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This is a sort of prequel.
(That thing in Sakurako's word balloon is actually the character for "rice", just so you know.)

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As threatened, here's part 1 of my artist cleanup suggestions.

I've decided to post this stuff in instalments, partly because there ended up being quite a lot of it, but also because you guys may not necessarily agree with my suggestions as to what names to use. Some feedback would be welcome once you've read it over.

This is a list of artists who are listed under something other than what seems to be their actual pen names. I've struck through a few names that appear to be completely bogus (following my 100% thorough and reliable investigation...); the rest can probably be kept as an "also known as." Some already have the right name as an "also known as," which obviously becomes redundant once they're changed. There's also supplementary information such as Pixiv links.

I haven't attempted to romanise any Chinese names, by the way. Nor did I check every single artist, because that wasn't what I was originally trying to do...

0141zucker is Kuruto

12wesxd is Miharu
Twitter is ras0530, circle is Soumen Kingdom, so I have no idea where "12wesxd" comes from.

14yaki is Harasu

1stfooom is Kura

1W2K is Aratagawa Nikei (currently the "also known as")

310sa_n is Mito (There's no yuri there, though.) (...but there is some here.)

32asako is just Asako

3692materia is Asama Kiyomasa

5tb is Terano Terako
Also known as 5120Gigabyte (the circle name) and Yurigo Rira
Obviously 5TB = 5120GB, but I don't see that name used anywhere.

8808808 should be 88O88O8
Also known as ᴋᴍ, which might be better as the pen name, but maybe it's better to stick with regular alphanumeric characters?

8nznz is Haruhare

_jo_er_ is just Joer (じょあ) Adult Twitter (approved followers only)

_lisamiqcpak is Kuroiro

__peach__o0 is Furako

僧侶@修行中 is Souryo
Also known as Yuri Satoshi here:

平安二郎 is Heian Jirou (main account) (commercial work)

火の鳥~甲子園編~ is Radio Crusher Tokunaga
火の鳥~甲子園編~ is "Hinotori ~Koushien-hen~" ("Phoenix ~Koushien Volume~"). This name is not currently used, but I'll assume someone didn't just make it up...

炉LEE is LOLEE (Romanised as per Twitter account name, also it makes the pun more obvious)

矢野まもる is Yano Mamoru

Since this artist is also known as saramanda_kun, that might be a better name?
Or if anyone feels brave enough to decide on a romanisation, here's the Wiktionary entry.

綿屡 is Wataru

aa2233a is Akineko

aabtcndneefkg is Kame

admisrsr is (currently known as) Izumi Sera

ahhnh is Noha

akbskenmb48_40 is Mashiro

alknasn is Suda Hitoshi

almi is Koketsu
"almi" is definitely bogus: someone mistook the title of their doujin for the artist's name.

Aly is Kisaragi
"Aly" should be "aly_sos", but it's only used as their Pawoo address, so I'd say it's dubious to use it as a name.

Anarogumaaa is Mizuki Ichigo
Again, "anarogumaa" is only their Pawoo address.

araki495 is Liku

AsH(灰) should be just AsH
(since the 灰 means "ash" anyway)

atn_jijifyg is Eiji

Atobesakunolove is Kaoruru

Aul is Hakuyou

aya223 is Pallas Cat

Banana_oekaki should be just Banana
("oekaki" is "drawing")

bbr brbr is Bibiri

BDR08080 is Sanho
They renamed their Twitter from BDR08080. Didn't know you could do that. But it shows that Twitter account names aren't a stable reference, for what it's worth.

Bloom2425 is Shion (or glasses_shion)

break761 is lowfat

buson0120 should be just Buson

Chaka0w0 is Yama Chaka

chatora_yrkw is Yurikawa Chatora

chim is Tadak

chouge60229 is c8oyk

D11 is Yue

Da-cart is DAT

Daitaisonnnakanji is Yaa

dtvisu is Torinari

Enk_0822 is Eno-han

Eto is Suo

Evuoaniramu is MizuumiBB (or mzumBB)

Fakepucco is now usui
Description should be updated: "...and has no yuri on their Pixiv".

Faubynet is Kanata Noname, aka Fabiko

Fujimo Ruru is Fujimori Chocolat

Fujitaka Nasu is Fujinasu Taka
Perhaps they changed it around to avoid confusion with the other Fuji Taka Nasu.

Fuji_1221_ is just Fuji

Fulunukko is Nekono Hina (aka Nekono Pina)

Futanatu is Sinogiasa

Fuuga is Yuhane

Fw_moko is Izumi

f_tnbkr is Tenbukuro

g-20800 is Oono

Gana is Kurosaki

Gensokigou is siho

Ginko is now sakaki (note all lower case, which is also useful to distinguish them from the other Sakaki)

Giselebon is just Gisele
("Giselebon" is only used as the URL of their website)

Gobou 1000 is just Gobou

Gorilla is GoriL.L.La

Green is Nadechika

Gunner is Akari Kumato aka AkariKstar

gunzyou1 is Gram

That was a lot of effort considering that some of these guys only have one or two images posted, but I found some interesting things along the way, so it's all good.

As you can see, I've got as far as G, which is about one column's worth, so it seemed a good place to take a break. Lots of H coming up. Heh heh.

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I felt like it was the kind of story that'd even make people who never post, decide to post for the first time, but guess I was wrong. In fact it got less comments than average one-shot. Guess it wasn't that good after all.

Well, it's certainly sweet and heartwarming, but the yuri element does seem like a bit of an afterthought.

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Not sure if this counts, but I recently stumbled across some pictures of a model named Mimi Desuka, which I immediately translated in my head as "Are these ears?" She isn't Japanese, by the way, and no, those weren't her ears.

