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Why are people acting like this is the end of the story?

There is only one chapter remaining.

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Why are people acting like this is the end of the story?

TBF, this story could end on this chapter and it wouldn't be a bad ending. plus it just kinda feels like an ending. makes you wonder if the last chapter will be a time skip than a chapter that wraps up all the loose ends.

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That was nice! I was worried we'd have to deal with homophobic parent trope after the previous chapter but the mom was surprisingly accepting. I'd like the store girl who had a crush on the dude to reject him/tell him off after finding out he was abusive and then the story could wrap up nicely

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That was a surprisingly sappy wrap up, for such a grity drama / romance.... Almost too sappy. It was just a bit too convenient how Midori and Maki each had a chance to demonstrate that they have overcome the character flaws that have been plaguing them all series, with just a page or two of exposition.

Every other character shitting on them and saying they won't work out, so sappy and kawaii

What our you talking about? Whem Maki stood up to her mom. proving Maki had developed a will of her own. Her mother accepted Midori into the family. And when Midori stood up to that bitch, proving she wasn't drifting from person to person out of fear of being alone anymore the bitch sent them flowers, as "congratulations for the happy couple".
Happy ending. I suspect there will be an epilogue chapter, or an extra or two, but the main plot seems to have been pretty much all wrapped up with a cute little bow.

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In my eyes, this is a masterpiece. I really hope that an official release in English or Spanish will be announced in the future, or both, I would buy both. These last chapters have been fantastic. And the scene with Midori's co-worker, I didn't imagine that she would solve it like that, but now I cannot think of anything more appropriate. Can't wait for the last chapter.

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Regarding it wrapping up too neatly, and the happy ending falling outside of the range of tone the story offered up until now:

the confrontations in this chapter make sense to me because the undercurrent of the whole story is basically challenging you to trust what the main characters are saying they'll do. You're always thinking Midori will run back to Tazune and leave Maki with nothing but bitter memories. The narrative is always hinting that Maki won't be able to stand up for herself, that she'll just take it. In the flashbacks we're constantly treated to this sort of "primal scene" of the story, wherein the promises the two girls have made to one another are all piece-by-piece reneged upon by both of them. And in this chapter, you get the sense of how other people in their lives constantly think of each of them as flighty and insubstantial. Maki's mother isn't angry at Midori; she thinks her daughter won't be up being Midori's wife. The other shopgirl, the sort-of romantic rival, thinks of Midori as callously throwing away the chance she would have liked for herself. In this way, the dramatic tension of the story, which has flirted with more grounded issues of "can they tell each other how they feel?" and "is he going to hit her again?" has actually been, from the jump, about how serious the girls really are about their convictions. So I think the point of this chapter is to have the characters who have floated around the margins of the story, watching Maki and Midori from afar, serve as the audience surrogates, and answer the question that could have been on all our minds in nearly any given chapter of the story up to this point: aren't they really just running away again? And I think the author is particularly generous to us at the end of the chapter (thank goodness, because I was suffocating through every chapter of them enjoying an idyllic vacation together, convinced this was going to end in some kind of sorrow), because what we get is confirmation from Maki and then from Midori that no, in fact, this isn't them running away, but rather facing their problems head-on. It's an about-face that has been building––and I think, in micro-sized ways, developing––since the first chapter. Part of my like for this ending certainly stems from the release of so much angst over the story up until now (it really felt like it could have been a story like "The Postman Always Rings Twice" until about midway through), but I think the drama has also, in a stealthy way, remained true to itself––it's just that the story's actual shape wasn't wholly visible until nearly the end. The dramatic stakes were always the girls facing off against their own timidity and insincerity, and by sticking together, they win (at least, I hope they win; I have a feeling the last chapter will tie things up with Komari and with Midori's baby)! And I feel pretty good about it.

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I cried so hard...

This chapter was WHOLESOME

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God this is the cutest stuff man im
My leopard gecko crawling on my phone rn is happy for them too

Ah, I see they're a gecko of culture.

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Fuck man this chapter made me legitimately tear up from happiness

It's been a while since a work made me do that

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This could well be the last chapter. Reading it felt like it's already a satisfying resolution.

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( ಠ_ಠ)
have they paid that photographer?

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( ಠ_ಠ)
have they paid that photographer?

No. Next chapter is him seeking revenge on them (steals their baby) for not paying... and then its finished

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Service and dashing is it?
To the gulag.

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Why are people acting like this is the end of the story?

Cause there is only one chapter left

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Why are people acting like this is the end of the story?

There is only one chapter remaining.

There is an entire chapter remaining. Hence my question.

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Why are people acting like this is the end of the story?

There is only one chapter remaining.

There is an entire chapter remaining. Hence my question.

Well, because we are essentially at the end.

The romantic tension is dissolved. The evil is defeated. With one chapter left, we are in the endgame now. There isn't going to be any big sudden crisis to derail them or anything.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm thinking we're gonna get a time skip, maybe see the Midori and Momo living happily together as a family.

BTW, I just LOVE the almost slap scene. She wasn't just telling her off, she was also warning her about him.

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In a manga with fewer chapters, I would definitely agree that nothing much more can happen, but I'd like to reserve my final verdict until the final six and a quarter percent of the story is over. So many questions left unanswered, and I hope most of them will be addressed. Maybe Tazune will realize how damaged he is and seek help. It'd be great if he could have a role in the life of his child instead of having a restraining order against him if he refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

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I'd rather see Komari than more Tazune.

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Regarding it wrapping up too neatly, and the happy ending falling outside of the range of tone the story offered up until now:

i REALLY loved this summary. genuinely cut to the heart of the story so well and nailed the themes.

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Ahhh gooood. I was laughing when the two of them wear the dress right from the store.

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Translators are right about the Doumyou scene.


This manga, to the very end, kept thwarting the hopes of all those readers who, judging by previous comments, wanted the conflicts in the story to be solved through savage violence.

They never got the violent, American-movie-style resolution they wanted. Instead, the characters showed us what's the Japanese way of doing it.

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This is not the end just yet right? Anyways this chapter was so cute and so good I like seeing them happy.. also she should’ve slap tf out of her like fr

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Ah, the juxtaposition of the last two comments...

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i am living for this comic.

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