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She really wanted to be "tricked".

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Hmm, somehow that bread kind of reminds me of something...

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This is adorable

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An independent person posted a translated fourth chapter on Mangadex today. From there, a person in the original translation group (which abandoned this 9 months ago) posted, revealing the reason that it was abandoned was because Takemiya Jin included a relatively generic "do not reprint" message that usually only appears in Japanese text in English text as well. They interpreted this to indicate that Takemiya Jin did not want English fan translations available for her work.

Personally, I think that is a pretty big logic leap. It's not like Takemiya Jin is losing sales because of English fan-translations being available. The series is not licensed, so without the fan translation, it is literally unreadable for English fans.

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Chapter 5 is up on Mangadex now. Fortunately, the misunderstanding was cleared up really quickly. According to the scanlator, there won't be any more of those types of plot points in the future (or at least the next few chapters) so expect more fluff

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It's been 84 years...

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Squee... finally someone picked it up again.

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Yesssss. I love this manga so much that I ended up buying the series in Japanese just to look at the images before it was translated beyond chapter 2.

Very happy it is back.

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Takemiya Jin doing a yuri zombie series... I need this in my life.

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I didn't know Takemiya Jin could do pure fluff. But I should have known that Takemiya Jin can do anything.

(As to the art, tastes vary--I love it.)

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Takemiya Jin doing a yuri zombie series... I need this in my life.

Yup, inject it right into my veins.

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Takemiya Jin doing a yuri zombie series... I need this in my life.

Heh, if it would be anything like that zombue One Shot she did I'm not so sure how much I'd want it.

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I've been catching up on this series. Somehow I missed a bunch of chapters. It's sweet easy going flirting with just a touch of lighthearted drama to keep it interesting. I just have a couple... um... concerns. I find, Hina's younger sister being a complete hound (If you know what I mean), A little weird. Hina is innocent and a bit naive. However her sister is a dating, and apparently, mating pro. It just doesn't add up.
I also find the sexist stereotypes a bit annoying. I mean Yayoi's friend giving her practice dishes, so she could be a better wife! I nearly broke my eye sockets with the eye rolling.

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Yesss gimme that good wholesome shit

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Such a fluffy series with light heart drama. Can't wait for more chaptersss

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So it looks like Rena-chan (I think that's her name) knows, though I think the rest are still clueless. I hope Hina works up the courage to tell them soon! Honestly I think it should be fine, except maybe with a little resistance from the girl with the glasses

Also, Takemiya Jin fluff? Yes please

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Ah, this was great. Exactly what I needed today.

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If this were any fluffier it would be a cumulus cloud made of spun sugar.

More now.

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How long will this remain wholesome

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thanks for the translation

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Japan loves putting meaning behind gifts. A watch is a pretty good gift to a student.

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how is this a Takemiya Jin story

too pure

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Goodness, this was such a wholesome and feel good chapter.

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Small typos:
"carfs" -> "scarves"
"from those news" -> "from that news"
"find them to be" -> "find it to be"

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Page 7....who's that????? Oh no

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