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Any good Ring Fit Adventure yuri doujinshi out there?

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I think we’ll still have a poly end, but now it’s not looking like a slapdash “their lips touched and now they’re poly” anymore.

Jumping straight from the accidental kiss to the teacher's poly relationship was what made me think this was rushing towards the ending, but now it looks like that was just slightly strange pacing on the author's part.


Me ➪ Credits page

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Blues are so cool.

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Soon.....they will be nothing but stick figures! And I'll still read it and love the hell out of it if it's this cute!

I know exactly what you mean
Already happened while I was reading a cute yuri manga

Please don't post NSFW content in the comment threads.

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School Zone discussion 23 Apr 14:11
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Petition for this to get couple-tags like Virgin's Empire

Please no. The couples aren't that clear here and deciding on for example either one of "Piyo x Tsubaki" or "Piyo x Kaname" will give people the wrong idea of what's official.

Ningiyau even posted this to deter the shippers, though it doesn't seem to have worked too well...

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I was already shipping it, but this just made me ship it even harder

The irony is, the text of the original tweet translates as "Here's a sketch to silence the fixed-pairing freaks." (Presumably those who favoured Fuji x Kishiya or Yatsude x Tsubaki.)

SHY discussion 23 Apr 13:36
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Nice to see the lizard got away.

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The cow is an akabeko though (ngl Etruscan ceramic would have been funny too)

It could just be my imagination, but those seem to have been cropping up a lot in manga recently.

I decided to read up about them, so I went to Wikipedia, and am now informed. I made the mistake of hovering my mouse pointer over a link to smallpox, though, which rather spoiled my enjoyment of the chocolate brownie i was munching on at the time.

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I wonder if this was the inspiration.

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I’ve got a couple other shorts from this mangaka in the pipeline

Ah, the fabled moe pipeline. And all we have to do is connect up our butts and let it flow. Wonderful!

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Ruby not hesitating to touch the butt lol. I wouldn't be surprised if she recognized Azu's real form solely based on her butt

I'm sure she would, if she ever actually got to see it.

That's why we need that swimsuit episode!

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The return of Foxy and Buns! I approve.

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Not deterred by my previous theories failing to pan out, here's a new one! Rinna was actually into Akane originally, but transferred her affections to Mei after the stalker incident. But following the upcoming visit, Akane and Rinna will end up getting back together, and Sayo will have Mei all to herself. The poly thing will end up being just misdirection.

Having typed that, I'm not sure I even believe it myself. But there it is.

Lizard discussion 21 Apr 13:23
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Okay, so... This has been on my mind for some time now, but... After figuring out how not lizard came into being, I can't help but wonder why there was a lizard tag in the first place? What is the true purpose of this tag and what devine work inspired its creation?

I assume it was this. (I know it wasn't Transistor Venus, because that was only tagged relatively recently.)

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Oh, adorable was usual
Oh, but do we know in what the mistress work?

No. Though her implied socioeconomic status and often being buried in paperwork suggests whatever it is she's at least at the management level. Could be some kind of business, could be family property (those could be startlingly diverse), both...

Cat breeding, of course.

But she already does that as a hobby...?

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No mom helped today huh

She was all worn out from the previous instalments.

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I fixed the image markup, but I don't get it.

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I'm really not sure how you'd get the sex of a cat wrong. They don't exactly try to hide it. :|

It can still be pretty hard. We once had some kittens that we named before finding out we got their genders wrong, meaning one of the girl cats ended up being named Jeff.

Which is why you should call them something like Subaru.

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For those of us who haven't read the original LN, this whole thread is one big spoiler. The worst part is, we're probably going to get the exact same discussion all over again when the stuff that's already been discussed actually comes up in the manga...

First chapter seems entertaining enough, looking forward to more physicist names, plot-summary titles are an abomination. That's all I have to say for now.

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From the other thread:

To allow users to use the Markdown Tutorial in an intuitive manner, this thread is being unlocked. Feel free to post here for that purpose. This thread will be routinely cleaned in the future. Please take questions to the Help thread, thank you.

This isn't a question as such, but I had some comments that I never got around to posting for some reason, until that post (un?)fortunately reminded me.

It says

You can just quote this post to see how it's made.

and again, at the bottom,

Repeating what I've already said, just click on quote to see how this post was made.

But actually, that's not possible while the thread is locked (as you may have noticed?). This isn't a complete disaster, since the original formatting tutorial can still be quoted, but it's a bit messy to have to go to another thread to get the same information, and it may not occur to people (especially newer users) that they can do that. If you don't want to unlock the thread permanently, then perhaps you could consider adding examples of what the markup actually looks like, as per anonymous's Cheat Sheet?

Anyway, while you're pondering that, there are a few things that could be clarified or added. First of all, it took me ages to figure out how to get this part to work:

Quotes may also be divided

By adding - between them

It kept coming out looking like this:

Quotes may also be divided

By adding - between them

...until I eventually figured out that there has to be a blank line before the minus sign. Note that this specific example is not in the original formatting tutorial, as it currently stands, so there is no quotable version if the new thread is locked.

A few omissions:
Strikethrough and bold italic are not mentioned.
There are alternative ways of doing Heading 1 and 2 by following them with = and - respectively, though it's probably not necessary to know that, considering that no one ever uses them in the first place...

Also, headings go up to level 6, not that 5 and 6 are much use for anything.

###And as I was previewing this I realised that it doesn't say that the # signs introducing header text need to be followed by a space, otherwise it comes out like this. I know there's a note saying that spaces are important, but it doesn't say much about where they should (or shouldn't) be included.

And finally, I discovered that you can add alt text for hyperlinks and images: incredibly useful feature that it would be positively criminal to omit.