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Hmm? Yuri? Hmm? Slow burn that'll tear me to pieces starting now? Hmm? Hesitant on following this story but will continue to do so cuz the art is so cute? O_O

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im refreshed! im fed! my soul is cleansed! thank you!!

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BoobTwinkler posted:

Just based on chapter 1 I don't see any yuri and must therefor question the tag. If this was all there was to the story, I'd call it "implied yuri crush" at most. Maybe it becomes explicitly yuri later but with just chapter 1 to judge, it's definitely not.

Also, is there an "Implied Het" tag? The tomboy is only assumed straight by the main character but nothing actually contradicts it and the latter doesn't deny it when it's brought up. She could still be gay or bi but there's nothing showing it so far. Nya put the overall implied Status Quo pretty well, I'd phrase it as "Girl maybe crushing on a tomboy who seems straight."

EDIT: I guess the series' summary makes the yuri crush explicit so that checks out, but the orientation of the tomboy is still implied as hetero with nothing really arguing against it yet.

The Yuri tag isn't there for the content of chapter 1, it's there for the content of the series. This is pretty standard as far as I know. Definitionally, this chapter also deserves to be tagged Het and Love triangle. It's technically all by implication, but...I think that's just good "show, don't tell" writing for an entry chapter. However, I don't know to what extent the boy, the het, or the love triangle are actually relevant. Tags for those aspects will be adjusted as that part of the picture becomes more clear.

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I can sense future angst

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Seems angsty, but I do like how Yuxuan looks on page 35.

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ooh this manhua... it's cute but easily forgettable

imma read it again

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When you romanize Chinese names into English please don't use pin'yin-like romanization. It's completely unreadable. You need to romanize it into something readable by English speakers. Too many Chinese translators make this mistake. There's no way to figure out what "A-Zhe" is supposed to sound like.

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This is absolutely darling! Definitley want more!

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There's no way to figure out what "A-Zhe" is supposed to sound like.

Actually, there is a way to figure out, darling: you research. If it's that important, that is. It's not like english speakers pronounce correct japanese either and this was never an obstacle to their enjoyment of manga.

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