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This story... was so lovely. It's exactly how I imagine Remilia and Sakuya to be. So many great lines, especially the ones regarding which name she would choose. I've got nothing else to say really except that I loved every page.

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So, I've watched what Main Story videos Muffin had released thus far, so what do you suggest next? Since I'm planning to stick to Muffin for now should I go to Another Story before watching each meguca's Side Stories?

Hmm. I would suggest watching Another Story whenever, but before you watch chapter 8, I would recommend watching the side stories for quite a few magical girls as well as a few events.

I'll list out the MSS I think would make chapter 8 more enjoyable. They're sort of ordered in importance, though I mostly just chose the ones that first came to mind: Rika + Ren (in this order), Felicia, Kokoro + Masara (in this order), Shizuku + Ayaka, Sana, Mitama, Mifuyu, Tsukasa or Tsukuyo, Tsuruno

Events: Breakpoint (very important for main story context), A Diary to Write With You (for Rika + Ren content), And So The Azaleas Bloom (this one isn't as essential cause it's so long, a summary should suffice for understanding Hazuki, Konoha, and Ayame), Reaching a New Best Day (for Kokoro + Masara content), Mitama's Special Training - Iroha & Yachiyo, Voices From Beyond

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Funnily enough, same thing happened with people who wanted to ship Diluc and Kaeya cause they're actually step brothers

Same. When Diluc made his entrance, I was like “oh they seem to have some history, must be good ship material." Barely ten minutes of playing later, I find out they're brothers from a profile description. Noping out of that one.

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So how much of this game can you 'solo'?

This is basically a single-player game. Coop is completely optional, and that's how I'm playing it.

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When is anniversary?

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Supposedly this game has already made 50 million. I don't know if I should be happy or sad about this.

How, I don't understand. There isn't any part of the gacha aspect that I would want to spend money on.

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To anyone who can understand these numbers: 331168

There is now a yuri doujin (in Chinese) featuring Gavial and fem OC Doctor. Sad it's not Tomimi but any Arknights yuri doujin is a rare blessing.

Oh my god, the first words in this manga are from the doctor asking Gavial to "Please have sex with me. I can raise your salary." When Gavial asks how much on the second page, doctor says "It depends on the situation/[results]."

There's no real story besides that, but it is surprisingly wholesome. Protection in a hentai work? Amazing.

Skimmed through the author's afterword. Can confirm the doctor is a direct self-insert from that. She wanted to draw the doctor/herself being on top but it still turned into Gavial topping.

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It doesn't really feel like a gacha game. It's like Another Eden in that it's single-player with gacha elements for some reason. But it's easier than Another Eden, so gacha isn't really needed for game progression. I do wonder what new things they'll add eventually to motivate spending.

They basically combined BotW, some Skyrim aspects, RPG leveling up mechanics, and anime. It's an interesting mix. But fun, so I hope it sticks around for a while.

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I haven't seen them in so long, this is wonderful.

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Attempt 3? What happened to the first two attempts?

Don't know if I'd be able to commit to seven hour at a time sessions, but I would be interested. Exalted sounds very appealing to me, and that would be my top choice. VtM is good too. Don't have experience with either, but shouldn't be hard to learn.

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I wrote the first draft of a fanfic chapter. It is unpolished but I'm just happy I've written anything mildly complete.

The story is mostly introspective, not very action-heavy, and it's about how Iroha deals with her feelings for Yachiyo. Spoilers: Iroha's not very good at telling people what she thinks.

Link is here and I am actively looking for feedback on it! Doc allows comments to be made and of course I'll also read anything here. When I progress the story a few more chapters and have made edits, I'll start posting it on AO3 then.

As for actual game-related news, I do sort of miss NA tempo. XD But JP's significantly more relaxed speed and relative lack of pots does mean there's time to do other things now. Have also continued leveling up episodes for all of my units. Am very close to letting them all reach episode lvl 5.

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So I get 210 credits regardless how many people visit me? What's the point of 10 visit limit then? Does that mean there's a limit how much credits I can get from visiting other people during their clue exchange?

