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Ooooh. Maybe she tells her friends where she went and her friends all decide to go spy on her! :D

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Yeah... I don't think Furry really belongs here. A "WTF am I reading?" Tag certainly does.

It's also REALY weird how she didn't wish to make her a real girl. My guess is maybe she simply phrased her wish wrong, or didn't consider how much being a talking stuffed animal and not a real person would be a burden?

Like, that stuffed animal can never really leave the house or engage with the rest of the world. And what about growing old and dying together? Or even maybe growing apart and leaving each other if they want. It's honestly really selfish of her not to even think of these things.

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Third wheel. F

A third wheel who happens to be in a girl-girl relationship.

That third wheel has a girlfriend

We know she confessed to another girl, but we don't know if that girl accepted.

It would be nice if they had another queer friend they could confide in. I hope that's how this turns out. The could even go to pride together!

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Man. I forget how fucked up it is how in Japan, you're basically not allowed to have a public romance if you wanna be an actress or singer.

The backstory seems pretty fucking cringe to me. Instead of holding the managerial staff to a standard of behavior and telling them to knock it off (or reporting them to HR), she degraded herself so she could be seen more easily? That's a big ol' nope from me.

Yeah... This is a pretty messed up way to be inclusive to little people/people with dwarfism. It's quite infantilizing.

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Bitch, the ocean isn't gonna cure her depression. TAKE HER TO A HOSPITAL.

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So Chaotic helpers are the new trend?

I hope so. We need more supportive characters in yuri and not just the rival, or the "Sayaka", or worse, the asshole male.

I'm really a fan of the "older queer person who absolutely knows what's going on and wants to help the baby gays in their journey without being too intrusive" trope.

I want to see more of that.

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Why are people acting like this is the end of the story?

There is only one chapter remaining.

There is an entire chapter remaining. Hence my question.

Well, because we are essentially at the end.

The romantic tension is dissolved. The evil is defeated. With one chapter left, we are in the endgame now. There isn't going to be any big sudden crisis to derail them or anything.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm thinking we're gonna get a time skip, maybe see the Midori and Momo living happily together as a family.

BTW, I just LOVE the almost slap scene. She wasn't just telling her off, she was also warning her about him.

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Ugh... just come out already. Christ. This is brutal!!!!

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Is this series old? It seems to have some old fashion views on lesbians.

Not in most of Japan it's not.

Like, there is a reason you don't see a lot of yuri or yoai where the couple is out. There is still a fair but of shame and it. Not so much prejudice as embarrassment.

Being out as a gay couple is not easy in Japan, even in the big city.

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violent emotions??? Unreasonable sure, illogical certainly, selfish probably, maybe event possessive, but not violent.

To a survivor of sexual violence, such feeling might be thought of as violent of they've never experienced it before.

My absolute most hated cliché in lesbian romance is going on a date with some asshole being how you find out you're into girls. Thank GOD for this manga. Seriously.

Cliché? I can't say I've seen that exact plot in yuri before. Unless I just haven't read enough stories. Closest I can think of is the abusive husband in Run Away With Me, Girl. But even then Midori already knew she was into girls.

Could I get an example of a story(s) like this? I'm genuinely curious if this is a cliché.

Yeah. I can't think of any instance of that happening in a yuri manga either as most yuri never had their protagonists question the subject of their own sensuality.

The closest thing I can think of was the excellent manga GIRLxGIRLxBOY. You may have not heard about it before as it is really old. Totally recommend it though.

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"You're the one who hurt me" Excuse me what ? You were sober enough at the start to stop it so there is playing the non consent card here. And hurt what ? Unless she was the one who cheat with your BF, i don't really understand what she hurt. Also i can't take very seriously when she is constantly biting her thumb.

I mean, Nazomi was LITERALLY blackout drunk. Even if we pretend that Nozami being blackout drunk and Shion being sober in no way invalidates her consent, it's far more than that.

Nozomi had just had her heart broken and was INCREDIBLY emotionally vulnerable. Shion absolutely took advantage of that. In the exact same way so many men have before.

Nozomi is right to feel betrayed, and yeah, she was assaulted.

Also, it's kind of refreshing to see a Yuri manga dealing with these themes.

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well till now i really like this manga, usually i hate realistics thinks but this one is exception for whatever reason. i on the over hand, have a feeling that... we might have some surprise from komari... i have some speculations about her but i'd rather keep those for myself because they're useless and... i don't want them to be true. but the fact is that i expect some... surprise to hit...

HOLY S*t!! remember when i said that!! my theory was that Komari would lie and have a boyfriend!!! i didn't want to even imagine it but here it is I WAS RIGHT but i was too ashamed to tell you my theory!

God damn. This series really can't get any more depressing can it?

...and yet I NEED MORE!!!

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I kind of wonder, what if Ookuma realizes she's gay, and breaks up with Kanda because she thinks she's a boy.

Then Kanda assumes Ookuma broke up with her because she realized she's a girl. What a fantastic misunderstanding!

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Man. People really fixated on the trans angle...

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I can't wait to see her explain this to get friends. :D

Also, I get the desire to see them move on, but I'm okay with them stretching it out a little more.

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Seriously. I would really like to complete this series now. I just need a TL. I can give you the other chapters.

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Hell. I am the person who actually did the scanlation of this series. I actually did this 3 years ago, and released it to /u/ but nobody seemed to like the job I did. A group I'm involved with called "You're Welcome Scans" offered to release it for me, so I handed them off to them... and now it's here.

I'm willing to do the other two chapters, I have the raws, I just need a TL.

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