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Just found this. Hot.

Now to reply to 10 year old comments:

Has anyone ever peeled tape off their skin? That shit has got to hurt.

They make medical/skin tape for that.

Now it begs the question: could this really work in real life.

It could, yes. Making strong associations with things is a common mnemonic practice in general, and making associations with places is the venerable method of loci. It wouldn't be guaranteed to work on a single pass, without rehearsal, but I don't think it's that implausible.

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Nice work!

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Cute fluff on re-read.

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My puberty was long ago, I have no idea what 'realistic' sexual awakening is, apart from a research websearch on same.

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I'm just worried someone official will cotton on and make them stop sharing a room.

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Shou's useless-lesbianess reached peak levels this chapter

Hey, she's been good.

"That's fine. I don't want you to ever stop liking me."

"Kiss me, now, before you change your mind."

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I have to conclude that either Nae has a killer poker face, or she has utterly failed to connect Umi's dots, namely "Umi likes someone she won't tell me about" and "Umi has gotten really close with Shou".

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did she step on her foot when they were kissing?

Given that Umi's feet seem firmly planted, and given Shou's later behavior, I think it was something else. Like having a spasm of desire and freaking out. Baby's first horniness.

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I wouldn't say I outright agree, but I did wonder.

Also the nurse seems sensitive to the possibility of escapades. "Why are the two of you out here by yourselves."

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Can we get some claps for a blackrose upload (they scanlated it better than me imo)


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So much for "Chinese censorship doesn't allow sexy yuri"

Unless the author actually lives in Taiwan or something.

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given speculation about the boy

it'd be a twist if spiriting away happens regularly in this world, at some low rate, but people don't talk about it, because it's not frequent enough to be "not crazy".

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I miss this so much, my favorite manga dropped

It's still updating officially (up to 147 here ) Unofficial sources exist but only up to 145.

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An alarming development for Umi, having her gf run off without explanation. But maybe she'll get some sleep tonight. Or maybe she'll stay up worrying. (Or maybe she's exhausted enough she could have slept even with Shou there.)

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Links to past notes if anyone wants a refresher:

me on Blue Star cast

me on Blue Star notes

me on 15-17.1 side characters

me on Blue Star 17.1 notes

ch 17.2
dinner time! Nae and Umi together as usual. Umi glancing at Shou and blushing.
Makki chowsing down. Yosshi picks up on ingredients.
table: Yosshi, Makki, Ibu, Zumiko
guide tells Yosshi to save room for dessert. we learn her family name.
3rd day, flight home tomorrow
oh right, Yosshi's birthday, cake brought out for her.
we finally see Ibu's face. "Nice cake, huh? happy birthday" smile and blush.
Yosshi says she'll make a cake for Ibu, and not lose even to Umi. Ibu makes non-smiling side-eye back.
Umi asks Shou to meet her in the lounge.
Yosshi goes for it! Asks Takahashi for his number. Denied. Ken and
Makki look at her. Zumiko closed-eye/sweat, maybe relieved. Ibu glancing away.
Photo okay. Zumi takes it. Ibu blah, others smile. That pattern continues.
Yosshi complains about how she looks, Zumi angry.
Umi: I'm going to see Shou. Nae: Do you want me to come with you? Umi: Hell no.
Zzz... yay, Shou wakes her up. Date time!
"Nakano likes to shop", so I guess that was Shou's group back in 13.2
the aggressive brown-hair who lectured Shoul about gifts.
present! glass cup. "gentle and comfy, like you"
Umi: "I love you. And can I tell Nae about us?" Denied!
Shou says "I really love you" back, cut off by kiss.
teachers almost catch them, find it suspicious. Nurse is suspicious.
Shou: "wait, do you mean? ... nothing". Then goes to sleep in her room.
last panel, Shou awake in bed. maybe she's finally conscious of Umi?

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Do we have to wait till fall for 17.2? I would have thought 17 would be entirely in one volume...

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She also has the ability to contact Asumi but is being very lax about the whole thing.

Does she? How?

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Mother has a nuclear option: "if you take me down, I reveal you're a woman"

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Calling her her crush? GOOD.

From Discord, the Japanese is still "oshi", so it's a translator choice.

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Also did they seriously just fuck for the first time on the rooftop zero prep? Alright sure

Left up to your imagination. Could have been a vigorous makeout and groping session. (At least enough groping that Koharu has to tuck her boobs back in.)

I notice on page 13 that Fuyuki is "marked", hickeys on her neck. Also that she has upper ear piercings, along with multiple rings, "bad girl".

Hmm, also Koharu's leg going in the groin on 11. Certainly possible that at least one of them orgasmed, if only from Fuyuki grinding on Koharu's leg.

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People like different things. I'm fine with it so far. Dubcon domsub smut.

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Wakaba is probably leading the life Komaki wants for her self.

Huh, interesting twist.

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Except in this instance, the "safe phrase" came with the threat of there being no relationship once it is said, or at least that's what it sounded like when I read it.

Largely, Ruri (the young dom) was assuming there wouldn't be a relationship or even friendship afterwards, because she expected Momoka would run away and cut her out of her life.

Secondarily, it might be that Ruri feels she needs SM to be happy, in which case the "threat" is simply her own boundaries. "This is what I want, do you agree, (Y/N)?"

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"I'll have a plate of citrus, with extra blackmail."

Communism discussion 16 Mar 14:25
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the most positive government on earth.

If you ignore imprisoning political dissidents, using families as hostages to keep overseas doctors from leaving, being homophobic until the dictator's daughter decided to care about gay rights...