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I'm sorry I know I'm mouthy but that's who I am, these tags Prequel and Sequel are so misplaced, sometimes you really have to dug up, such as some of Mira's works that has over than 3 sequels and released in varied times, making a book, even if the series has 2 issues, would be sooooo much easier

While it's not particularly hard to figure out in this case, I would definitely prefer the book approach.

The sequel/prequel tags seem more useful for cases where at least one of the components is series in its own right and can link the other work in its description. Kase-san is a good example of this.

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Well. That's a comment section. ...

I'm cautiously optimistic. This seems like it might be going for a more serious tone the what you see in a lot of the cross dressing Mangas on this site. One of the things that originally drew me to Yuri was the strong social stigma against himosexual relationships and the troubles a story's protagonists would have to overcome. Seeing that focus expanded to other non-standard catagories would be nice.

I'm not entirely sure where [i]this[/i] manga intends to go, but there does seem to be a good deal of attention paid to small details. One of the things that struck me was how the main character sits, with their legs open. Whatever their gender might be, they weren't raised as a women and don't have much experience going out as one, so they still have a lot of male body language when it comes to less performative(?) behaviors. It'll be interesting to see if anything gets made of that.

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Here’s a question that I mean sincerely—is this one worth it?

Are we dealing with subtle, or just vague and underwritten?

Can’t make up my mind just yet.

I wouldn't call it vague, but it's also not a story with final and happy ending.

There's definitely room for interpretation, but it's the well supported kind-of interpretation that most well written works can have, rather than the kind that's filling gaps in not enough information. You can see that schuyguy and I seem to have rather different takes on the ending, with mine being quite a bit darker, but we're both pulling stuff from the story to support our conclusions, rather than just talking about how it ended on a cliff hanger and should have gone on.

If you're just looking for a story where the lesbians get to yuri, then it's probably not worth it. If you're a fan of well written stories that invite analysis, even if they don't have happy endings, then it probably is. The art's good either way.

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That protagonist line reads like it belongs to Emi's though? Unless Yuu decided to start doing inner monologue in 3rd person all of a sudden. Did the original read differently?

The line isn't in third person.

"*I* was easily shot down. [...] I cried to my best friend. I became the protagonist." The 'I's are Yuu and the best friend is Emi. Remember, Yuu is the one who regularly gets rejected, while Emi lands boys she doesn't want.

Emi's obsession towards Yuu is very obvious, but Yuu's view of Emi as source of self-importance/trophy...? I already reread through this short story several times to the point I'm getting sick of it and I still can't find more evidence to support that. Unless it's the ending pages where Yuu kisses Emi and then gives her the cat. Insert credit page reaction Yuu's attitude towards Emi in adult years seem more annoyed rather than "imma keep this ho around to make myself feel better." If she does perceive Emi as a way to inflate her ego, wouldn't she be smugger in general and less confrontational in the 3rd chapter? 3rd chapter's drama didn't kickstart until Emi had that explosive moment with whatshisname. Yuu calls Emi out on her bullshit and worst friend ever behaviors.

The line we were just talking about has Yuu saying she uses Emi to feel like "the protagonist," while Ch. 2 Pg. 11 takes place when they're older and has her explicitly thinking "Even I think it's strange. And because of that it gives me a bit of a superiority complex."

Yuu confronted Emi after her obsession publicly exploded, and thus became troublesome for other aspects of Yuu's life, rather than when she first became aware of the problem because Emi made it a public problem and escalated too far. Again, the latest incident is only new in that it was very public and, thus, disruptive. It started to damage Yuu's appearance.

The reason she's not smug, but is confrontational, is because she wants the validation of Emi's obsession, but doesn't actually care about Emi enough to want the work, nor does she want it becoming too public, which might make her look bad to others.

Pretty sure Yuu is commenting on her complex relationship with Eimi—on the one hand, she feels trapped by Eimi's meddling in her personal affairs, but on the other hand she's secretly happy about Eimi's obsession with her.

That's an interesting thought, since it's Emi who talks about love feeling painful and suffocating, while Yuu is happy to force it on Emi, if it gets her what she wants. At the same time, Emi's actions definitely put more obvious constraints on Yuu, so she is the one we'd expect to feel trapped.

