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This was great. I really enjoy this manga.

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Freaking timeskip ending incoming.

Pretender discussion 01 Sep 06:43
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I'm completely fucking wasted rn. Anyone care to explain to me why's blond girl bad to me? She seems kinda fine just in love with a gold digger

She was pretty pushy with a (very) drunk girl who she knew probably didn't feel the same way about girls.

I mean the story doesn't tell us the details on the lack of consent, but I think it counts. She was so drunk she called the wrong person and couldn't even walk properly without support.

But yeah, Ayaka is supposed to be the 'bad person' here.

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Every chapter of this manga really tests my tolerance for cringe, but I think that is an intended effect lol

To be clear, I really like this manga, even if it destroys me with secondhand embarrassment

Yeah, I can't take this series seriously as a romance, and I don't have any real reference for being that obsessed over anime (and honestly... I've never really liked fanfiction in general - I like manga that's original fiction).

Despite all that, I still read it and find this funny. The art style is great, and the characters are so over the top that I can still laugh, even though I can't relate strongly to the situations or the characters' passion for fanfic doujin.

Couple life discussion 29 Aug 03:09
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This is a fantastic tag idea. Love it!

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The depression is so familiar. The despondency (lack of self-care and lack of interest in everything), the snippiness with people trying to help (partially as a defense mechanism to filter out whether or not people really give a shit about you), and yet Sena goes out ultimately anyway. She could have stayed home but she didn't. That part is familiar too: the almost contradictory desire to get better and stop feeling this way.

It's also scary when it is this bad and very hard to get out of it. The person's resolve to self-harm is often tested at this point. Hard to tell from limited information, but I think Sena's resolve lies somewhere in the middle. Her situation is still dangerous because she got the worst possible news (sister getting married). She seems at the point where she could end up in a situation similar to a suicide attempt purely out of self-neglect.

Kiku's intervention is practically a godsend for Sena as she is now; it is exactly what she needs in order to avoid that kind of collapse. You can see Sena chafing at Kiki's attempts to help in a self-destructive way, like when she tells Kiku that she should leave because she (Kiku) has to get back to work. Sena is forcing Kiku to choose between her and work (and knowing that Kiku cannot stay).

You may think this is a shitty way to behave (seeking and continuously testing people to get external validation), especially for an adult, but that is usually lost on a person looking for a reason to exist.

It's kind of amazing that the author has captured this much detail about the situation and about Sena's emotional state. If the author doesn't have at least some personal experience with this level of depression, I'd be even more surprised.

I have a lot of experience with this (on both sides of the fence actually), and I like reading stories about majorly depressed characters (well, at least the ones with happy endings). I feel like they give me more perspectives for my own life.

Nice art. Story... meh. MC is obviously fragile and depressed. The “antagonist” is MC’s sister ex and asks said sister permission to « get » MC? Breaks MC boundaries all the time? Is interested in MC because MC resemble her older sister? Disgusting (older sister too).
If MC isn’t given any agency, even if the art is good, this is only a psy-rape story. Disgusting.

I see how this is breaking boundaries, and Kiku is ridiculously pushy. But Sena's emotional state is fragile to the point where this is what Kiku needs to do.

It's really hard to guess at Kiku's motivations here. Based on the title, it's safe to guess that they end up in a relationship soon. Romantic/sexual relationships formed when somebody is this depressed rarely work out. There's a lot of reasons for it, but most of it boils down to the fact that in most relationships the "give and take" needs to be equal or close to equal.

If you help a depressed person and they become completely dependent on you, then the next step is to make them not dependent on you, which is almost impossible to do while staying in the bounds of a relationship. You're also liable to be 'trapped' when attempting to end their dependency by threats of self-harm.

These are generalizations of course and not everyone is remotely the same, but... these are generalizations from my own experiences at least for once.

There’s nothing much important in this chapter it’s like been cut or some pages weren’t included with the important ones but to tagged it Incest doesn’t fit at all, this more of siscon or unrequited love

incest crush would be the most accurate tag possible, if it existed. I agree that incest doesn't fit here at all (at least for now), since the sister is getting married and may not even be present in the story.

