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Great to see as sequel to Hanjuku Joshi! Such a cute, fluffy and romantic series!

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This chapter is not from Galette Vol. 4, but Vol. 5.

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Now, we need a sequel of Girlfriends too. "The College Years". Then "Adult life".

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It really is lovely to see these two again.

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Eey part two haha, reading about these two again is just so great, the fantastic nostalgia aside.

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I love how they just jump right into the sex!

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Now that Edegowa-sansei has shown up, it's a good chance that Mari-sempai will show up at some point! That said, I totally get why Yae is still such a fulcrum of drama, because she's the sort of person who worries needlessly about things, even though she's in a dedicated relationship with Chitose-chan.

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Nearly missed the update on the front page -_-"

Ahhh, I'm looking forward to the return of my student x teacher couple. Hopefully Vice President-san won't cause drama.

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"You think I'll start wanting a boy's **** in me?"

...Chitose's been talking with Mari-sempai again hasn't she. Also ten on the buchou having figured them out.

Chitose was always ridiculously blunt. Remember the scene where she starts asking about fingering girls while jogging with Edogawa-sensei?

LOL! Yeah! That was classic!

Now, we need a sequel of Girlfriends too. "The College Years". Then "Adult life".

That's something I'd LOVE to see!

This was a good chapter, but I'd like to see Yae drop out of fencing so she isn't burning the candle at both ends. Not to mention that it would probably be an indication that she feels more secure in their relationship.

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I agree! Beautiful girls with short black hair are indeed justice. The world needs more of them
I'm very happy that this exists

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This first couple of chapters were adorable, I didn't know how much I needed more of Hanjuku Joshi until now, manga about girls already dating are always very sweet and a lot of fun.
I hope we get more chapters soon.

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When is the next chapter going to be?

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Didn't know this manga existed. This mangaka is the bomb! Subscribed.

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Oh man, Yae, and Chitose are the cutest together. I can't get enough of them.

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Now that I think of it, who was that girl in chapter 1 and why does she know Yae and Chitose are dating? If she was in the prequel, I really don't remember. lol

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Yae thinking that Chitose is a child for not knowing what the boys will do or for wanting to be a man to defeat they all, and, in the end, Chitose just wanted to be in a sports school and be the best, as a woman. That's the moment when Yae see her more mature, the woman she loves. I can't ;^; go for it you girl! Be proud to be a woman!

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So-o-o... is Chitose going to win or lose the match? Damn cliffhanger! Ah, but either one is good, though.

Win, enjoy victory nookie with Yae. Lose, get comfort nookie from Yae. It's all good!

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page order for this chapter is a bit mixed up

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Oh please don't ruin this for me with a triangle. My life fucking sucks, I want my fluff, just gimme that

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For the love of God..pls no triangles

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Looks more like a side couple with a side order of lingering resentment than a triangle of any sort.

Gotta be annoying for Yae. "What would change if I cut my hair and was more boyish?" "Oh, apparently I would have gotten to date my first love and spared myself some early heartbreak, because it isn't that she wasn't into girls, it's just that she likes the boyish type."

Still, Yae is exceptionally not boyish, so I don't think she could've pulled it off anyway, and Chitose loves her for who she is.

I'm 100% not worried about this development.

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i think the ayu girl is chitose's first love who looks like yae?

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Maaan, I would be SO ANNOYEDif I were Yae. I hope this gets solved very fluffily

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When she says she doesn’t like girls but what she means is she doesn’t like you. Smh.

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