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Oh my, what's she gotten herself into?

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Looks interesting

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I'm curious where this goes, what the money and bruises are about.

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Please continue translating! This looks promising

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On one hand, it's Aoto, on the other, that initial reaction...

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if it wasn't for "I'll cheer on my Yuri Onee-chan" I wouldn't have given a damn about this, so please keep translating it so that i may have hope for more greatness

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There's a big interest! From me at least! Favorited and subscribed. Hopefully it gets more.

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Bruises, bite-marks, disheveled appearance, 10,000 yen bills... I really don't like the image that these signs potentially make.

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Pretty cool, carry on!

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i'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable and sensible explanation for these extraordinary circumstances

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I don't know what's going on but I'm all in!
Thanks for the tl!

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So many red flags on that girl... Save her!

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This first chapter is pretty interesting because omg those bit marks are awful. Someone was trying to take a chunk out of her shoulder. I expect the reason for this siutuation to be really bad and messy so I am interested to see what happened.

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Another new one from Aoto, interesting.

Also goodness those bites and bruises. Sounds like a fun Friday night to me!!

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I propose she had a fight with a monster that had a lot of loot in it when it died, and she was just tired after the successful battle.

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She looks abused. I thought she was a cat girl at first, maybe she is...

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Yes please, more please,

Yuri Newbie Fan
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Please don’t tell me she got raped(T_T).

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I mean, it's got "Collar" in the title, so at least for now I'm in. First time I'm at least somewhat interested in a "long strip".

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Intriguing situation, yet sad since clearly she got beaten or assaulted( those black spots could be bruises or hickeys) by the the person she was being payed for the company ( explains the 10 k bills ).

10/10 I would follow to know more , hence , subscribed.

Thanks for the upload.

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You better keep translating,otherwise it's your turn to be covered in hickies,tossed in a bush,and money sprinkled all over you.

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You better keep translating,otherwise it's your turn to be covered in hickies,tossed in a bush,and money sprinkled all over you.

Moshi moshi keisatsu desuka?

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I'm hooked-

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Damn,that threat worked fast.

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