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So much FLUFF!

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Sometimes reading age gap manga I almost get the impression it's socially acceptable for an adult to have sex with a highschooler (And sometimes even a middleschooler) in Japan. It's refreshing to be reassured that it IS actually shunned there.

Thanks to the author, she create a decent sense of an adult character here and shows what a mature person should do, it’s not their fault to be in love but engaging to sexual act has to be refrained until the minor reached her legal age.

Yeah I agree that the author does a great job with their relationship in this manga. When she shows off Hina to her friends, she calls her relationship "pure". This is a rough translation I think, but it means that they aren't doing anything remotely sexual.

Yayoi also goes out of her way to be supportive of Hina, even thinking to herself that if it ends up costing their relationship then she would be upset but that it is her duty as the older party to make sure Hina puts her future first and foremost.

It's basically the ideal moral and responsible relationship between characters with this much of an age gap.

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thanks for your translations, looking forward to the next chapter!

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\o/ hurray for communication and reason

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\o/ hurray for communication and reason


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Yep... At the rate things are going, her girlfriend will be the adult in the relationship by the time she's a freshman in college.

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Boring baby melodrama

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Always looking forward to when she comes out to her friends. :v

Also, props to that one friend who caught on immediately and just kept quiet.

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\o/ hurray for good friends

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Glad that her friends aren't homophobic

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I love this manga so much and this chapter literally made me so happy.WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME TO HAVE FRIENDS

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This... feels like it could be a final chapter. I hope it isn't, but if it is I'm glad it ended on a note like this.

I gotta wonder though, if Micchan's doubts (about how it's harder for same sex couples and all) are from some worries regarding her own feelings.

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One more to go (Chapter 15) and we will be done. I want a real life Hinanon. OK, I will settle for a 2D version. Yes, I have already finished the entire series (1-15), and no, I am not giving you any hint. Well maybe giving the final chapter spoiler would be OK, if we have gone through a couple of months without Chapter 15 being published yet. I would presume a few of you who like the series enough to read the raw, or get a non-English version, by then.

Yes, I <3 Takemiya Jin because she takes no prisoners. Most gay characters are either inside the closet, outted already, or has already come out. But more importantly, she gives no excuse. If you are gay, then you are gay, none of those excuse such as "Senpai and I are childhood friends, I admire her, and I am not gay. " BS. A lot of her works are really Josei or Seinen on one foot, Yuri in the other.

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Nooooo! Noooo, one more chapter? Awww =n=

I really love this one, it's so good. Also yay, glad coming out went well!!

Glasses friend is crushin' HARD though.

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Rena (the Curls) still best girl.

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Ahhh! Such a cute end!! Loved it! Hope we get an extra or two with workforce Hina!

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Funnily enough, I'm pretty sure this is the second sweet age gap romance work by Takemiya Jin that has this ending. The other one is Steps, if I recall correctly...

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I need more of this. No gimmicky premise to lure readers in. No prolonged drama arcs to stretch serialization length. No giant buildup story that ends when the two finally confess. Just a simple manga following the everyday stories of a couple in love. All my thumbs up.

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The fluff has achieved apotheosis.

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I need more of this. No gimmicky premise to lure readers in. No prolonged drama arcs to stretch serialization length. No giant buildup story that ends when the two finally confess. Just a simple manga following the everyday stories of a couple in love. All my thumbs up.

Just need stuff that makes me feel happy to follow along sometimes.

...okay a lot of the time lol

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Now give me 2nd season please

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This is why stories where they start out as a couple already or become one very early are my absolute favourites. More fluff, please.

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Excited for the final extra episode after this.

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It seems nearly unfair to this magnificent story to call it a "palate cleanser", but after an awful amount of bitter or melodramatic stories I have read lately it truly was a healing experience. This is perhaps what you could call the "ideal" yuri story.

A reasonable age gap with responsible and considerate partners that go through their fair share of troubles, but never stray into true drama territory. The manga acknowledges the challenges same sex couples face, but it keeps an opitmistic outlook. The characters even went through tangible changes, for if you compared them between chapter 1 and 15 it truly does feel like Hinanon grew up and Yayoi became more balanced as a person. All too often narratives that go through an entire section of life (high school) have trouble organically growing their characters up, but not so here.

If there was even the tiniest nitpick I could muster, it is that there was no coming out to the families. Of course we never had any contact with Yayoi's side, but Hinanon's sister and mother would have surely given interesting reactions. Although with Hina's incredible drive and well earned confidence I believe she will doubtlessly make it through that last hurdle as well. As long as Yayoi keeps showing her earnest approach and reliable side any parent should be happy to know their daughter in the good hands of such a woman.

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This was fantastic; a wholesome Yuri, ideal for heart happiness.

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