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Whoa that premise was interesting but the sudden tone shift was intense. I’m curious about where it’ll go now since there’s only two left.

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I really like the premise. It's pretty fucked up

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Well that was stupid as fuck. Though the Yandere concept directed at basically yourself is slightly interesting its still a trope I loathe.

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Well alrighty then

So starting from 0... because the girl (Hajime?) is all messed up now (seen by her weird grunting and stuff) so she and Sensei are going to have to rebuild herself since all her personalities are gone?

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The needlessly intense art style is jarring and it makes it really difficult for me to get into this.

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I was anticipating that this would be all happy and cheerful, but that tone shift was kinda crazy. Still, I think the plot holds some potential and interesting concepts? I've never read a Yuri manga that even includes the concept of multiple personalities, much less brings it front and center.

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The needlessly intense art style is jarring and it makes it really difficult for me to get into this.

No kidding, felt like I was on a rollercoaster the entire time lol.

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First the rape one and now this?, it is not that I dislike them but rayos vato esto se esta poniendo hardcore y no se si me gusta ._.

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a manga about a mental illness...? it seems to be split personality and wow... v intense

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The discerning reader may notice that this isn't the first manga Sensei has appeared in!

And welcome all newcomers and match casuals to this author!

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This author needs to calm the fuck down!!

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huh, so far interesting

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"Split" but with yuri

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I enjoyed this artist's other works so I'm pretty excited to see how this develops.

I knew to expect to see that there would be at least one character that has appeared in their previous works, but I didn't notice that it was Sensei since it's been a while since I read them.

joined Aug 26, 2018

At first my dumb ass thought “Why do all the characters look alike?” This is so intense, dramatic and even chaotic, I’m liking it. Poor Ichigo, all of this could’ve been avoided if Sensei embraced the yuri smh

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I wanted to make a joke about how M Night Shyamalan's upcoming movie Glass was gonna be yuri now, but I'm tired and it's not coming out right so fuck it.

This author certainly has a very distinct art style. Very distinct.

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Took me awhile to figure what was up with the younger girl, but damn, this is gonna be good

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From 0 to 100 in no time.

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Did Match walk through gamma radiation or something? She's seemingly incapable of drawing a single page without trying to make it the most intense page she's ever made with so much... just wasted energy. It's like a telenova written by a second-rate shonen author on speed.

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I want to make sure I've got this straight. Each alter ego is essentially a person, and each crossed out number is one that Ichigo killed. So she basically murdered 98 people because she couldn't get what she wanted.

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I just watched this in youtube yesterday, the dissociative identity disorder. The girl was explaining how each one of them has their "own room". This is interesting.

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...I kind of liked it, but I doubt it's for the reasons that the author intended. Stupid enough to be fun

NB: Dissociative identity disorder does not work like this, if it even exists

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This seems very interesting, hope it's continuous

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I liked it but wtf

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