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Oh, man, this author. I thought I recognized the gangly characters and emotions dialed up to 11 in every conversation. I'll at least give them credit for writing real stories with lesbian characters rather than the usual cookie-cutter yuri junk.

There were definitely too many twists here, though, for such a short work. Should have saved a couple for another day and filled out the original premise better.

But the real reason I commented is to say, what is going on with Rei's eyes in ch. 2 p. 6? It looks like the artist drew drew each eye in a different style to test them and then never went back to fix it. She looks extra nuts

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That was the biggest pile of crap I've ever read.

I love it!

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This mangaka sure does like mexican telenovelas.

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That escalated very quickly...

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This mangaka sure does like mexican telenovelas.

It's even worse than Mexican telenovelas.

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The doctor looks very similar to the other doctor from hearts gifts..

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The doctor looks very similar to the other doctor from hearts gifts..

i think she is the same person

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these comments are so funny

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that was the first half of one story and the second half of another story. it put the petal to the metal and was only three chapters so y'know, no time wasted at least.

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....Wow. That was one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

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So many questions left...
What happened to Ichigo since she was the only one missing? And that marriage? What about that crazy super evil doctor?

And then, this is the end.


I was actually expecting Rei to be Ichigo acting innocent in order to get into the doctor's pants, thus "restarting from zero" and it would make sense since she killed off all the other personalities because she wanted to be the sole one but......... apparently not.

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haven't met such a dislikeable character in awhile like that evil ass doctor bitch but this was pretty nice

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Alters dying doesn't work that way. They can "kill" themselves and they can integrate, but it's kind of like a conservation of mass situation, in that there's never anything stopping them from being recreated/reborn, and they can't really go killing each other. Also wow this was hilariously dramatic. The only good panel imo was the one where some of her alters are just like doing other stuff in her head while she's talking to them.

Also like it's always hilarious to me that every piece of media I see about DID is just about some scary alter doing scary things, and like with the 6 systems I've interacted with (4 of which I dated), the most scary thing any of their alters did was say shitty things to other alters (which like sucks when there's already self esteem and self harm issues but...) or tried to self harm. Meanwhile dating other singlets has lead to me having to actually wrestle a partner to get a knife away from them x.x

Direct me to the DID fluff mangas please.

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Logic got flung out of the window really hard here, but at least it had a good flight. I think that this series is best enjoyed when you just scroll through the pages at top speed and let yourself get caught up in the adrenaline and power of the art rather than stopping to think about... well, anything, really. The second part had some amazing imagery, and the third part was almost just a straight-up action film. It's been a long time since I've read anything so unapologetically passionate, and it was definitely one heck of a ride.

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