Personally, I don't have a problem with incest stories as long as the circumstances as ok (nobody is being pressured into anything and nobody's having any biological children), but this isn't even an incest story (unless we learn more about how the sister feels). It's a "I can't get over my crush" story.

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This is the manga I look forward to most, but I hate this freakin' chapter. If you love her so much why does she have to be the one to confess or else you just go date someone else??? Stupid dumb idiots.

They were both timid about it, and then one of them was confessed to by somebody who wasn't, apparently.

This is often what happens if two passive romantics feel something for each other in reality too.

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Sometimes reading age gap manga I almost get the impression it's socially acceptable for an adult to have sex with a highschooler (And sometimes even a middleschooler) in Japan. It's refreshing to be reassured that it IS actually shunned there.

Thanks to the author, she create a decent sense of an adult character here and shows what a mature person should do, it’s not their fault to be in love but engaging to sexual act has to be refrained until the minor reached her legal age.

Yeah I agree that the author does a great job with their relationship in this manga. When she shows off Hina to her friends, she calls her relationship "pure". This is a rough translation I think, but it means that they aren't doing anything remotely sexual.

Yayoi also goes out of her way to supportive of Hina, even thinking to herself that if it ends up costing their relationship then she would be upset but that it is her duty as the older party to make sure Hina puts her future first and foremost.

It's basically the ideal moral and responsible relationship between characters with this much of an age gap.

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is there going to be actual yuri in this later on or this is just shoujou ai?

I guess it is not a spoiler to say: yes, this manga is correctly tagged as Yuri.

The tag 'Yuri crush' is more appropriate for most of the story, though.

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The Yuni-Nanase dynamic is very grounded and would honestly make a great story by itself. Having it mashed together with pixie stalker girl who talks about like caterpillars or something is a pretty big letdown.

Agreed completely.

Man that girl seems desperate, desperation is such a turn off. If it's a one-sided like/love then let it go, you can't force people to like/love you.

Yeah, she is young too. Apparently young enough to not realize that even if you are desperate, you should not show it often. That part of dating is always a game because confidence is generally attractive and desperation is usually the opposite.

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Wholesome and Angst seem like they should be incompatible tags at least.

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Cute but short. Is the source Twitter?

Also, a small voice in the back of my head goes "oh no, hair color stereotypes" whenever a story has a dark-haired tsundere and a light-haired girl with a sociable personality. Probably spurred on by that one person in the MangaDex comments who was relentless about it. (But who didn't seem to realize that in a truly equal world, 50% of stories would still be this way and 50% would be the reverse.)

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You know if she had just framed it differently and mentioned that she needed to get first for her scholarship to continue attending school I feel like all this stuff could have been avoided, but now whats gonna happen is she studies really hard, loses, breaks down crying about having to leave school in front of Reiko and then gets told by Reiko "I'll pay for your schooling if you do these requests for me" and then we have a slightly edgier version of Can't Defy the Lonely Girl.

Also Reiko seems like she was written by someone who really likes the "possessive and overbearing ceo" trope. Between this series and "My Girlfriend isn't here Today" it seems like there's gonna be a heaping serving of unhealthy edgy angsty yuri series coming out. I don't know if I'll really stick to either series, we'll see how they turn out...

I wish authors would stop setting their dark and sexual romance series in high school. Would it really kill you to let college students who are 20+ have messy sex lives and romances rather than 16 year olds?

It's not clear if Reiko knows about her need for a scholarship or not. Reiko says that she 'knows everything about her' during Chapter 1 but in retrospect I think Reiko meant about how to sexually manipulate her - not about her parents' financial situation.

Still, Reiko is rich and it should be obvious to her that others aren't. Not sure.

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This series is so fantastic. Thanks so much for the translation.

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I think it's kinda obvious that Yuuni is going to cheat with Fuuko. In the cover pages we get another clue: The earrings. The star and the moon. That with the phone and the book we can conclude that there will be cheating sex. And I'm all up for it

The vertical banner on the second-to-last page of Chapter 2 also basically says that will happen:
"If I had been able to bring myself to despise you that night, would I have avoided becoming the scum of the Earth?"

