothy (who we're all just pretending isnt actually 17 at this point, she could easily be like 25 and not look or behave any differently) then it's a startling and concerning contrast to lusting after someone who both looks, acts and behaves as a younger teenager/preteen. Unless shes later revealed to just be a short and cheerful woman, it feels like a very jarring and morally dubious inclusion to the story.

“ Theres no reason for them to classified as teenagers other than the author just wanted to appeal to pedophiles (which is a massive fucking problem in all of manga/anime.)”

wow you really like to pull crap out of your ass, it stinks way to much.

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This story bothers me, its just a passive person being taken advantage of by a degenerate

true, the only reason I still read this one is that at least the artwork ain’t too “hentai” with the stupid “I get ramed by a dick” face, it’s hard to get some really nice NSFW Yuri without having the dumb art style of straight hentai (I mean the low quality or weird shit that happens in hentai).

ugh my mind set when I read yuri is that when I read English Lesbian Novels, I expect at least 1 tastefull “love making” sceen but that’s had to find in Yuri given the fact that most of stories are between school girls

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Man, I'm never gonna get tired of how bad Dynasty users are at understanding basic human behaviour.

and your some how the human expert in human behaivor?? kinda ironic when your on the same side as the others cuz I doubt you have an phd in human behaivour, especialy for fictional characters

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Ok, let me get this right, some of y'all are haters, I get it, but come on... Don't just tell her that she's a bad writter. Some of y'all (including myself) can't even draw a stickman right! So don't complain about some else's work, be nice and if you're a hater, just ignore and/or don't read her mangas.

she is an bad writer, there is no denying that, I though the artwork was familiar then I remember who the author is an just gonna skip this one, also she always portrais bi women as toxic cheating people.

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this is porn

what makes you say that ?

the whole chapters screems cheap porn/hentai, what a waste of time

Angel's Toy discussion 13 Dec 06:36
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I’m just skiping the story to see were it goes, cuz theI still can’t get over the pedo vibes at all, the age thing ruins it all

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Whats the opposite of ASMR, because the sound of nylon rubbing has always given me a weird chill especially on nails or teeth it just sets me on edge.

I hate the idea of nylon X...X true it does set me of edge like crazy

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@ClaudeSP89 what’s that even supossed to mean???

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@LesbianPirate it’s not hot! were I’m supossed to lick?? just stick my toung out an that’s all? I can’t face dive in it without sufucating in the bush XD

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Hell yes, give me more Fate yuri doujins please. There's probably less than 10? Regardless there's far fewer than there should be. I've noticed in general with explicit doujin works (especially lately) that if there's a work involving two girls having sex the author will often make one or both into futa, which fine and all but I'd appreciate some more works that are simply yuri and don't have dicks.

Anyhow, this is super cute, I love Gudako/Shuten/Ibaraki.

You could’ve just said “simply yuri.”

yeah I like my yuri without dicks in too! such bad luck that the majoriy of doujin involve only dicks and pussy (this also includs futa cuz for me is the same as straight doujin) T^T

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I understand nothing D:

Friends discussion 11 Nov 01:10
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Is the "Bisexual" tag appropriate here, given that the only(?) character stated to be bisexual isn't shown to be interacting with any men (and I don't think there are any men in this work?)

Also, I don't really get why the straight-haired woman pushed the MC to be with another woman. Was is because the MC was a player or something?

what??? that makes no sense! does she REALLY need to be shown with an man to be “bisexual” in your eyes??? lol.

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see het, I walk away.

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Part 3

And that future husband, who is married to his job, did he deserve such a cute girl as Yuna???
Only because he is a man???
He does not care at all, he just needs his trophy wife. And he is also an irresponsible and selfish person for relationship and marriage with someone.

Now, if we want healthy situation from this relationship Sayo-Yuna, Sayo must take her shits and show some balls.

This one shot is precious, as it is. Striking.

you pull all that BS out of an one shot???? lool don’t project what you think happens in the story with JUST a few things the story try to show us, if Yuna truly love her she won’t marry and won’t cheat like this! period! no more no less that this!
and Sayo is really an hypocrite for saying to “value yourseff” when she is willingly give in to Yuna selfish demands.

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Blastaar's right, Mochi is the one who consistently glorifies incest and reguarly uses blackmail and drugs as plot devices, so I think expecting any more from her is indeed too optimistic.

That kind of makes the occasional golden ideas she has all the more delightful though.

If the genders were switched and it turned into yuri I wonder if it'd still be considered "gross" as some comments have been. There's a good amount of plots that have shady dealings in public area's that end up yuri which don't have comments crying foul.

I have had bad experiences with bringing up this double standard around here... I just try not to let it get to me too much, but yeah, this stuff is bad no matter what gender is involved.
I think the actual reason people are not too critical with it in Mochi's works is that she always gives the characters a happy end and ignores the bad implications for a more fantastic version of it.

oh your right, damn I thought it will be a little different with the different art style, welp not like I will touch any of Mochi works since I really can’t read fûck up setting like how most Mochi works are.