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“Even if I give it 5m likes,it’s still insta hoe bullshit”

What the fuck is this

I snickered at that line.

I, too, am wondering how that woman became a doctor when all she does is beat the shit out of people lol. At least Rei and Doctor are happy together

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Well I dont know what I just read .__. but we have a happy ending . . . I think

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This is madness.

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it was so weird and disjointed if feels wrong to call it crap, like yelling at a puppy for not having a job. atleast is was short

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I legit skimmed through this manga until I saw something happy happening. I dont mind drama much, it's just that the art style is pretty angsty xD

Um wtf just happened. First chapter was kinda interesting....and then we got, this. Ok then.

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This and ‘Two Spirals’ are both equally as, I don’t want to say confusing since I was able to follow along, but it doesn’t “work”. I liked ‘Two Spirals’ better because who doesn’t love yuri incest with science babies.

The plots’ are pretty creative, however it’s just too over the top. It feels like I’m seeing inside the mind of a true cynic, where every situation no matter how mediocre is seen as ‘kill or be killed’.

I don’t think I’ll be reading anymore works from this author. I had a hard enough time getting through all 3 chapters.

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i think this author needs someone to help them write stories that are more cohesive

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That was a lot of stuff going on for only 3 chapters

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Feels like it was written by someone who doesn't understand drama
Multiple personalities leading to financial support through marriage and finally amnesia is kinda lot to process in only 3 chapters dontcha think?

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Isn't it the goal, of therapy, to get a person suffering from multiple personalities, down to one?

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Excuse me, what the fuck?

You know, "Split" was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Was this doujin directed by him too? The plot was all over the place.

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That was dumb as hell.

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The progression here was really weird. lol
Maybe the author can improve over time, but this was really hard to follow.
And was this really only 3 chapters long? It felt like it was gonna be longer.

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Oh... Marriage​ to​ get​ financial​ support​ to​ become​ a​ doctor.​ There​ are​ hundred​ ways to​ get​ money​ like​ 'scholarship' or 'tuition​ fee​ loan'. It's​ doesn't​ make​ sense​ at​ all.

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The multiple personalities thing could've been interesting if it was more of a focus. Instead we got... whatever that was. It felt like I wasn't even reading the same story.

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Wow, another "three chapters" story lol

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Wtf was that

There was so much wrong with that last chapter I don't know where to start

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so basically Telenovela: The Manga

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Sense. This made very less

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Like riding a train about to derail...and everyone survives!

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when did emoji-chan become one of her multiple personalities

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Oh... Marriage​ to​ get​ financial​ support​ to​ become​ a​ doctor.​ There​ are​ hundred​ ways to​ get​ money​ like​ 'scholarship' or 'tuition​ fee​ loan'. It's​ doesn't​ make​ sense​ at​ all.

The doctor could just have lied to a very naive girl.

Anyway, wow, talk about all over the place. And it's already completed? I fell like this could have been good if stuff didn't just happen randomly. But page24 was nice.

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Okay. That was all over the place and made little sense.

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