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This will be interesting

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Sal Jiang blessing us once again, praise

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Enemy to lovers speedrun

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whoa. intense.

the art is excellent, especially the anatomy. action scene was easy to follow too which is hard to do well in a comic. sign me up.

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I feel like I'm not smart enough to read this comic. I may not even be smart enough to work out what type of comic this is.

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Yandere vs. yandere?

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Angry sex to come.

Well, if that relieves their stress...

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Yandere vs. yandere?

People keep saying that, but neither of them seem to be yandere style stalkers. They're a bit messed up and rather violent, but it's a different sort of violence.

Maybe tsun(×50)dere? That said, I'm not sure there's really a dere part here, even if they ultimately fall for each other. They're more like characters out of Black Lagoon or maybe Mercialago: Violent and misanthropic as a default, with the ability to act civilized when necessary.

What's more interesting is that the inspiration for this manga appears to be American. Specifically this is a yurified version of Mad Magazine's "White Spy versus Black Spy."

What makes you say that? The only real connection I see is their names, which seems a bit tenuous.

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wah.....interested to see how this one goes...

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What the fuck is going on

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They want to FIST eachother, but like someone said it definitely reminds me of LOVE/DEATH; the OL version and they're not yanderes just aggressive asf like in Tankobu though with actual punching, which I don't see enough of so I like it alot and those few first pages I love how it sets it all up, letting you know how it's all gonna go down, makes you really want more when you get to the end of the chapter. Oh not to mention the art, it's spectacular, I love the eyes and the eyelashes. Thanks for the translation.

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How are they gonna clean that mess up afterwards

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If you like hate sex, here you go. Not my bag, I had enough violence when I was a child, this kind of stuff makes me physically ill.

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Shirakawa: these hands are rated E for everyone

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Your comment matches your profile photo.

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This one looks promising and it's also hot

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Sal Jiang is my goddess. I'm so glad we're getting a series.

I'll see if I can't figure out what happened.

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Okay I'm not able to piece it all together but here's what I was able to find:

The management dude above them gave them something important to work on that was above what they were capable of. It seems like Kuroda is calling in favors and is snooping into what's going on politically behind that decision, or something like that--at this stage, maybe it's blackmail? I don't know enough about Japanese officeworker culture to figure it out exactly. But I'm confident he intended for them to fail for some reason that I'm sure we'll find out more about.

Anyway, Shirakawa notices that Kuroda is doing things on the sly and gets suspicious about her. I think she's also feeling slighted because, though they have the same amount of time in the company and are being compared/implicitly put against one another, Shirakawa is supposed to be the senpai--and yet that position isn't being respected, both by the immediate assignment of difficult work and Kuroda doing things she hasn't been taught. It seems like she thinks Kuroda is doing sketchy/suspicious stuff and maybe trying to get others to do the work for her, or secure her position through office politics so everyone else will take the fall instead of her.

I don't know what feelings are going on with them, but I know internalized misogyny and repressed lesbianism mixing within high-strung, high-achieving prideful women is a really common driving factor in Sal Jiang's work, so there's a number of directions this could be going. I feel like the snipes back and forth they make after getting told off are important, but I can't figure out all the emotional context.

I can't tell if Sal Jiang was just focusing on the twisted feelings here and didn't intend for us to understand the politics at all, if they're mishandled, or if we'll find out more later, but I look forward to finding out!

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?? so wild? what s wrong?

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Reading this reminds me of a yuri novel on novelupdate called she is the protagonist. At one point the protagonist argues something along the lines of "there is no love if you don't fight and no love if you don't scold" She makes no sense but twists your logic for it to make sense. That's how I feel about this manga so far.

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Really reminds me of Black Lagoon characters - a bit too messed up, too broken to fix their own lives so they have to vent and basically drag each other down.

Even though I love tough women, this is a bit too violent. Feels more like a power thing (like something you might see in certain prisons) than actual yuri development.

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OOooooO damn

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