Yes you can have no one visit you during clue exchange (has happened to me a few times) and you will get 210 credit. Once you unlock clue exchange, those 210 credits are automatically yours once 24 hours are up.

The 10 visit limit is to prevent visitors from accumulating an endless amount of credits that will never be used up and/or always being able to buy out the shop every day. Probably same reason for why they limit the amount of credits that can rollover each day. It's another way to reward daily playing.

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Fellas, I can't stop obsessing over this this. Any CN player knows what the basis behind it is? Feel like I've seen more chinese text pics of this pairing than ScavxProvence.

Rodent love?

Excuse you, Shirayuki is a weasel, not a rodent - those are completely different orders of animals! Actually, come to think of it, ferrets typically hunt and eat rats, which may explain this ship...

That really is a cute comic though. If anyone wants to translate it, I'd be willing to typeset it.

Huh weird ship. I'm not sure why they'd be shipped together besides both looking mouse-like.

Am not too interested in the comic itself but I can translate it, since the sentences and words used aren't very complex.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more internal screaming

^ The day they make RikaRen canon is the day we can start dreaming.

I don't know if it'll ever happen either. But all of the duo units are the pairings that have the most deliberately placed canon backing. RikaRen also has the advantage of Rika being canonically gay, even if she's still not fully over her ex.

And no matter what the official producers do, well fanon exists for a reason.

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Lol Dark Souls got yuri images on here before this classic ship

What Dark Souls images? If it's not referring to the recent Bloodbourne pic, would like a link.

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Ear, face, or neck blushing are all possible for people. Not too sure about hair though.

Artist's made some very nice Yuu x Touko art on their twitter. I miss these two also.

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The worst part is that considering how rushed the pacing was and that they even moved seasonal events from future years back, it really feels like they planned to milk as much as possible from the game and shut it down once interest fails enough from the start.

I want to have faith that it wasn't all a money pump scheme from the start, but we will never know either way unless somebody internal to the decision-making discloses. I feel like it wasn't though. The quality of content provided didn't start slipping until very recently.

Here's my absolute favorite moment in the game (that will make sense to literally no one else).

Nah. I get it too. That's my favorite part of IroYachi too and pretty much moment that cemented to me the story as a great one. Iroha proposing to Yachiyo. What more can you ask for?

Ha yes, that was pretty much my reaction too. Defining character moment for Iroha and the scene that made me fall in love with the game's story and characters.

Y'know what, after watching that video, maybe I should watch playthroughs of MagiReco on YouTube. Would certainly help me solidify my position as amongst the most knowledgable anime-onlys (if not the most knowledgable anime-only).

If you want to do that, definitely start with watching the main story chapters. As a warning, MR main story recordings are very messy. One person has recorded all of JP's Arc 1, with their own English subtitles, and some of NA Arc 1, but to date nobody has recorded all of NA Arc 1. There are people working on it though and once they're done with it, I'd recommend Muffinrecord for their videos. Muffin is aiming for a total archival.

It's still not going to be the same because some small details regarding the fights/enemies that show up will be lost, but for just getting the main story experience, it'll be pretty close. If you want to go deeper than the main story, it'll be an absolute catastrophe if you're watching things blind and out of order, so feel free to ask if you want pointers.

Of course once I get around to it, I'll be posting a few more videos too, but those will be catered to my personal preferences and not a complete archive by any measure.

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This series is really emotionally draining. I've realized there's not very many fluffy, feel good moments. The author is great with cliffhangers and ending hooks, as well as generally resolving the immediate situation in the following chapter, but those constant cliffhangers and heavy content are this story's biggest strength, weakness, and now something I mildly dislike.

I hope there's a long break between this release and the next one.

Anyway, regarding the actual chapter, yay cool, Shiho's backstory. Hate third-party entrances as a way of introducing relationship conflict, even worse if it's a high school/childhood crush, but the sequence of events that leads to us sympathizing with Shiho was well-done.

