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dropped :(

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Pretty sure we all knew from the start she was slacking off again. But just as the title says, making progress on the yuri instead. ^_^

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That form fitting overalls though...

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I opened the chapter and saw a drill and immediately had to comment. THE FABLED DIY CHAPTER! Hell yeah! Now where's the DIY lesbians anime that was greenlit (no seriously, there's going to be a full tv episode length anime about cute girls diying cute things)

Ok now that I've read the chapter I'm a little bothered by how Japanese people somehow build a bunch of stuff for DIY as a hobby without any space or loud power tools. How the hell. Like I've seen jsk-koubou and how the man works out of essentially a like one tatami shed but that's different. I mean there's also hand tool work but that takes more time and if you're a beginner leads to imprecise work which falls apart faster.

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Kairou's various excuses for procrastination are just so damn relatable every time xD

and slacking off for some yuri progress is always a good deal o7

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the procrastination exuses and logic hit too close to home. always want to do something else before studying for a big exam but once that's over i loose motivation to play and have fun....hahahaha

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I was kinda hoping for more plot- and relationship-pushing chapters to follow the opener, but I guess this kind of slow SoL pace is… okay? IDK. I’ll have to see how it goes from here.

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The yuri progress is as slow as the Sensei's work progress

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The yuri progress is as slow as the Sensei's work progress

We make progress on the yuri just before the deadline - and on the work right after it.

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super comfy

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I don't know if I want to see Yuri progress as it is right now :/

For starters, the girl hasn't even finished school ,the writer at times feels like she takes advantage of her naivety (I know it is mostly humorous, but it shows how easy she is to fool),not to mention the differences in maturity are too damn high. It also feels like Ayu is becoming too dependent on Hikari . I want to wait for a development in the MC so it doesn't feel as predatory, yet something tells me that won't end up happening.

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dropped :(


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Wow I loveee this series. I've been dying for more of the LN to gets translated forever. I honestly didn't expect them together so soon tbh. And now some rando and a cat shows up at the end. I do hope someone can get the raws to them so they can continue to translate this series. Just had to reread everything and I just love Ayu so much <3

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kinda refreshing and cool for a gay girl in a yuri manga to just straight up say “i’m gay”

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Yay, more chapters, and so very gay :D

Also, is it just me or does something feel fishy about the whole setup? I feel like it’s implied there’s more of a backstory than meets the eye, like why Miya suggested she should become a guardian, and other history in general.

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this sure is developing fast now! nice! Also, it's nice to see the casual inclusion of the author's parents having a seemingly healthy polyamory situation

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Good for you, Ayu. ^_^

And pretty sure it's mutual. What else can you call having just that one person you absolutely want to have on your side but love?

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Wow, I checked the LN translation progress and coincidentally, it last updated exactly one year ago as of this chapter release

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And now, a rival who has zero chance, but will upset the MC.

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Wow, that went from zero to sex real fast

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I think this warrants an age gap tag since this is presumably going to be 16 year old x 22 year old

I don't think they're going to get together. I'm putting a bet that the mangaka is going to be a more accepting mother figure, In fact I don't even see the series ending with the MC having a partner at the end.

What a day to say that this aged finer then the finest milk from the freshest cow two years ago...

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They just fucking ruined everything. It's gone, the entire series is fucking ruined. Jesus Christ.

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Since 30k Yen can be simply stated/equated as $300.00 USD(current rate makes it 261.00),what kind of diamond encrusted gold plated electric toothbrush did she buy?

The answer might be a Panasonic,because the one bastard I found was more then DOUBLE that price.

And here I am with a sub-$15.00 USD one which was roughly RM 60.00 MYR.

Hah! Here I am with a free one I got from my last visit to the dentist!

Lucky bastard...

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They just fucking ruined everything. It's gone, the entire series is fucking ruined. Jesus Christ.

This aged even more then milk,who twisted your panties?

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It was a good series and they suddenly decided to make one of the main characters a pedophile. Thought I was getting a nice, serious manga that deals with the reality of being gay in Japan and that comes out of nowhere.

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