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I think Yuu explained the ending perfectly in the second chapter: She's known Emi is strange for a long time, none of this is a revelation to her. The reason she's still holding Emi's hand at the end is because, like she said, she also enjoys the attention/fixation, but it's not because she cares for her. Just as Emi's side of the relationship is driven by an unhealthy fixation and possessiveness, Yuu's is driven by an unhealthy sense of self worth that being idolized/coveted gives her.

The confrontation wasn't because she really wanted Emi to stop, but because the result of Emi's obsession was beginning to annoy her. She basically just wants Emi as a status symbol, a trophy to place on the mantel and bask in, rather than an actual friend or lover. Somewhat ironically, Emi's the one who explained this bit in chapter 2. She said the men who Yuu fell in love with only wanted her for her face and didn't really care about her, so they were happy to barge right in. This is exactly what we see Yuu do with their kiss scene. She decides she's going to go for it and just barges in, kissing Emi.

Just as Yuu knows exactly what Emi is about and doesn't really see her as a friend but as a source of self importance, I think Emi has Yuu's number. She knows Yuu's not a good person, just like those guys, and the two aren't really good friends at this point, but her obsession gives her something. Maybe it's a sense of stability, maybe it's more a fear that with out Yuu she'll go back to being on her own. Regardless, they're both using each other and they both know it and they'll probably keep doing it. Maybe the specifics will change a bit or maybe they won't and they'll just cycle through periods of Emi trying to isolate Yuu in more and more disruptive ways until Yuu finally blows up on her and the reset.

The ending wasn't the most satisfying, but it was very well set up. This Kayako called their shots and hit them dead on. The three chapters have a nice progression from mostly normal cute/angst in the first, to cracks showing in the second, to a deconstruction in the third. Each one sets the stage for the next and tells you what's going to happen, if you know what to look for. It's like the Sixth Sense, except instead of Bruce Willis being a ghost, both girls are terrible.

I'm not sure if I like it, but I can't deny it's well written and I do think stories like this should exist.

I'm not sure if either person has the usual romantic feelings towards the other party. (Oh noz, realism in my manga /s) Adult Yuu mentioned in chapter 2 that she gets a bit of superiority complex because of Emi's obsession towards her. And then if you look at the earlier timeline during middle school in chapter 2, when Yuu gets turned down by the guy she went crying to Eimi. What happens here? "*The moment she cried to me, her best friend, I became the protagonist."* I... wha?

Just a quick correction, those thoughts belong to Yuu. The line is "The moment I cried to to my best friend I became the protagonist. This is the first example of Yuu using Emi's focus/obsession to make herself feel more important and combines with the second instance, where she tells us she knows Emi's behavior is abnormal but it gives her a strange sense of superiority, to show the current dynamic has been going on for a while.

Yuu's been sticking around Emi because she wants to, despite everything that Emi's done. She mentions wanting to be like an older sister to her and has an odd sense of accomplishment from being at the receiving end of Emi's obsessive tendencies.

Similarly, the line here is "a bit of a superiority complex*". Emi's attention doesn't make her feel like she's done something good or succeeded at a task, it makes her feel superior to others and/or Emi.

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How did she lose her blog post on a laptop?

Also, I'm starting to feel a bit worried about their relationship. Kasumi seems to put absolutely no care into it, only paying Sakurako lip-service when it gets her something she wants. On the other side, Sakurako seems overly self-sacrificing, oblivious or willing to ignore any faults on kasumi's part, and overly forceful with the relationship stuff. None of that his healthy.

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Wondered where Celty's head ended up...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that.

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Lily Marble discussion 25 Oct 16:09
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Everyone's talking about Iwashita's reaction, but who wants to wager on Adonis not realizing she was actually being mistaken for a man, rather than just being teased about her pretty-boy looks?

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Aside from being really cute together, did these two have ANY interactions where they weren't trying to kill each other?

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Karura discussion 23 Oct 01:40
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You deflowered the sacrifice.
Now she's useless!

It feels more like the sacrifice to Karuna became a sacrifice to the princess.

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Yuri Moyou discussion 15 Oct 17:06
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So... 4th sister... By far the most experienced... Only one who isn't a virgin... The only one of the four who's a top... and a total M.