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Its kind of a weird logic to keep on fucking people to make her brain believe what happend that day was like any other day , i have known true rape victims and all of them are quite afraid of sex or being touched after that.
Like how the girl dont let her friend touch her but then was having sex with more dude thus letting them touch her.

i remember even having to say things like "im gonna hug you now , are you ok with that?" in order to not make the other person tremble in fear and be prepared mentally for a simple hug

Aversion to touch is one of the possible results. Different life experiences, environment, who the assaulter is, and so many other factors will change how people react though. Just as an example, one of the common things that can happen when children are sexually assaulted is that they can exhibit more sexual behaviors (then or later on in life), aversion to casual touch, or both. I use the example of children mostly because I can easily cite something for it, although it applies for other age groups too.

This survivor's story actually parallels the manga's story in quite a few ways. To sum up the similarities, she was raped in high school, did not officially report it, felt shame due to a culture that emphasized virginity/purity, and practiced unsafe sex as a coping mechanism.

There's more than one type of rape survivor and just want to weigh in on the other side.

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Marisa to kill Reimu just to make a point. I've read a very believable story where Marisa committed suicide that actually moved me to tears. There's a decent story where she ascends to become a Magician youkai and kills Remilia in revenge because she thinks that Remilia killed Reimu, too.

may I ask what the manga's name is?

There's lots of depressing Touhou doujins, so can't say this is for sure the one Anjelika was talking about. Passion For Your Sake does have Marisa attempt suicide though.

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Manticore gets shipped with Nightmare. Also their ship name 夜蝎 means Night Scorpion and that sounds cool. As for Blue Poison, her main ship is with Glaucus.

That comic's hilarious. it seemed like their primary form of bonding was through sitting in the same dorm corner together and it sort of was. What a terrible doctor, leaving them sitting among the cardboard boxes. They don't even have anything to sit on.

Didn't know Manticore could get a monster-like hand? And why not, I could get behind this pairing without nothing anything about their backstories. This is only half-done, and there's supposed to be a second part.

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^I also added you again. Hablorn is the name.

A drawing of most people's week 1 risk 18

Wow that shows half of my operators in the exact positions they were placed in. Probably is a common set-up.

Today's daily map risks are EXTREMELY hard. The 3 risk one that buffs Fanatics basically lets them oneshot most operators because there's another risk where every operator has reduced HP.

Good thing about today's map though is that risk 8 is relatively achievable without touching the risk 3 contingencies.

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Found a low rarity guide for anyone who needs it! It's also mostly E1 operators so it's even easier to accomplish, though it relies on heat pump RNG so it might take a while to get it done. Here's the video. It says there's a 30% success rate but that's pretty good considering the team comp.

The only thing I could focus on in the beginning was the Touhou music. XD

It's always amazing when people come up with strategies like these.

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Here you go almost 40 images just of YachiIro.

Those were cute. There can never be enough IroYachi.

After I learned it was being canceled, I logged in a grand total of 2 more times. Just deleted it entirely earlier today. Won't waste my time on the JP version, and I doubt I'll try any other mobile games again. Yes, you could say I'm salty with a side of extra salt.

MR was not able to live up to its full potential, which is an utter shame. The closure came out of nowhere given how active the community was and what could have been if the game had been managed a different way. You have a right to be salty haha.

Uploading videos on Youtube is much easier than I realized. Video editing and exporting is a pain, but I've successfully begun my documentation quest. It's hard for me to know what I'll miss most when the game isn't actually gone yet, so I just hope I won't overlook anything. Here's my absolute favorite moment in the game (that will make sense to literally no one else).

The phone I'm using has a homescreen bar appear every time the screen is pressed, which means an emulator would be best for aesthetic purposes/full immersion, but that's too much effort for me to figure out right now.

Mirrors Ranking is another thing happening right now, and it's intense. Only the tryhards are left so the thresholds are high. Pretty sure I have little chance of reaching S rank.

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Speaking of Eija x Ifrit, there's a r-18 one shot that needs translating:

That's really nice. Yes translation please. It makes me happy to see Ifrit happy with her own partner.

Here is a translation. Tried to make reading it as intuitive as possible without actual typesetting. Ifrit is a level of oblivious in this manga that I didn't think was achievable...

I'm relieved the rotating maps are generally easy to clear at risk 8, so that I don't have to spend hours working out strategies. However, the main map makes me despair of ever clearing it at risk 18.