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Dunno about the story but the art is fabulous. Many thank yous to the scanlator for an early Christmas present!

Yeah the story is Idk rn, but it seems cute/intresting and so does the art so I'm gonna keep an eye on this one

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I like this, the story has a kind of haunting vibe and stories about the ocean make me nostalgic, I’ve spent many nights like they have on the beach.

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Interesting. I like the character interactions, but I'm not sure at all where the mermaid thing is going

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I’m enjoying this one so far. Thank you for translating this one! I’m interested to see where this goes :-)

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Thanks for the translations! Looking forward for more! (am following this)

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Interesting to see where this one lands on the Lizard - Not Lizard - Not Not Lizard scale.

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Please keep this going. I'd love to see where the mermaid thing leads to and how the 'idea' (or the mermaid's a real thing I don't know) will keep this romance between two girls.

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It's a cute manga and i'll probably keep reading but man this story feels like I've read it a thousand times already at least up to chapter 3.
the mermaid was most likely somebody who saved her while she was drowning, maybe a suicide attempt
the teacher might be a relative or the first person who was nice to the blonde girl you know basic stuff
hopefully this will surprise in some way or I'll forget about it in no time

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I thought it was both weird and cute, especially since I felt like I just got thrown into their world without much set up. I like how receptive Umi is in chapter 2, in both realizing she's in love and that the mermaid thing is probably true. The face touching part made me go "damn, that fast?!", but man, what a cliffhanger, kind of. Hope we get to see more

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What an amazing art.. im definitely hooked up with this

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Thank you. Art is cute and character & their interactions are interesting.

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This seems a bit depressing

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Consider me hooked.

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Loving the art! Absolutely! The whole mermaid thing reminds me of this one other manga on here, though I can't rememebr what it's called. Anyway, looking forward to more!!

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One is in love and the other is in love ...with mermaids. Can this work? I want to find out! and I don't mind if the author skips the whole jerk character at the end of ch3 hahaha..... nah like... seriously o.o)

There's an air of Nettaigyo wa Yuki, but not quite the same... It just has similar elements like the beach, the aquarium and the lonely pretty girl... But we don't even have not lizards here.

Stay tuned to see mermaid or not mermaid maybe? hahhahaha

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Wow this is absolutely blessed, need more now!

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Chapter 3 is somehow separated from chapter 2, there's no "next chapter" to get there.

Edit: I figured it out, it goes Ch3 > Ch1 > Ch2. It's the wrong order. But if you click on the manga page itself instead of the individual chapters, it's in the right order.

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oh. So sugar solves all problems huh?
This is really good though.

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"Sexual harassment..."
( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)
bro wot

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Fascinating, I'll take any treat given on Christmas. Mildly confused about the dorm/housing for the students. Story seems promising. Art is pleasant. Followed!

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Took me 5 hours to read those 3 chapters, cuz it’s been a while since I’ve been distracted this much from reading, jeez.
Anyway, it looks pretty cute, the yuri seems promising.

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Merry Christmas, thanks for the lovely gift

I'm looking forward to this one, it seems sweet and interesting

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Merry Christmas! Iooking forward for more~

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inb4 Segawa turns out to be a mermaid

Also, the chapters are the wrong order - 3 - 1 - 2 - for me. Anybody else?

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