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I remember, they did that whole "the last season was a dream," thing in Dynasty (TV show). And everybody LOVED that, right?

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Yeah, please do not actually be asleep, thanks :3

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If they bait and switch again idk what I will do. It’s like smoking a nice brisket for for hours and hours and hours and then frisbeeing it into a pond. Or something.

Even if they don’t… I don’t feel like anything was gained yet by the failed confession? Seems like the series is really making every possible effort to drop the ball…

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Title: Our Yuri Started With Me Getting Rejected in a Dream

Does that mean we'll get 100 chapters of Yuri because this sounds like an ending. All that build up just to be a room confession. At least in Useless Princesses they we're raving, dear god.

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ok there's no way they can fuck up past this point

Please don't tempt fate like that

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Oh my god you have to be fucking with me right I hope the author doesn't actually pull the "it was a dream all along" shit

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I was so happy with the chapters but reading the comments section made me worry about all these being a dream lmao. What terrifying minds y’all have

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Man, the situation from 35th chap was a major WTF, but props to Hijiki-sensei for not dragging it out more.

Well, I say that, but "It's almost like a dream" might trigger Tsukushi a bit :P Hopefully in a good way.

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And that is how you clear up a misunderstanding, expert level.

Having read through all of the comments about this and the previous chapter just reinforces my notion that a lot of Dynasty Reader commentators don't like stories at all. "oh no, there's been a story crisis, not realistic, I hate this, I hate the author, I hate it when [insert their own prejudice against storylines here]."

I have an intense dislike that all ya'll can't just trust the author. If the story goes bad, complain about it then, don't complain about completely normal plot points the instant a story decides to have even the slightest bit of conflict. I was as mad at Tsukushi at the end of the last chapter as anyone, but I was mad at her as a well-written character we've gotten to know over the course of this whole story. Totally not out of character at all for her to be so dumb as to not notice that failing to react to a kiss (for whatever reasons she had) could be construed as dislike and avoidance of the whole thing.

Suffice to say, the way you all turn on a writer the second things don't go exactly the way you want them to is pretty gross.A tiny bit of understanding and trusting the writer who has already given you 30+ chapters you enjoyed wouldn't be too much to ask.

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we finally got the confession woooooo

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It could have been much better but hopefully we get more cute stories from now on

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AaaaAAAAA THEY'RE SO CUTE! This is just... really really sweet, and everyone worrying about this being a relationship fake-out can rest easy.

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D'aww. These two dorks are too precious.

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I mean it most likely doesnt mean anything but why tf would you end 2 chapter in a row with some dream line. Like cmon man

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Dating confirmed to not, I say again, NOT to be a dream. All hands: This is not a drill.

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Overwhelming waves of emotions can definitely be a difficult thing to manage. I at least understand some of their awkwardness here, and having difficulty processing everything they're feeling, going through, and so on.

I mean it most likely doesnt mean anything but why tf would you end 2 chapter in a row with some dream line. Like cmon man

I think it's just playing on the title, that reality it's self is dreamlike, especially when your dreams come true.

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You wanted fluffy--now that's fluffy!

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Not a dream fellas!! WOOOOOOOOoo!!!!!!

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Sensei: How much sugar is enough?
Fans: Not enough
Sensei: Here is your breakfast

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Moe up the butt...

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Moe up the butt...


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Why did the line keep going on with something dream lol now i wonder too if this is dream or reality lmaoo

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You wanted fluffy--now that's fluffy!

Mmmm, fluffy french toast!

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You wanted fluffy--now that's fluffy!

Fluff! Such sweet sweet fluff!

Also with our idiot couple now a couple, congratulations to Hinoka's mom for getting third place in the wingman competition! It was quite competitive, but she put in a good fight with her use sex appeal advice and now with the french toast assist. Of course, first and second place go to the ultimate wing couple, who ardently supported these idiots during their time of greatest need (well one idiot really).

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