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OrangePekoe Staff
joined Mar 20, 2013

The art in this so darn charming! Really pretty stuff. Tags will be adjusted as the story moves along, so any suggestions might have some delays being added!

joined Aug 17, 2019

Good designs, so rare to see it done so well.
And the story is not bad either, wanna see more.

joined Jan 8, 2016

Thanks for the upload! Rooting for main girl and Detective Conan.

joined Feb 8, 2018

Ooo, yeah. I dig it.

joined Mar 1, 2021

Oh, judging by it's first chapter, I feel like I'm going to like this.

joined May 12, 2020

Story is so cute and art style is so dynamic. But this feels like a oneshot for some reason.

joined Apr 23, 2021

the emotions, the story, the drama. its great^^
Basicly everything hype about drama, without the angst and only about the chill part as it seems.

Me hype for more

joined Jul 9, 2020

Romance, tomboy, yuri. Bless this trifecta of tags, for they sustain me.

And gothic lolita. That's a nice plus.

last edited at Nov 24, 2021 3:07AM

joined Aug 11, 2021

a damn fine first chapter, really excited to see where this goes from here on out.

joined Jan 6, 2015

I didn't like the art style at first, but then I fell in love with their eyes and completely changed my opinion. This could be great.

joined Mar 27, 2021

I don't care how bad or good a manga is, give a main character Lumiao's hairstyle, and I'm on board.

Also it mentions Tomoyo and Sakura, automatically cool

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joined Mar 31, 2021

Thanks for the upload! Rooting for main girl and Detective Conan.


joined Feb 9, 2019

wow this is adorable. so excited for more

joined Feb 14, 2018

ok but why does yuxuan remind me of pidge from the 1980's voltron

joined Mar 28, 2015

At this point, it's a yuri crush on a straight tomboy.

joined Sep 25, 2019

Just based on chapter 1 I don't see any yuri and must therefor question the tag. If this was all there was to the story, I'd call it "implied yuri crush" at most. Maybe it becomes explicitly yuri later but with just chapter 1 to judge, it's definitely not.

Also, is there an "Implied Het" tag? The tomboy is only assumed straight by the main character but nothing actually contradicts it and the latter doesn't deny it when it's brought up. She could still be gay or bi but there's nothing showing it so far. Nya put the overall implied Status Quo pretty well, I'd phrase it as "Girl maybe crushing on a tomboy who seems straight."

EDIT: I guess the series' summary makes the yuri crush explicit so that checks out, but the orientation of the tomboy is still implied as hetero with nothing really arguing against it yet.

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joined Jun 19, 2014

this seems really interesting, the artist sure made a huge commitment focusing on lolita fashion; that stuff looks complicated to draw every page

joined May 28, 2012

Yuxuan is like the loli version of Kobayashi-san...

joined Sep 30, 2017

Is this chinese or chinese-based? Sorry If I'm mistaken, but those names sound chinese.

joined May 1, 2015

Lumiao fell hard. Glasses power level too stronk.

joined May 20, 2013

Ah, this feeling...

joined Jul 23, 2017

"Like Tomoyo's feelings towards Sakura"

So gay as fuck, got it

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joined Aug 16, 2018

"Like Tomoyo's feelings towards Sakura"

So gay as fuck, got it

I wonder if CCS was like incredibly popular in China or something?

I've found mentions to Sakura & Tomoyo rather often in Chinese yuri manhua. Like, some girl tries to explain yuri feelings to other girls and she says "The way Tomoyo feels for Sakura!" and the others are like "Ah gotcha." It makes me wonder if that show, when they aired it in China, became some kind of icon gay reference or something...

joined Aug 14, 2020

Imma be real they already had me at tomboy, but they kept me with the art style cause it is class.

joined May 25, 2017

Is this chinese or chinese-based? Sorry If I'm mistaken, but those names sound chinese.

It's Taiwanese! But yes, the names are in Mandarin.

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