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Poor Zhao Yan

Please give her a girlfriend lol

Free yourself of lust
To rise to the top
Form is emptiness
Emptiness is form

joined Apr 27, 2021

Zhao Yan with the Sigma grindset (and still sad)

Also, she imagines Lin Luxi suffering under Tongtong's boot on page 3, but little does she know that that Luxi would like nothing more than that and probably get very turned on in the process

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Forgot about being sad

My sides went into orbit

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You've got it bad when the ravens are divining your loneliness.

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Who's Zhao Yan?

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Who's Zhao Yan?

She's Lin Luxi's lesbian friend who appeared as a side character throughout the series. Though this might be the first time we actually got her name I think

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lol that one friend who is alone studying in the dark. hoping for more of these two's sweet lovey dovey moments like yessss more please.

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Who's Zhao Yan?

She was actually introduced all the way back in chapter 5 as Lin Luxi's "gay as hell" friend

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Binged on this cute work and really liked it. I like how it handle Lin Luxi and Tongtong's gradually increasing romance, sad this has to end so soon but wishing the best for the author.

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Seriously, fuck Lin Luxi's mom

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oh boy

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Yep. Your daughter definitely caught the love bug, no cure for that.

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"caught the homosexual bug"

You're about to catch the homosexual axe. It's mine, my axe.

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"homosexual disease"

yeah ok that's it I'mma end her now, no one stops me pls.

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God don't scare me with that credits page. I swear...

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In Sponge Bob’s narrator voice:
Meanwhile, in the classroom…

And I’m pretty sure your daughter caught the big gay

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Love tongtong's mom

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Wow. I was satisfied disliking the mother, but then she goes on speed run for being just terrible. I thought she was just stressed and being a bad mom as a result, but it turns out she is a bad mom because she is just terrible.

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Wow, I can't believe one of the scanlators fought a bear. They must be a real badass.

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God, every new chapter makes me hate this woman even more.

At least we have Tongtong's mom, she's cool.

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Tongtong's mom is best mom because she is best mom.

Best mom is best mom is best mom.

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"caught the homosexual bug"

You're about to catch the homosexual axe. It's mine, my axe.

you have my axe

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I wanna punch this woman

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I love how supportive the other mom is

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At this point, Tongtong's mom needs to take a verbal sledgehammer and bring it down on Lin Luxi's mom's thick skull.

Like, just tell her their daughters are going out, you support them no matter what and if she doesn't want to alienate literally everyone in her life (seeing how things are going with her husband) she'd better cut it out with the goddamn homophobia.

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