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MintyJulep posted:

The translation of the second page's first two panels is confusing.

Pretty sure she's saying "Let me know and I'll take out my earrings, because if I don't you'll tear them out because you're not delicate".

And then Iori tries to change the subject.

That would make a lot more sense if that's the intended meaning.

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I swear those sisters are weird as hell xD

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Minami and Iori was framed as Iori helping Minami escape from her abusive parents and friend. When the story suddenly pivots and says "Actually hitting your loved ones is romantic", it completely fucks up the basis of their relationship, and the themes of the story up to that point.

I always assumed their relationship was based in the contrast of Iori being a complete wreck of a human being despite being an adult while Minami was mature and cool-headed despite being a teenager. Thus, anytime Iori hit Minami comes off like both being cartoony and a natural extension of her character.

Anyways, I certainly like the series more when is just about the couple in turn being adorable dorks to each other so these past few chapters have been wonderful. I'm glad someone else picked up the series but I have to say that I think the quality of the scans has taken a hit. To my inexpert eyes, it looks like they ran the raws on waifu2x and that made it lose some detail that while not being a deal breaker is distracting.

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I'm just here for Editor x Procrastinator but I'll take what I can get

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In the last page they switched? doesn't it look like shizuku has the girl one?

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what a nice chapter, love those two

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I'm just here for Editor x Procrastinator but I'll take what I can get


And funny how you didn't wrote editor x mangaka.

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Oh shit, Minami in Yukata is so pretty! My heart fluttered!~

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How to kill the mood in five seconds.

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Those two have always been horny for each other.

That aside, I really want to see imouto and bully. Like really really.

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Iori, you talk too much...

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Minami breaths
Iori : "I'm horny babe, let's fuck"

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Such a deep and nuanced relationship ...

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So cute. I love how much they are into each other.

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Minami breaths
Iori : "I'm horny babe, let's fuck"

More like

Minami: *exists*
Iori: that gets my clit so fucking hard

Iori has 99 problems but frigidity ain't one of 'em o3o

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Cute and enjoyable chapter, always nice to have abit of the original couple.

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Omg she ruined it xD

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Dammit woman, you had one job

You cant hear image they say
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i mean...i have to agree with does stimulating..

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A very cute chapter, but I'm gonna miss the filter

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Love really does make everything seem better than it actually is lol, it's nice.

The immaculate
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I like the filter though. It’s easy on the eyes.

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I am also here only to lament the loss of the sepia filter

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dammit I loved the sepia filter, it gave the manga a unique warmth

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dang rip the filter. i think it really gave the manga a super unique color palette. plus it feels good to look at late at night :/

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