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I'm the one who's feeling insecure! My cute baby Yamada is gonna try and cook curry! And it isn't just instant curry, she's gonna make it from scratch!! Will she be okay? She's too nervous and anxious about it, that's a bad omen! And how good was she at cooking to begin with?!? I can't remember!

I have this awful foreboding presentiment that she's gonna mess it up oh noooooo...

I find this extremely funny with the Himemiya pfp like, Kase and Yamada are about to switch bodies

Ahahah I still remember the dialogue:
« I don't understand... Himemiya used this box; it says: "Concentrated curry, 50 times stronger, granted to give you a super-spicy experience!" »
« No, wait! That's not the one! She used this box; it says: "Concentrated curry, 5000000 times stronger, granted to blast you to smithereens and even Buddha's holy elephants will trumpet in admiration at such a wonderful immolation!" »
« Say what!? »

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