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It’s kinda interesting seeing a yuri manga that can actually go either way tbh

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She even says that she doesn't want to see her in tears again.

That's a bit condractory, want them to break up but don't want her to be in tears ? Pick one because you can't have both.

It is not contraditory in a sense, she wishes for it to end now because at her POV the longer things go the more Kurumi will suffer, meaning that she wishes for less suffering.

There is jealousy in her actions but with the information she has she is genuinely wishing for what she believes will hurt her friend less.

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Even if they don't end up together, at least #GiveKyou-chanAGirlfriend

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Pretty sure that cliffhanger is illegal now.

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How many more chapters are there? These cliffhangers are killing me.

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Wondering who the real coward is in that. Well both of them are but I found ironic that Kyouko of all people call Nikaidou a coward since she is not better. Question is did she vent up on Nikaidou because she think Nikaidou can make her happy and is trigger by Nikaidou's cowardice or did she still believe she is a slut and blame Nikaidou's cowardice in order to not think she is a bigger coward ? Personally i think that Nikaidou really love Kurumi, i mean she don't have talk to Jun because she don't see the point. For her, she love Kurumi so there is no point talking to Jun. Also i don't think someone will run after a glove on a road just because a friend give it to you, you don't risk your life for a friend's gift, we aren't in a shonen.

How many more chapters are there? These cliffhangers are killing me.

We caught up to the raws so for the moment there is no other chapter.

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Aah, long time no see Truck-kun

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We caught up to the raws so for the moment there is no other chapter.

That is unfortunate to hear.

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This cliffhanger was a bit more dramatic than I'd anticipated

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Nikai just erased her own bisexuality and transported herself to another world thats fucking metal dude

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Oh my GOD. And we're caught up????? So there's nothing more coming for the forseeable future???? FUCK ME

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This author really loves their cliffhangers...

Before Truck-kun appeared though, it kinda felt like Nika was starting to realize she had gotten over her feelings for Jun though, so I guess we're headed for Nika/Kurumi endgame.

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oh yeah, Truck kun strikes again

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I really hope we don't have a contrived coma to complicate all of this further. It's one of my least favorite narrative choices.

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I think there are only 1-2 chapters to go.

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It's always the fucking car accident.

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LMAO. The "I'm going to tell you something the next time we meet" at the end of the previous chapter sounded like an appointment with truck-kun in the making... and then we get one but it's for a different character.

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This chapter has pissed me off lmaooo

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Yay! Time for the coma and amnesia arcs!

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Truck-kun best character ever <3

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NikaxTruck-kun hetend

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So does this mean that she's gonna wake up in a Lesbian Harem Isekai now? Cuz that seems like a possibility since Truck-kun is involved.

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Yay! Time for the coma and amnesia arcs!

Oh god please no. I had to drop My Unrequited Love like the fucking garbage that it is when it pulled that shit.

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