Unless I have things mixed up, I don't think she's the M in that relationship. ...

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Merlin's d*ck sprouting magic to be precise. And that sounded worse than it is, while simultaneously being just as bad as it sounds. Poor Guinevere.

I'd say she's still a science baby in so much as she wasn't a result of Arthuria actually having sex with anyone as Morgana steeling some sperm and making a test-tube baby/homunculus. ... Now, if you don't mind, I need to go question the life choices that led to me writing that sentence.

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What about Vesperia, which had Rita + Estelle and Flin + Yuri? Yuri even calls them out as Ristel in a skit that never made it to NA.

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Lily Marble discussion 10 Oct 04:08
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I feel like Miyu needs to take a hint or Nozomi needs to get a clue-by-four. ... Well, a bigger clue-by-four at any rate.

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Ooh. Muscle girl Bowsette. There isn't enough art of buff girls.

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God, I miss the days when Marisa was badass.

Has that changed in recent installments?

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Lesbian.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
If you were in the middle of working on something, the information you were working on might be lost.

Always remember to backup your girlfriend often, especially before attempting hand-holding.

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king boo hime

Wait, who? I missed that one and it sounds glorious.

The funniest part is the fact that it looks like Bowsette is flustered. Role reversal possibly?

Oh, yes. Peach is definitely the one running that relationship.

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I love everything about this manga, but I think the facial expressions are my favorite part. I'm not sure if the translations or the likely plot take second, but they're both amazing.

besides half the characters in "happy end" romance stories probably broke up off-camera eventually after their series ended anyway
people change, feelings change, people move on, etc etc etc


You know, my life would've been a lot less miserable if I DIDN'T convince my 14-year old self that this is how the world works and that failure to meet that standard makes you a failure as a person.

Just sayin'.

I watch all the teen drama series, and movies, that show the girl falling in love with the broken "bad boy", and wonder how many women's lives are ruined, because they were taught, your love can fix them.

Also the whole love at first sight/suddenly head over heals thing.

I'm actually quite happy their likely to split up over the course of this series (and I'll be even happier if it follows them into their next relationships). They both have a lot of, probably, unhealthy ideas about love and didn't really get together for the most stable of reasons. That's going to reflect a lot of real life relationships and actually showing the flaws with that approach and how to handle it responsibly is a really good thing that doesn't come up often.

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Kasumi, take your wife out on a date occasionally.

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Ok, these characters look awesome, but the comments and tags have me a bit confused. Are they from something else?

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Are there any lines between the different versions of Scathatch? I feel like the normal versions should have a problem with Skadi.

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Was Emperor Penguin really being clueless, or was this all a prank as punishment for Royal Penguin's prank?
1> > Season two was announced by the way
Too bad it's going to be a shitstorm because of Kadokawa.

To think the greedy morrons at Kadokawa had the nerve to try and make a second season after publicly gutting the golden goose that created it and then wiping their asses with the public opinion of the production and their company.

I didn't follow the series. What did they do?

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Lily Marble discussion 01 Sep 03:20
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There's no proof that Aya didn't initiate things. It's very clear that they had too much to drink and, when Risa put her to bed, she was fully clothed. Assuming she stayed true to her word and didn't make a move on her, that means that Aya is the one who made a move... (OR Risa pulled a technicality out of her hat and as soon as the clock ticked past midnight it was no longer "today" and she made her move...)

Yes, she was drunk, but so was Risa. It's also not entirely clear that they did anything other than sleep... (naked)

Rape is too strong of a word, more like taking advantage of her.

But why would you go to a hotel to just sleep naked? Of course they could have been to drunk to go home, but...

Anyway there is no proof that they did something. It is heavily implied though, imo. I'd say time will have to tell what kind of person Aya is. If she would break her promise and technically take advantage of her or not.

Even if they both drank, It's very clear that Risa was nowhere near as drunk as Aya and that she expected Aya to get to that point. This is also reinforced by Aya saying she let her guard down when she woke up and saw what happened.

It's possible they didn't actually have sex, but it's not like getting naked with someone else and going to sleep with them is much better.

Honestly, overall, the environment in that gym seems more than a little unhealthy.

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Wasn't that spat somewhat mutual?