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joined Jan 21, 2020

Cute and enjoyable chapter, always nice to have abit of the original couple.

joined Feb 23, 2016

Omg she ruined it xD

joined Oct 30, 2018

Dammit woman, you had one job

You cant hear image they say
joined Aug 2, 2020

i mean...i have to agree with does stimulating..

joined Aug 21, 2019

A very cute chapter, but I'm gonna miss the filter

joined Aug 19, 2019

Love really does make everything seem better than it actually is lol, it's nice.

The immaculate
joined Mar 19, 2020

I like the filter though. It’s easy on the eyes.

joined Mar 24, 2015

I am also here only to lament the loss of the sepia filter

joined Sep 21, 2019

dammit I loved the sepia filter, it gave the manga a unique warmth

joined Mar 17, 2020

dang rip the filter. i think it really gave the manga a super unique color palette. plus it feels good to look at late at night :/

joined Jan 22, 2015

RIP sepia filter 08.19.2020
You will be dearly missed.

joined Jun 10, 2019

That sepia filter was such a nice touch. I’ll miss it dearly

joined Jul 21, 2015

rip sepia filter, rip font

Altair Uploader
joined Nov 30, 2016

Send all inquiries regarding the sepia filter to their discord:

Perhaps they'll have a change of heart for one of the defining features of this manga

last edited at Aug 19, 2020 10:33PM

Nyarumi Uploader
Secret Society Blanket
joined Feb 3, 2019

Wow, I’m kinda surprised how much pushback there is on removing the sepia filter

joined Jan 2, 2017

Gotta say, I'm really gonna miss the sepia filter.I really love it.

joined Jun 22, 2018

The sepia filter definitely makes this series stand out, and it is also easy on the eyes
will be sad to see it go

last edited at Aug 19, 2020 11:16PM

joined Aug 1, 2011

Wait, is everyone else here to lament the loss of the filter too?

I wasn't actually expecting that.

joined Aug 15, 2020

suddenly I'm fee!ing very lonely all on my own (TT-TT)

joined Aug 30, 2018

I don't comment often but loosing the filter is really sad

joined Oct 9, 2019

pour one out for the sepia filter fellas :(

joined Mar 28, 2012

Fuzoroi no Renri without sepia filter is an Heresy unto the God of Ecchi.

joined Dec 20, 2018

As this thread proves once again, removing the sepia filter is not good news.

Very cute chapter, though. ^_^

joined Jun 13, 2012

I prefer without sepia filter though.

joined Jun 13, 2012

Two chapters without the mangaka pairing nor the violent sister pairing is huge disappointment. Need to see them in the next chapter.

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