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At this point, Tongtong's mom needs to take a verbal sledgehammer and bring it down on Lin Luxi's mom's thick skull.

Like, just tell her their daughters are going out, you support them no matter what and if she doesn't want to alienate literally everyone in her life (seeing how things are going with her husband) she'd better cut it out with the goddamn homophobia.

Unfortunately, that is not how bigoted minds work. The more you push against bigotry, the more it is reinforced and entrenched. The way to do it is actually the way Tongtong's mom is already doing it -- asking questions and slowly making the person realize how dumb and self-defeating their bigotry actually is. And unfortunately, while this method is good on the individual level, it requires too much time and effort to scale well. :(

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"caught the homosexual disease" lmao I can't

tongtong's mom is mvp as always though, and I hope she gets the man she deserves before this is over

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Tongtong's mom has a very tough job ahead of her... It is actually not at all uncommon for gays and lesbians in China to move to a different city, live as openly gay there but never have their parents know or acknowledge it because homophobia and the expectation to marry heterosexually is so deep-rooted that, combined with the Confucian obligation to honour your parents, a life of lies is the only viable option. Quite sad, really. (and yes, this exists in other countries as well, just pointed out China specifically because it's quite common and this story is set there)

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"caught the homosexual bug"

You're about to catch the homosexual axe. It's mine, my axe.

you have my axe

And my fists

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I love Tongtong's mom, but I don't know why I ever expected her plan to not be stupid.

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I love Tongtong's mom, but I don't know why I ever expected her plan to not be stupid.

I can't overstate just how sure she was of her plan too. The woman had literally been calling Luxi's mom for 400 days.

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Tongtong’s mother being A* classical girlboss that checks all the vibes checks as always

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Sees Daughter kiss another girl, still think homosexuality is a disease. Oh boy we are in for a ride.

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I'm glad this is a romcom because that mom is tragedy material right there.

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I ship their moms

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The panels going from her mom being in denial of her being gay to the 2 of them making out in the classroom lmao

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Oh damn her mom is really homophobic then, that sucks :/ I wonder how everything will turn out
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Gives that strong Hong Kong Summer 1986 vibe

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Looks like there's a physical release from the author in the works

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Sucks that it ended so soon, and so awkwardly, definitely hope to see more.
Would be incredibly funny if Luxi joins the Communist Party in part 2.

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I loved every page of this series a lot and I'll be looking forward to future works from this author, but what the FUCK was that ending

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Well, that kinda fizzled out...

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So sad it ended but I hope they continue the series and add the one shots on here!

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The silver lining is that the author confirmed they ended it on their own terms and a part two COULD be made

Hopefully their next work has a sweeter end

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Well that was a fun time reading this series, no it didn't end strong but I bet the extras will make up for it. Thank you translators, you guys are awesome.

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What????????? That's it?????? I was always so excited to read new chapters of this, can't believe it just ends like that...

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Love this series, but that ending came with some serious whiplash. Like, we're still in the middle of the problems with Lin Luxi's mom and then boom, it's over.

Anyway, all up for part two where Comrade Lin Luxi rises steadily through the ranks of the Communist Party on her way to dominate the central committee and rule over the country with an iron fist.

Also am a little disappointed at the credits page, I wish it would have been more serious. 5/7

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That was an abrupt axe there. It was a good story but anyway

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hope the author brings lots of stuff^^ also, if the furry thing is true, me need

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That was probably the roughest ending I have yet to experience (outside of axed series). I really enjoyed the story so much, though!

Thank you to the scanlators, you're all very epic.

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