Honestly, though, Nanase must not know her very well in the first place. Their relationship feels incredibly fake and token because of the insane distance Nanase makes them keep.

Also, it wasn't clear to me of the 'sex scene' in Yuuni's head was a fantasy or a memory.

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Oh god what a tease. This should be a series.

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Pretty good way to end. I feel like they could have cut down on the drama in the last few chapters as it mostly felt pointless and instead extended this ending to cover multiple chapters. It would have been less rushed-feeling.

Still, nothing is perfect, especially endings.

Lost discussion 12 Jul 02:06
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This is a rough one. I can sympathize with both characters here, honestly. If you are the type of person who needs a relationship to be at their happiest, while also being a lesbian, the world of romance can be incredibly unkind, especially if you have any other qualities that makes you more unusual or less desirable in the eyes of society. You end up clinging to a relationship that mostly works, ignoring the parts that don't work, just because you want something to not go sideways for once. Just because the happiness from a relationship that almost works is much better than the way you feel when you're alone.

And then there's Mio. Somebody who values her friend highly and questions her own feelings but is willing to sacrifice her own happiness to grant happiness to someone she cares about. She thinks hurting herself this way is noble and does it up until it finally breaks her. I have been at this level of despair a lot.

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What is with these delicate, slow burn stories? Where is the passion? Women kiss, women FUCK. This pure love innocence uwu stuff in yuri manga is so cringe and so unrealistic. I mean goddamn they are married and sleeping in separate rooms, kurumi is always leaving ruriko alone, like how is she okay with that?? Zero intimacy, zero acting like a couple at all. I just feel like love between women is so misrepresented in manga sometimes, as if it’s somehow less than. Anyways, apologies, end of rant

You think this is slow burn!? Talk to me after you read 35 chapters of a series and they are still using lines like "But we're both girls" or asking things like "Is there someone you like".

Read Lily from YY or Oujo-sama Nante Irenai before talking about slow burn for 10/15 chapters.

Oh man, Lily. Only took 500 chapters lol.

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Final volume came out in English today. I loved it. It was fantastic, and I'll definitely be re-reading this one yearly along with my other favorite Yuri series.

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A lot of flags have been raised in this series. Ayane has consistently tried to get Sana's friend to figure out her feelings for her, she's been hospitalized twice under odd circumstances, and there have been multiple weird lines about the future, usually as chapter endings.

There's so many flags that either the author is going to put Ayane-chan through a near death experience or they're playing Minesweeper.

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Hmmm, so there’s an emotionally stunted woman with black hair who doesn’t know how to relate to others because of a hyperfixation on her sister after an accident. She has a best friend who’s secretly been in love with the woman for years but was too afraid to confess, but suddenly feels compelled to state her feelings after she sees a new woman with pinkish orange hair (who has never fallen in love and thinks she can’t until she meets the black haired woman) getting closer to the mc, and makes the friend realize the black haired woman is changing with or without her…

Gosh where have I seen this plot before? Jk, in all seriousness I love the series but wow do the parallels keep piling on.

Wow, I never noticed that comparison until you mentioned it like that. It really is similar, though a lot more mature and focused on some of the difficulties of adult office life.

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P.S. who is Moe-chan? Thanks

I think it is the stuffed animal Iris won for Sara when they went to the amusement park.

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It's a rough ending on the heart; there's no sidestepping that.

Honestly, I don't know why Sara expects Iris to take another bride, even as Sara's last request. Iris has been tortured by what she has done to Sara; Iris just doesn't have the right mentality to be a vampire. Shion (pre-Aoi) did. "I get to have lots of sex with a beautiful girl and then move on". That level of detachment is the only way to survive.

Iris could never do that knowingly, and she didn't even take Sara as her bride knowingly.

Oh shit we ramped up FAST. I was kinda hoping SOMETHING would change, but no. Very sad ending.


I'm guessing there's one more chapter, since there's one last item on Sara's list.

Yep, there is one more chapter and then an "Extra" which serves as an epilogue.

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LOL. They're at slightly different levels of relationship.

I'm glad there was that little flashback recap though, since I had totally forgotten this character was also dating a woman (or was even in a relationship).

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