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I'm poly but this is confusing me as hell. Too quick?

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Akira's feelings are unhealthy. Let them love each other! And even better, allow all of them to love each other!

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Well from the looks like Akira is starting to get off her high horse & realizing that she doesn't really know her friends that well.

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Still not digging Akira but I'm sure I'll start liking her in the next few chapters

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Things are really heating up! Can't wait for the next. I think key to a poly-three and not a harem is to have that isosceles triangle, which should be interesting to see.. I hope it can be resolved in that way

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I'm glad Akira figured out Mayuki's feelings for her so quickly. I don't think I could have taken another chapter of Akira being an arrogant jealous bitch.

Still not totally feeling the OT3 yet and still prefer only a Mayuki x Rin endgame but we'll see.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Lmao owned

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So satisfying to see Mayuki owning this high horse. Mayuki deserves some cool shades.

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Ma'am, here's your delivery of Humble Pie™; please sign here... thank you, have a nice day.

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What a fine chapter to flesh out Akira's character a little more, but everything is starting falling into place a little too soon, me thinks, which makes scratch my head if this story is intended to not go over than 10-14 chapters, still super strong in my books and the best ongoing yuri right now!

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Die akira i hope u never exist. Ruining my ship isnt ganna do anything! >:(

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Ruining my ship isnt ganna do anything! >:(

bruh, polyamory's the name of the game. she isn't ruining it, if anything she's making it Better. or will be, presumably.

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Akira: I'll teach her how to kiss (out of my secret jealous love for you)
Also Akira: Gets dominated welp fack

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I still aim for Rin x Mayuki, even tho I do feel bad for Akira. Butt, same time for Rin. It's confusing. But, I do understand all three girls situations :)

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Akira is the eternal bottom.

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I'm glad Akira figured out Mayuki's feelings for her so quickly.

I’m honestly surprised it took her this long to figure it out. It’s not like Mayuki was subtle about it. >.> Though Akira has a lot of fangirls (and boys) so she probably thought Mayuki was no different.

Anyway, I’m loving the composition in this chap. The scene at the distributor, especially − at first Akira doesn’t look at Mayuki at all, but then we have this brilliant two-panel shot of Mayuki walking past her as she realizes she’s not as "superior" as she thought.

Same with the three panels of Mayuki gradually taking the high ground during the kiss.

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So... uh.... Akira was added to Mayuki's harem just like that?

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Akira starts to understand that she wasn't really thinking about Rin's feelings and only about her own, while Miyuki started out doing the same, but then learned more about Rin's past and empathized with her, feeling genuinely bad about selfishly asking her to teach her to kiss, though, by that time, Rin was wanting to continue the lessons herself, whether Miyuki realized that or not.

I'm curious to find out what Rin's take on things will be when she finds out that the girl Miyuki was pining for all along was actually Akira and that Akira was really trying to stop the "kissing lessons" because she has unrequited feelings for Rin. Will she feel betrayed by Akira? Will she feel like Miyuki should have told her about Akira when she brought up her name? I'm actually really surprised that Rin hasn't put two and two together based on the fact that Akira is a star of the basketball team and Miyuki plays basketball as well and it was a senpai on her basketball team that she was in love with. (I'm pretty sure she mentioned that part... and that they were going to be playing basket ball on their "date" earlier in the manga when Rin helped her pick out clothes for the non-sports part of the date and then came to tutor her and found her in her room crying in her underwear...)

I suppose there are other first-year basketball players that went to Miyuki's school and are going to Rin and Akira's school, but Akira is the obvious choice. I suppose Rin doesn't pay that much attention to sports?

In any case, I loved the way the end of this chapter unfolded, with Akira's first "lesson" with Miyuki turning into a serious kissing lesson for Akira instead. Based on what we've seen in the manga so far, I would guess that this might have actually been Akira's first kiss and she was completely BSing about her having any ability to teach anyone about kissing, just like Rin was at the beginning. Miyuki and Rin have learned together quite well and Miyuki has extra motivation. I'm glad that Akira didn't take forever to figure out that she is the one who Miyuki was trying to become more mature to impress.

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I know this manga is poly but still..I only ship Rin x Mayuki, sorry. Guess I'll just hope for more scenes of them.

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It would be funny if Akira was the one who now asked Mayuki to teach her about kissing to impress Rin…

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i love this manga thank you canno for making this

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It's wild seeing all the comments against the poly ending. I get personal preferences, but this series spelled out the intended end game right at the start. I've been enjoying the progression and the pacing is ideal for me. We know Akira isn't going to remain antagonistic towards Mayuki, so no need to drag it out. Likewise, we know that Rin is open to having multiple partners, so I'm glad the other two are already aware of that. This can either make for a nice short series about how the three of them get together, or (hopefully) a bit of a longer story that also explores how they stay together and deal with the stigma of being in a non-exclusionary relationship.

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This manga really do be havin' a faster pace than expected, tho.

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LMAO I was expecting their “kissing practice” to end with Mayuki domming Akira like this.

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LMAO I was expecting their “kissing practice” to end with Mayuki domming Akira like this.

I wasn't expecting her to go down quite that hard, but hoo baby if I didn't love to see it.

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