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A bunch of idiot lesbians being gay is alright with me.

Harem end! Harem end!

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Twelve chapters all at once? Bless the Yuri Fairy!

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It's nice to finally see this on here.

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Twelve chapters at once? Unexpected, but not unwanted.

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I think the characters were introduced a bit too quickly, but this is a cute and fun little manga.

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Okay, this is hysterically funny. How come I had never heard of this manga before???

The teacher in chapter 6, rather than a character, is an avatar for pretty much every yuri fan in this forum. I think I recognized all her lines as comments I have read here, in some thread or other. :P

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The yuri gods have blessed us. It was super cute, though all the characters are a little confusing.

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This was a nice surprise, half the first volume at once. This was funny and cute, hope we get the rest too.

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Two (hella short) chapters in, and I knew I was in for a wild ride...

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im getting a virgins empire kinda feeling here which is great

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I was wondering when this would get uploaded. Good stuff.

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The teacher is just as shallow as me when it comes to shipping!

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This has to one of the greatest landmark of mankind's evolution

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There's something for everyone here. Trying to decide what to make of the titular Sunami Yuuko, though. She seems to have gotten pretty shortchanged on characterisation.

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That techer, hell yeah, finally a character i can relate to. Black hair x black hair is the best way to go. Blonde x black hair sucks, fite me.

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Bless your heart for uploading half the volume. Twas glorious

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It's nice to finally see this on here.

Apparently you're the only person on this site to use Mangadex. No clue what stone age the rest are living in.

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I also doubt a significant portion of us feel the need to announce that we have definitely already read this elsewhere. It's not exactly the most interesting sort of comment to make ^^;

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I had a lot of fun reading this so far and there were some pretty great reaction shots

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The girl making out with herself was pretty hot.

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Before I read a dozen chapters of this, are there actual couples depicted or this one of those series with a large set of characters who just generally act gay (for lack of a better way of describing it)?

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In the uploaded chapters there are pairings that emerge but no couples. And it's not at all like a harem, contrary to what I expected at first.

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Chapter 2 was brilliant! :D

Well, up to 3 now, rest when I can download more again...

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It's nice to finally see this on here.

Apparently you're the only person on this site to use Mangadex. No clue what stone age the rest are living in.

my fucking god those guys on mangadex already live in 2029 it´s insane how updated they are

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