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Cute! One chapter at a time is not enough! ^_^
Lol, such a fun series

Purple Library Guy
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Couple of quick translation suggestions:

p. 54, second panel down on the left: I have seen you use this translation, "Hi hi!" a few times in the series but only now looked at the original. The original this time is "うふっ”, which is basically the sound they use in anime for sophisticated female characters to giggle/half laugh

Hmmm . . . there's something like a convention in manga scanlation of doing a certain kind of somewhat affected giggle/laugh as "fu fu fu"--is that this one? (I believe I've also seen it as "ho ho ho")

p.55 - The lower left panel, what Mahiro says "~言うこときくから” the meaning here of きく is more like "comply with" than "listen to." So maybe "I'll comply with anything you say, ..."

Problem is, "comply with" sounds clumsy and overformal as English usage. No way would Mahi-mahi say something like that. I'd say either leave it as is (because while the meaning is admittedly not quite right, use like that comes up enough in manga that I think a lot of readers have sort of gotten used to "listen to" taking on somewhat stronger connotations), or use "do", rendering the line "I'll do anything", which is natural English usage for roughly that concept. Ehhh, but that doesn't flow well into the joke at the start of next page--maybe "agree to"?

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"Hee hee" looks hella weird to me. Hehe?
Idk, hihi looked fine to me, but it might be cus im used to seeing it used in french. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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PLG: Yeah, that's basically it, "ふ" being phonetically equivalent to "fu." In this case it would be "u fu~". The "ho ho ho" one is the "ojou-sama" laugh, the loud, fakey laugh of haughty villains and grandstanders. :)

DrMario: "Listen to" can have the connotation of "obey" if the people involved have an authority figure/subordinate relationship (e.g. "Listen to your parents!"). I don't know exactly how I would position Yuu and Mari in relationship to the Mahi-Mahi alien sugar fairy bubble world, but it never seemed to me like Yuu has any luck getting them to do what she wants. Mari is better at it. :) Also, the usage is for things the subordinate must do, not the authority, which is why it doesn't flow as well with the joke of Yuu's circular logic request. I like "agree to" though, in the spirit if not letter of the translation.

Faust: "Hi hi" looks like someone saying "hello" in a childish way in English (long "i" is the only way a native speaker would read it.) "Hehe" is fine but doesn't convey the haughtiness. I agree that "hee hee" is not right, it's too sneaky/mischievous.

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Feels like I havent seen Chie and Ah-chan in so long, they're my favorite ;_;

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Accept it Yuu, the MahiMahi are your destined foil for the rest of your high school days.


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I wrote "hihi". Idk if it makes a difference to you but when i saw you write it with a space, I did read it as hello hello, but idk, doesn't "hihi" feel different?
I don't remember wha kind of laugh/feeling it was supposed to convey, but for with context/the right expression, "hehe" could be arrogant/superior-feeling no?

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Feels like I havent seen Chie and Ah-chan in so long, they're my favorite ;_;

Same ;u;

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Dear god, I'm glad Mari knows how to handle Yuu because I doubt many can.

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I like how this series conveniently has a sign telling people that the random male character isn't a romantic interest

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Midori and Hibiki... That feels so refreshing!!!!!

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Chapter 75 is also updated now, with the suggested translation improvements.

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Oh my god a jealous Yuu-chan appears! So fucking cute. <3

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Midori's found someone cute and lively who will treat her right, and Mari and Yuu continue to have a perfect dynamic.

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Dannnng, Yuu-chan sure is cute in pig tails and a santa hat... I want someone in my life to dress like that too :p lol
Thanks for translating! ^_^

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mari and yuu should just kisss~~~

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"nobody checked to see if I was alive" i laughed

those two would be cute togetherr~ plus Mari and Yuu have another great chapter as always!

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So, Hibiki is really over the b-queen that I don't care to remember her name ? Good. Really hope she'll get with Midori or some other girl that won't treat her just like some cute accessory. -o-

Love how Yuu's sanity is taking a beating whenever she's around the twins. XD

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Now I want cake

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I'm Midori so hard xDDDDDDD I wish I could draw :'c (but yuri instead of yaoi)

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Aw Yuu sure is sweet, she was like "Dont touch muy waifu!"

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Lol TFW Kouhai doesn't notice you

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There's a really dumb mistake on page 1 (me being stupid, not the QCer's fault). New version's gonna be up soon.
Edit: Fixed now!

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So I was re reading (can't get enough) and then I noticed this reference I never saw before : here, isn't it a parody of Chigusa Tsukikage from Glass no Kamen? I mean, just look at her face :

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lmao, pure fansercive and I loved it

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