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Mmmmmmmmm loneliness

joined May 15, 2020

tfw no cute wolf gf

joined Apr 21, 2017

damn a rare 5th wheel

joined Nov 21, 2020

Sheep in wolf's clothing looks dangerous.

joined Jun 1, 2016

forget 3rd wheeling, she's the fifth wheel

joined Apr 13, 2018

Maid-san needs a gf ASAP

Norainhere Uploader
joined Jun 27, 2014

She has no one to blame but herself for this situation. That said, I like how she's still determined to help them, even as she's crying herself lol

joined Jan 6, 2015

That's a whole room full of Too Gay To Function.

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Hnnnnnng, the sheep princess in that fluffy sweater is so fucking cuuute. I can’t stand it, this manga makes me feel like I’m gonna explode. The gay energy is too intense.

joined Nov 14, 2014

You're the only one left alone Brubel. Time to get it on with the queen. ;)

joined Jan 27, 2019

dude girls in butler outfits look so freaking cool, they got that classic assassin motif. I wish more mangas did that instead of generic maids but it is what it is

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..lesbian floofs

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chapter 6 and 7 are in the wrong order.
Good shit.

OrangePekoe Admin
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Serpente915 posted:

chapter 6 and 7 are in the wrong order.
Good shit.

Thank you!

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Top tier cute date.

joined Jul 28, 2020

Now that's a top-tier wingwoman, both finding dresses and avoiding security won't be an issue with such a tailor as help.

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yeah aki she going to get married one day and you are the one who will marry her

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Chapter 6 and 7 just gave me diabetes

joined Jul 15, 2016

Chapter 7 has contained some intense ara~ara~ energy.

joined Feb 20, 2019

I almost forget she is princess... ;-; how she can marry butler?.. T-T

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Holy shit—how cute was that?

joined Sep 11, 2019

Juju a woman of class and culture.
Momo in that wedding dress brings a tear to my eye

joined Dec 20, 2018

Adorable. ^_^ So much that Aki almost went Girl Friends there.

And of course we'd get the wedding dress. Beautiful! ^_^

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So, an adult woman with long black hair and round pincenez eyeglasses - called Aki? I guess the Keronians won't be invading the sheep people anytime soon,

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