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This looks like it could be really good!

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Uhh, so I'm no expert on ABO stuff, but isn't marking in these stories usually something permanent? I recall it being super serious (more permanent than marriage), so Tang Chao suggesting it here in a casual way here is wild.

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"Hey, you poor wench." BRO

It's funny that the prince refers to her exclusively by her financial status for soooo many chapters lol.

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I'm not sure I understand the conversation on the last page of the latest chapter.

Why is Aya-chan suddenly trying to bug out? Are her remarks just meant to say something like "I find you much more intimidating to talk to in your punk appearance"?

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There's certainly a point where excessive neediness in a relationship (constant requirement of affirmation of some sort of status) is, at the very least, unattractive to most people. I agree that being worried about your GF not contacting you after 28 hours isn't that, though, especially if you typically have a lot of daily back-and-forth communication via text.

Jumping to conclusions about cheating or something is probably premature though. I'd be worried about her health (which our MC also is).

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What is Volume 99.9 supposed to be? I mean, why is it named like that?

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Heh, if you count the official release, there are now four scanlations for this manga. Two on MangaDex (one fast, one high-quality), then this one here on Dynasty, and then the official one.

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Overall this manga was pretty okay. Like SAD said in the final translation notes, this really would have been improved by a timeskip and a changed Kazuha. It also would have been an amazing manga if the author had committed to what they seemed strongly tempted to do, which is let Nagashima move on from the highschooler who had hijacked her life and get herself an OL romance with Takimiya. I wonder if there was controversy among the Japanese fans, with some people protesting the potential age gap relationship when it's been very plausibly platonic this whole time, and some people wanting that age gap romance and hating the idea of a Takimiya plot twist turning that into bait. The finale we got feels like a compromise trying to make those two camps not mad, which resulted in a somewhat muddled feeling.

Nah. If there's one thing I've learned from reading manga, it's that Japanese readers don't think about questions like "is this age gap too big?" and "are these characters too young?". There are multiple manga on this very site where the ages of the lead characters are 12 and 30, and some of them have more romance than this one.

I mean, personally, those type of stories make me feel very uncomfortable, but it doesn't seem to bother folks over there nearly as much.

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Not sure calling these two shorts 'chapter 13' and 'chapter 14' is very accurate.

But it isn't exactly inaccurate either, since the authors seemed to abandon naming by numbers when they called the 12th mainline story 'Season 2'. That said, 1 through 11 are numbered on the manga's title page and these are not.

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There's an absolutely devastating amount of content being lost or left unfinished. Some series have some fan translations available (though in some of cases, Bilibili's translations were superior). However, around half of these series have never even been attempted by fan translation groups, even before Bilibili started on working them.

China has over 10x the population of Japan, and even if there's much less GL per person written there, there's also very few English fan translation groups working on Chinese content compared to Japanese. It's nobody fault that so much slips through the cracks in comparison, but the reality does suck. It's heartbreaking to see all of this lost content/lost potential content. Even if people preserve what's there (which unfortunately will be probably be subject to takedowns if hosted here or MD, so it can only be on aggregators), I doubt many of these series will ever be finished.

My personal favorite manhua is Baili Jin Among Mortals. Outside Bilibili, there was an old Mangadex translation that went to like... chapter 35 that was decent. These days, it has a really, really mediocre MTL-translation-quality, MS-Paint-paneling-quality fan translation available on aggregators only. I'd guess it was probably being posted to Facebook only (and to be fair to whoever is doing it, Dynasty and Mangadex comments would probably be vicious to the quality of this fan translation).

This is the type of situation a lot of fans are going to be in. The alternatives of nothing and MTL.

Anyway, I'm up to date on all of them, so I'll make a post later with a rough summary of what the situation for every series is (i.e. "is it done? are there any fan translation efforts? where? any official alternatives? where?").

most of these manhua are frankly incomprehensible despite the relatively high quality translations due to very, VERY poor paneling/understanding of sequential art anyway
I'd be more interested in finding out how many of these were adapted from webnovels and getting those licensed

No, most of them are fine, decent even. I have a particularly hard time with bad panel attribution, and I only had any issue with about 2 of their older works. As you noted, the translation quality is typically exceptional. There were a few weird chapters in a couple of the series that had a drastically lower quality. It happened around this time last year (the last time they contemplated a shutdown).

I truly wish I could summarize this shutdown as "oh well, everything was shit anyway; nothing was lost". Unfortunately, even if you think that's true, the alternatives of literally nothing or 'translations' like the Baili Jin one are both awful.

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Always nice to see an author who knows how to show, not tell. For instance, rather than just coming out and telling us, they use the needle thing to reveal that this story takes place in a universe where tweezers dont exist. Masterfully done.

Needles are slightly more common (though these are stars who rely on their appearance, so you'd think they have both). They're also better than tweezers at getting really deep splinters (but this one appears to be externally grippable already).

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So we finally see what she did to cause them to break up. Yeah, that's pretty heart-rending. When you have a loving GF who wants to go public with you against the odds and you chicken out... oof.

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I still can't used to the gender bended uncle to aunt

Look she just transitioned so hard, she transitioned backwards in time as well.

Until you two mentioned it, I thought I was just mis-remembering that there was an uncle.

