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Are there raws by any chance? :3

Yep, there are 4 chapters already

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Kissing someone who just punched you in the face is such a goddamn power move.

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I like to think that white is just very violent and black is just really in love with white and doesn't know how to express it except through violence as well

That or there is a very odd miscommunication going on where Black thinks white was following her around because she has a crush on her and White thinks Black is up to know good, so Black went into a fight thinking it was going to be sexy times and White is just very fond of hate sex.

Also, I love the facial expressions in this and the eyes in particular.

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My confused ass is shaking

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LOL, there it is! The legendary kabedon kick!

‘The stuff of legends’, said a wise panda.

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The first three pages kind of ruined the surprise though.
It feels like it page 23 would have SO much more effective if you didn't see it coming.

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I fucking need an anime of this asap and I don't care if this is just chapter 1. Seriously that kabedon leg is pure awesomeness and I feel like this full-on Top bitches will have sexing match of who out-tops who in bed.

Sal Jiang is a GOD.

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Hooray for angry yuri hatesex!
i like my fluff but angry catfight yuri with hatesex is just sooo goood.

edit: Didnt recognize the name until i checked their other works. Damn, Sal Jiang makes great yuri with toxic but hot and sultry relationships.
They can also do great fluff like OL and Big Girl (a fav of mine) as well as Office Romance Yuri and it's hot sequel.

edti 2: @bugpope yes, that's it. it's primal and that just make it feel so..... satisfying in a way different to most yuri.

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Agreed, the sudden switch from office politics to raw, brutal violence would've been even more effective without the first couple of pages.
That punch still felt really visceral though, and the combination of sex and violence is incredibly well done.
This isn't a cheap fan service catfight, it's something much more primal. Like, it feels like there are equal chances Junko is gonna kiss her or try to bite her face off. Really looking forward to more of this.

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Idgaf about dis shit but ok ʘ‿ʘ

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so mortal kombat meets office lady hey i dig it

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Well, they seem nice

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I'm in.

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That initial lunge over the table made me weak in the knees. This art is so god damn good. The detail increases during tense moments, maximizing during the violent ones. Also, the reversal of lawful good-lookin-ass glasses girl turning into a shonen anime brawler is so fucking good.

I think the flash forward in the opening pages is good, though. It sets the tone and lets you know exactly what you're getting into. The whole chapter is spent in suspense wondering when it's going off the deep end, analyzing every little thing these girls do; is this what triggers it, was that important? It's a really clever and subtle writing trick telling the reader to pay attention. This ain't your mom's OL yuri manga.

10/10, instant fave, can't wait for next chapter.

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cool, yuri wrestling.

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Sweet, this work finally made its way to Dynasty-Scans. Good ol' Sal Jiang and their enemies-to-angry-makeout-partners tropes.

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nice hatesex

that was...something

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I'm weak ... page 28 is so majestic!

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That kabedon tho...

And talk about cliffhangers



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cute, reminds me of LOVE/DEATH.

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Looks like both protagonists are involved in corporate espionage, with one being an infiltrator and the other a corporate security officer assigned to rooting her out. Banks are prime targets for terrorism and foreign spy agencies, as both groups rely upon foreign money wires to move funds, and come under heavy scrutiny.

What's more interesting is that the inspiration for this manga appears to be American. Specifically this is a yurified version of Mad Magazine's "White Spy versus Black Spy."

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When tops collide.

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Damn really hot , art is great too Sal Jiang really good at OL they are really cool cute and sexy

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This should be a wild ride. That kick was something else.

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