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yas girl, i didnt ask for it or expect anything more from this series but it just keeps bringing blessings
i am ready to get VERY INVESTED

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we are saved thank god we get to see them throughout their college years

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Dear Takashima Hiromi, please continue this story into when they are old women still being good and precious together, thanks.

Nezchan Moderator
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Yamada really is a lot more confident now, isn't she? Will my dream of her initiating a kiss with Kase-san really come true?

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YES T^T I'm crying.... THANK YOU TAKASHIMA HIROMI Bless your ginormous mangaka heart. I thought that my heart would need time again to recover from the end of another beloved series, but healing through a sequel? T^T

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Dear Takashima Hiromi, please continue this story into when they are old women still being good and precious together, thanks.

I second this.

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I didn't even realize that the first series was already completed (or almost completed?), and there's already a sequel? Awesome! I'm looking forward to how their relationship develops.

Also, as a first-time horticulture student I've found a new appreciation for Yamada's dedication to watering plants.

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Do my eyes deceive me? More Kase-san and we get to see their college life? ;w; my babies are growing up so fast!

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Wow, this is great news! I didn't expect Takashima Hiromi to start this new arc as a sequel to the original manga, so this pretty much confirms we will have Kase-san for much longer than I thought.

The new anime PV is very sweet too, don't miss it.

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I have been pleasantly surprised.

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Seems like not even the author liked how the new names sounded (it felt like another manga), and turned them back into they surnames xD

Yamada will forever be Yamada, and Kase her Kase-san <3

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I am suspecting this isn't the last of Kase using "Yui". I bet she'll use it whenever she's trying to get Yamada in bed.

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Yaaaay! More Kase-san~! <3

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I'm so used to giving and now I get to receive

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Kind of feels nostalgic to think how far this story has come since it started.
I hope all of you enjoy this one as well and as always a big thanks to Goggled Anon for translating and everyone who QC'd

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So the next hurdle is first name basis... Good luck, Kase!

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we as a species are so blessed

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So, the last chapter was technically the LAST chapter of Kase-san and ... and now we have a NEW series of Yamada to Kase-san! AWESOME!!!! Yamada and Kase-san, the college years! No more when will they, other then just... you know... when will they fit it into their busy schedules... like normal busy students at schools that are 50 minutes apart! (That's almost like being in an LDR even if they're both in Tokyo! I mean, here in Central Illinois, if two kids who were dating were going to U of I and ISU they would be about that distance apart and in totally different towns and probably hardly ever see each other! Good public transportation makes a huge difference!)

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Kase you gf is traveling 2 hours just to bring you flowers. That is a good SO you have there. Now Yamada you are sleeping together I think you can handle using first names. I guess current tension thing is gonna be them not being able get time together. I can see Yamada getting caught up in her school activities with garden and all and not making enough effort to see Kase and Kase starting get upset feeling neglected.

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This is EVERYTHING I could have hoped for and better. No more thinking about college AU's for the fans, the author beat us to it!

i am ready to get VERY INVESTED

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I have never clicked a link so fast in my life!

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Kase-san is back, all's right with the world.

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