It's pretty wild for this to happen with zero explanation. I wonder if this is somehow an intentional plot point or if the author just forgot.

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Is this ... progress?
Onward we go!

That's what I was thinking too! "Our leads are being more open with each other."

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I'm not sure whether this or Vampire-chan x Junior-chan takes the cake as saddest non-oneshot Yuri manga I've read. They're pretty close.

This one is really, really realistic. I think that the perspective of the person dying, especially, is conveyed well here. You can tell that underneath everything, Kaori's biggest fear is that she will be irrelevant: dead before 18 and forgotten quickly. In fact, she even says as much in this chapter: "That's good. Something good came out of me existing."

This is the reason she latches onto a girl she sees who intends to commit suicide. Kaori knows she could have a profound impact on Shizuku's life, moreso than most other lives, especially since nobody else noticed how much Shizuku was suffering.

It's... one of those things I tend to avoid thinking about (I think most of us do) because it moves right into the question of "what is the value of our existence? whose lives will we impact?", which is existential depression territory for many people.

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I really could have never predicted where the seeming-oneshot of two women beating the shit out of each other ended up.

Sal Jiang has definitely done something really creative here, and I feel like the ending is a great compromise between making some social commentary and having a happy ending that Yuri readers mostly want.

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What are the odds it ends in a polycule with Himawari involved?

Probably pretty low considering all the extras the author has drawn that just depict the main couple, I'd guess, but it still seems like several of Himawari's interactions with our main ladies are basically flirting.

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Both of them say that they're interested and committed to their relationship but neither of them really act like they're interested and fully committed to the relationship.

At this point I'm not sure what either of them want out of it and I don't think they really do anymore either. Both of them seem to have people around them that they gel better with but they refuse to let go of this sunk cost and idealized relationship that they appear to be aspiring to.

Agreed, this is pretty much the vibe I get from the situation too.

Also... Yuki x Nanase and Fuuko x Yuni endgame?

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Surprise lesbian human-robot pregnancy?

Science has finally gotten to where we need it to be.

I can't remember if it's been explained but is Nadeshiko biological ie- genetically engineered , like the replicants in Blade runner or is she technological? If she's biological there's a fair chance baby's could be on their way. Whos going to give birth is another interesting question ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

The fact that you managed to guess this ahead of time is wild.

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By the way, this was picked up for an official English translation by Tappytoon under the name Twin Flames of Destiny.

And, yes, the behavior of Qu is really hard to accept. She lies to Gu about her sexuality (twice) on a technicality (when she knew what the underlying question really was). Towards the middle of the story, Qu coaxes Gu into trying to practice various intimacy scenes. From there, Qu forcibly tries to transition what they're doing into sex, despite multiple clear calls of "No" and even "Please stop". Eventually, they're interrupted by the doorbell. Afterwards, Gu breaks down into a shivering tearful mess, lamenting how she was scared and couldn't get Qu to stop. She then says that she has to quit the project because she can't continue, at which point Qu leaves instead.

The worst part of all of this is the story makes it out like you're supposed to feel that Gu was in the wrong for rejecting her sexual assault or for trying to escape.

It's... really, really bad from a consent perspective. I honestly can put up with a lot of dubious consent by telling myself it is just fiction, but in this case, there's no consent at all; it is literally sexual assault with victim blaming. It strikes a nerve.

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I'm shipping Hinata x Hirose for no apparent reason

I've been actually shipping Hatori and Hirose for no apparent reason, but I do not hate this idea either.

Could always go poly? Hinata seems too energetic for any one person to keep up with anyway.

The quiet optimism of this series is always a treat; a new chapter of it was exactly what I needed today. ^_^

I'm not sure any of the characters in this manga are even aware sex exists.

I dunno. It's nice and fluffy but also very chaste. I'd be surprised if there was even a kiss before the final chapters.

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I feel bad for Kiku reading the chapters about her past relationship with Yuuna. Maybe we're only seeing the worst, but it really feels like Yuuna was experimenting with Kiku and then decided she wasn't interested. Which is technically fine, but heartbreaking.

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It hit me when reading the birthday chapter, did Ayu's family not send her anything?! If they did than Yunari probably wouldve noticed sooner. And it didn't even look like Ayu had communicated with any of them other than her cousin then either. What a subtly sad detail (assuming I didn't miss anything).

They basically disowned her in chapter 1.

I've always wondered what they told her cousin in that phone call, since the cousin seems to think the parents will be worried, then calls them, and then announces that they are allowing her to stay.

I assume the last part is a lie and they said something along the lines of "We don't care what happens to her." But that's still weird that she would let the idea of returning Ayu to her parents go without further hassle or explanation.

I guess it's probably so that can be a revelation in a future chapter (also makes Ayu's relationship even more unexpected).

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If there will ever be Yuri in this, it'll be whenever they handle Akira's new situation I guess.

But I support untagging it for now, I think that's smart. If it turns out to be Yuri later, it can just be retagged then, no harm done.

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The obvious conclusion is that she's about to announce Minazuki killed the prez.

That said, it is so obvious, it is possible the author will subvert it. Vice prez could try to tell them the prez is dead but Minazuki tried her hardest to save him, so she's telling the truth and they should run.

Not sure which of the two ways it will go.