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joined Apr 1, 2015

Author sure seems to have a thing for triangles huh?

joined May 24, 2014

Funny how she looks like Chinatsu's visión of yui.

joined Jan 26, 2019

It seems pretty interessting

joined Oct 21, 2017

Seems interesting I'll give it a try.

joined Dec 30, 2014

Hell yeah.

TheLubeTube Uploader
Me-A Scans
joined Jul 27, 2018

Big Caterpillar Chungus

joined Jul 27, 2018

This is interesting , can't wait for next chapter ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙

joined Dec 18, 2018

Last two series by this author made me anxious as fuck, so I think I'll wait til this one is finished to read it fully.

joined May 12, 2020

I think tags are gonna exponantially increase on later chapters.

Also the sporty girlfriend has the aura of a bland male protagonist who already has a side piece.

last edited at Jun 19, 2021 2:38PM

joined May 13, 2018

Um, that was some disturbing information about the caterpillar fungus at the end there. I don't think I like where this is going, but it is interesting nonetheless.

joined Apr 30, 2020

Yeah I was also thinking that this was missing tags.

joined Apr 12, 2021

I wish I could handle series like this but...

joined Oct 9, 2019

This sure is interesting

joined Jun 23, 2015

I like stories with lots of flawed, selfish characters. Makes for great drama. And it really feels like they're acting their age which is kinda refreshing.

joined Jul 6, 2020

This Fuuko character reminds me of the similar girl from the succubus yuri story, except the roles are switched. This is gonna be messy as hell

joined Feb 23, 2020

You know what, I like where this might go and the art is AMAZING.

joined Oct 16, 2013

I hoooope it doesn't actually go the cheating route, but this seems fun so I'm looking forward to the drama.

But come on, if you didn't want irls to find out about your alt account, why'd you post so many uncensored selfies??? Those stickers did nothing to cover her face lol. And actively going on it at school and stuff. So easy to find out your handle...

The YuriWitch
joined Dec 23, 2020

After Luminous = Blue, I have high expectations from this artist. And I'm already liking it so far! However, this blonde chick does give off some...odd vibes.

joined Mar 28, 2021

i like fuuko, i think i have a thing for creepy girls LOL

joined Aug 29, 2019

Oh yeah, this is gonna end up going wrong so hard. Count me in.

joined Jan 5, 2021

Ayy yesssshhh!! This my kind of guilty pleasure....

on that note does anyone have similar manga to recommend (〃ω〃)

joined Feb 14, 2018

ah yes, misses "steal yo girl" the manga

The immaculate
joined Mar 19, 2020

i like fuuko, i think i have a thing for creepy girls LOL

Lmao same, I wouldn’t go say I have a thing for creepy girls but so far I like her go getter vibe.

joined Oct 24, 2014

tbh the absolute ZERO sense of internet safety on that girl triggers me more than anything else in this story. ok like her gf is depressingly repressed but on the opposite end of the spectrum she is literally livetweeting her entire inner monologue like a zoomer james joyce. have some discretion................................................ fuuko said imma give you a wake-up call free of charge you're welcome. you want anything else with that? juice? handholding? a whole nother gf? call me.

joined Sep 6, 2011

I hope it is better than the absolute piece of garbage that Luminous: Blue was. Pretty art and every other subject taking points from the overall score.

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