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That happened, I guess. Somewhat enjoyable for the sheer insanity, but not really good

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Wait what the fuck just happened

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I never thought I'd see this name again.

And the ending is just as nonsensical as I could have hoped for a series like this.

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I thought the ending simply just meant that Hitsuji has been alive the whole time, and she only let her "death" + the alternative universe run to force the decision of the world out of Midori?

Decent ending to be honest. The only way that it could end

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I love those pages where the artist decided that art was overrated and instead tried to squeeze as many speech bubbles as possible on a page. Who actually needs to draw anything for manga? Just make pages full of bubbles!

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This maybe not an artist false. He/She might've been forced to end the series.

Ghost in the Shell
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Cocaine is a hell of a drug...

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This kind of ending makes some sense I guess - through this series there were plenty of skips and they even explained WHY everything was happening before the last few chapters.

joined Dec 15, 2016

I really liked the early chapters but the ending was weird as fuck. Also the blond former spy girl just vanished...

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I like the concept of this ending, but it would have been so much better if the the series maintained the steady pacing of the first 4 chapters. Another tragedy of executive meddling I reckon.

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4 years to finish a 7 chapter mango seems like a long time :p
(7 years if you go from the starting time)

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This made my brain hurt the first time I read it. Had to re-read from start to finish and I still feel like something is missing...ugh. This is why stories like these need at least 2 vols.

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what the fuck was that

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Lmao I was reading this last week and now I get to ser the ending

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what the hell was this ending? I liked the alternate universe/time traveling kind of thing before, but this one felt a little pointless.

Suddenly every conflict created by the black goat arrival was a paradox that was erased just as cheaply. Black Goat(Machine God) was sent to the past and sets in motion the machinations towards the birth of Son of God leading to the merge/destruction of the human race, which created the Machine God to be sent to the past in the first place. So why are we seeing this, if its a self creating paradox that ended itself when Son of God was killed? Its not like Midori-chan went through it all and came back.

Did i miss something, maybe was that alternate universe and merge of humanity was what gave birth to the extraneous? So those extraneous constantly travel to the past to create the conditions that birthed them in the first place?(and maybe that could cause the entropy thingy if hitsuji dint intervene) Or are they simply the burden of the unfortunate as was stated before, but well on the final timeline they did look different then portrayed in the past. Idk, i guess i read through it way too fast (×̯×)

to run with the entropy angle, it could be that was hitsuji's plan all along. the extraneous are constantly coming from the future to take out hitsuji, but by doing so they are adding mass into that universe.which would help slow down the rate that entropy increases or even reverse the direction in that universe.

but really its most likely the events in the final chapter were meant to parallel Jesus Christ as the death of the Son of God (in Scape-God, that's You) is what saves humanity. the time travel stuff is just a convenient way for the author to explain how exactly the world was saved.

joined Nov 13, 2015

I feel like there's a message I'm supposed to be seeing here, but alas. Something about messianic figures and the nature of mankind is what I'll go with. It feels like there was supposed to be a few more chapters between the ones we got. Spy girl downright disappeared.

I suppose I'll just be happy with the last-minute return to the eternal battle for humanity's survival. I can always appreciate that sort of stuff. I liked the whole 'quixotic struggle against the suffering of existence' theme of the story a whole lot more than the other stuff.

All in all, I've seen worse endings.

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Was this supposed to be a "happy ending"?

joined Dec 16, 2013

make no sense

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At first I felt like re-reading to understand all this. But then I remembered that the goat God died as a result of a gag, and lose all interest instantly.

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So god is a goat, Mary's a lackadaisical lesbian, and Jesus is Griffith with short hair. Neat.

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The "number one" hitsuji didn't died she was the original and she was a god its just she disappeared for a reason leaving the highschool girl alone. The ending was kinda sad where You-chan was making her mother choose two different options of what could happen in earth and obviously the ending shows them still fighting the extraneous but without the "fake Hitsuji's" so their suffering continues. Its kinda sad to think that most of their lives was filled with sorrow and sadness and I'm thinking did the highschool girl end up with someone(female)? Or she was remained forever virgin waiting for Hitsuji? Idk it was a weird plot but nonetheless is unique

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