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What a cute manga: Furniture making more furniture. I don’t know if the helper girl is going to be fired or promoted for failing to keeping author focused on her writing.

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dropped :(

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Pretty sure we all knew from the start she was slacking off again. But just as the title says, making progress on the yuri instead. ^_^

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That form fitting overalls though...

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I opened the chapter and saw a drill and immediately had to comment. THE FABLED DIY CHAPTER! Hell yeah! Now where's the DIY lesbians anime that was greenlit (no seriously, there's going to be a full tv episode length anime about cute girls diying cute things)

Ok now that I've read the chapter I'm a little bothered by how Japanese people somehow build a bunch of stuff for DIY as a hobby without any space or loud power tools. How the hell. Like I've seen jsk-koubou and how the man works out of essentially a like one tatami shed but that's different. I mean there's also hand tool work but that takes more time and if you're a beginner leads to imprecise work which falls apart faster.

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Kairou's various excuses for procrastination are just so damn relatable every time xD

and slacking off for some yuri progress is always a good deal o7

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the procrastination exuses and logic hit too close to home. always want to do something else before studying for a big exam but once that's over i loose motivation to play and have fun....hahahaha

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I was kinda hoping for more plot- and relationship-pushing chapters to follow the opener, but I guess this kind of slow SoL pace is… okay? IDK. I’ll have to see how it goes from here.

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The yuri progress is as slow as the Sensei's work progress

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The yuri progress is as slow as the Sensei's work progress

We make progress on the yuri just before the deadline - and on the work right after it.

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super comfy

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