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Pg order of c23 seem to mess up

OrangePekoe Staff
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Pages have been fixed, thanks for the wait!

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Despite the pages being fixed before I comment and maybe even before I read it, I opened the chapter in a new tab before they've been fixed, so I ended up laughing out loud at myself when I realized I was reading the chapter wrong.

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So this is how you get a protagonist involved in someone else's plot.

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The amount of opened mouths in this series!

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It was a trip to read like that but still a nice chapter, you know I like that whatever drama those two have has absolute no impact on the protagonist love, they can keep being lovely dovey while the plot moves forward. I still think is a silly battle because two hard heads refused to discuss clearly but well, as long as they don't ruin the yuri is not that bad after all.

It helps that the rest of the band members aren't jerks

Yeah I really like that too. It feels like Takeshima-sensei was like “you want angsty drama couple? Here. You want fluffy feel good girlfriends who get together early on? Here.” And of course I like both.

I really enjoy how even the “rival” characters are always still just regular people rather than forced into villain roles. Aki was never really mean to Hima, in fact she helped push her along more or less. And even though Shiho is on suuuuuper bad terms with Aki right now she’s not a jerk to Tachibana/Tsutsui and we even get to see her just hanging out with Hima and Momo at the cooking club. She might dislike Hima a little if she knew she was dating Yori, but I have a feeling she wouldn’t actually dislike her, especially since they already got along well already.

Takasaki Reika
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i'm not the only one support Aki x Shiho right...?

i want to know more about them

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i'm not the only one support Aki x Shiho right...?

Pretty sure that's what you're supposed to be doing right now as they're probably going to make up eventually.

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Just ugh

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Ah man here we go, wonder if they'll give us more angst later on

The YuriWitch
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God damn, I LOVE how innocent this chick is. Her innocence could cure cancer...

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Am I the only one hoping Aki and Momo end up together?

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Every page of Eku's manga is just soo cuute

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The font on ch23 is a bit painful to read (๑•﹏•)

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Why do I feel gay tension in the air?

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Girl it's nunya business. Has nothing to do with you butt out unless they ask you to help. Smh.

Purple Library Guy
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The band name (give or take a bit of spelling) makes me think of this song:
(Lorelei, by the Pogues)

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Aᴍ ɪ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sʜɪᴘs ʜɪᴍᴀʀɪ x sʜɪʜᴏ?

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geez, this arc is so incredibly predictable -_-

Sarah of the Night
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wow MC is way cuter...out of uniform

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wow MC is way cuter...out of uniform

Omg, I wasn't the only one thinking this LOL

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Hima walks that line from being adorbs and innocent to being just really stupid

I think she steps over the line hard in this chapter

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I decided to reread this in the hopes of it getting better... But it didn't. I'm currently on chapter 16 and having a hard time continuing...

I find this whole Aki-Shiho ark unbearably annoying. It feels like the supporting characters are stealing the show of the main leads. And the worst part is, I don't even like the main leads enough to be getting so annoyed by this!? I mean, they're cute, sure, but are they anything more than that? I feel like I've seen the airhead mc a dozen times, so I'm already kinda tired of whatever charm it's supposed to have, but sometimes Hima just comes off as stupid.

I don't like Shiho. Are we supposed to sympathise with her...? Idk, I was just incredibly annoyed by her quitting the band like that and I'm getting even more annoyed by how we're dealing with it. This whole "competition" thing remains completely ridiculous and unnecessary to me.

I'm soooo tired of the friend that is actually in love with one of the leads... Let friends be friends!!! Seriously, do people really like this trope so much that we have to see it in every yuri manga? I'm pretty sure it's even more common than the obligatory bath scene! How is that even possible!?

Somehow it feels like the plot isn't on par with the incredible art.

Though I liked the twist of Yori actually being the one to fall in love at first sight, it was funny. And I liked chapter 19. Oh, also, the fact that they're dating and the manga isn't finished, wow

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Annnnnd THIS is where I draw the line in my relationships with others. You don't go meddling with personal affairs between two people unless asked to by one of said people. this is intrusive, disrespectful, and generally ends up with both of the people concerned being pissed at you, rightfully so.

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