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joined Jul 7, 2020

this manga is alright

joined Aug 30, 2020

Y'know, the bunny suits really help show off that they're really all caked up here. like got damn

joined Feb 16, 2016

Top tier unhealthy trash yuri. Author knows what's up

joined Nov 23, 2014

"Reading with love" is a rather tall order sensei, but reading with some kind of peculiar amusement is doable. Hopefully it all goes maximum trash in the final chapters.

joined Mar 27, 2018

Everyone keeps calling Yuni and Fuuko toxic, but you know, as someone who really empathizes with Yuni, I think Fuuko is really likeable!

joined Aug 8, 2020

It's nice and all that the scanlator works so fast...oh wait,VOLUME THREE.

I'm still waiting on volume 3 before I get caught up again.

joined Oct 14, 2014

Kinda wild that Yuni isn't at all curious about what's going on with Miss Fuuko. Just another nail in the coffin, I guess.

joined Jun 25, 2019

It almost sound too good to be true. i'm not convinced it's gonna be that easy.

joined Feb 16, 2016


ty scanlator for the quick work

joined Aug 12, 2021

God, Yuni... you really do just go "oh a girl is giving me attention yay" haha. Like my opinion is pretty steadfast that all three of them have issues they need to work on to be able to be in a fulfilling relationship and Nanase who has served as the butt monkey for most of the manga has had her breakthrough, basically realizing that while she can't just give all her attention to volleyball that she also can't just give up volleyball in turn.

Now it's up to Yuni to reciprocate, or continue self-destructing whenever her girlfriend doesn't look at her. Or who knows maybe Nanase is going to revenge cheat on Yuni with Yuki and we get another boost of drama that way lmao.

Also I can't really see this end without Fuuko going fucking so toxic it becomes nuclear, like she's going to have a breakdown it's unreal the demons she's battling as a result of crushing on her straight neighbor.

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joined Jul 29, 2017

On the one hand, promises to change by your reliably unreliable main girlfriend.

On the other hand, smokin’ hot transgressive sex with your borderline-nutjob downlow lover.

What’s a passive reactive MC to do?

joined Dec 27, 2020

Good lord everyone in this is fucked up

joined Jan 1, 2019

Yuni is still wearing the moon earring.

joined Jul 7, 2020

"why didnt u choose me"
yeah dawg thats a real head scratcher

joined May 11, 2023

That someone can read this story and think that Fuuko is some sort of hero is still a mystery for me. She is clearly mentally sick.

Yuni will without doubt cheat again. She did not even say that she was sorry, and she kissed Fuuko seconds before Nanase arrived. She really is the worst. Her only redeeming feature is that she clearly is mentally sick as well and therefore her actions is more due to her issues then any malicious intentions.

Nanase has no spine and is the architect of her own future misfortune.

joined Oct 21, 2017

This is ridiculous why would you choose the person that's been neglecting you this entire time?

joined Dec 13, 2020

This is ridiculous why would you choose the person that's been neglecting you this entire time?

This. I usually stay away from cheating and love triangles but I let this one slide because actual girlfriend was trash but at least not the abusive kind. Still, she literally never made any effort and chose her club over her own girlfriend again and again and again (and didn't even actually try to balance them or try to be considerate of her girlfriend's feelings). Yes, Fuuko is fucked up (tbh all of them are) but honestly, she was the better choice there imo for all the reasons Nanase sucks.

joined Nov 28, 2021

Anyone considering that Yuki and Fuuko are gonna..? Anyone? No, just me?

Yuni is a dumbass. Should've said "both."

joined Aug 12, 2018

I dont trust yuni to keep her words for a second lmao she's gonna go back to fuuko next chapter 100% guaranteed

something tells me we will need the yandere tag on this manga pretty soon

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joined Apr 7, 2021

Wauw, I think Fuuko was the most normal one in this chapter tbh

joined Sep 15, 2020

Waiting for everything to come crashing down again lmao, what will cause it first Nanase immediately going back to neglecting her Girlfriend, Yuni being unhappy again, or Fuuko going apeshit to ruin their relationship lol

joined Feb 16, 2021

Im going to fanfic the shit out of this. Anyone know how to add a category on ao3? LMAO

joined Feb 16, 2021

Also, tbh, could be a cute throuple.

joined Dec 17, 2021

This chapter was so funny.

I was expecting some different bad choices but I'm satisfied with these ones. Now I asume Nanase will actually keep her word about giving enough attention to Yuni... and Yuni will end up seeking Fuuko anyway.

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