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Ok... I'm just at chapter 7 seven right now. I'm not trying to sound rude but... The blonde hair girl is naive and a bit dumb, I also wonder if she did got a nice guy to begin with will she ever look back and go back to the mc? Like this kinda of people just regret things if this aren't what they expected.

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Aaaaah I loved this. Sweet and bitter and leaves you happy.

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Just listening MAMAMOO-Destiny while reading it, because I thought they would go well together.

I think "I Miss You" works very good as well.

Also, good art but "ugh" at that first chapter. So tired of seeing this storyline. But, I am going to read it. Sometimes I like pain.

Wow never thought I’d see fellow Moomoos in my yuri lol

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Ah yes, good old MC who's still too caught up in the past to see that she's being played by an old flame who thinks of her as little more than a play thing.

Although let's face it, given how little respect she has for herself, it doesn't surprise me at this point, here we go again then.

One thing I will say though, the art, omg, it's just so damn good. Sooooo damn goooood!!!!

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Ngl, that ended better than I expected. 7-8/10. Never got to see a full shot with the fam but that's okay.

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both girls were kinda dumb and the problems magically solve themselves around them but still an amazing read

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I love the eyes so much.

Also, I hate that I love angst. It's like eating something I have an allergy to; it hurts but I won't stop.

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This is gold. Love it

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Wow what a rollercoaster of emotions- with thrills that had me anticipating, grinning, screaming, and cussing. At some point I fell to a silence, relief that things were going to be fine, and by the time I realised it, I'd come to the end of the ride.
Great read! Frustrating many a times, but very satisfying read nonetheless :)

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This is one of the best manga I’ve ever read. It’s incredible.

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Still just gorgeous on a second read. And so smart.~

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I just finished Run Away with Me Girl and I thought it was great. At first I was surprised by the style but I got over that pretty quick: It's a really interesting premise that rarely (if ever) gets explored. I enjoyed how they didn't over vilify Tazune, which made Midori's final resolution more about love than hatred or fear; you could really relate to both of the characters and how suffocating there lives are, which makes for great juxtaposition to the periods of escape—building on themes of dreams and reality: as when they're enjoying their dreams on the island and the inn their reality always looms over them (Midori returning to her relationships and pregnancy; Maki being left alone again). I think the manga had a great sense of time and urgency through Midori's pregnancy and the changing of the seasons, which really gave the story a really consistent pacing and further added to the tension of the plot. Overall I found it to be a very mature story that doesn't shy away from uncomfortable situations being solved in realistic manners. I'd recommend

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Just bought vol 2 of this gem

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I had forgotten about this story, so when I stumbled upon it I decided to read it not knowing that it was actually my second time reading it. Halfway through I started thinking "Hey wait a second this sounds very familiar" so I went to check the commenti section and, lo and behold, I found my own comment from 2021 in the second to last page of the comment section. I think it's my only comment on this site? I may have created my account just to leave that comment. I don't really remember at this point.

I may have forgotten about this story but my thoughts about it haven't really changed in the past two years. My old comment still perfectly sums up my feelings about all of this.

So once again I'm here, writing from the "future", in this quiet comment section and once again, just like two years ago, I want to say "thank you" to everyone involved in the comment war that took place here. Reading all the awful takes one after another has been a truly incredible experience, really elevated the story from a decent, somewhat cliché, manga to a 10 out of 10 masterpiece.

I don't think I'll forget about this story once again and re-read it a third time so this is probably the last time I'll be commenting here.

To whoever is reading this, I hope you enjoy this manga and its comment section. If you also read through the comment section and enjoyed it as much as I have then I salute you for we are kindred spirits

Though you might be reading this many years from now from a place that is far away from me, the "red thread of cringe" connects us.

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This story never fails to hit right in the feelings.

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Just reread this again and it's still one of the all time greats. SAD comparing it to "The Feelings We Must All Endure" is apt, since while they're very different manga in a lot of ways they both share the theme of the realistic struggles queer women face in heteronormative patriarchal society, and how there is happiness in spite of that but it requires bravery and hard work.
Also both have a main character who comes out of a shitty comphet relationship and immediately turns around and becomes a top, lmao. No wonder you were feeling terrible dating a straight man, girls!

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