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Their Story discussion 06 Nov 19:34
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Sorry :v since there were comments I thought it was already posted, :v

Well since it isn't, I don't think you read the chapter from an upload on dynasty, did you ;x
Actually, looking back, everyone was still spoiler tagging, lmao, why did you think it was posted if ppl were still censoring their spoilers? You legit replied to a post that was completely blacked out >_> They kept spoiler tagging as they replied you too. It's like speaking loudly in a library and remaining completely oblivious as to why others are whispering.
But as long as you/others remember for next time tbh, it'd be great, thanks :')
Since it's such a plot centric series, I find it really douchy when ppl start out from spoiling raws already. Like some ppl decide not to look at the posted raws and wait for the TL, but some just go and describe everything they've seen without spoiler tagging.
Like, dude? Really?
Guys please
It's just "==" in the beginning and in the end of your spoilers, it takes like a second not to ruin someone else's reading experience.

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I think the whole emphasis in Doujima's speech is meant to cause some impact on Yuu that will make her move next chapter and that's it. It wasn't really necessary, but the more you think about it, Yuu has no one to talk about her situation, so listening to Doujima talking to Akari may be the closest thing she has of an advice right now

Tfw the chapter isn't posted on dynasty yet but some ppl just don't give a fuck about spoiling others apparently :')

But yeah it was obviously drawing a parallel to Yuu's situation and stalemate, hitting close to home, allowing Yuu to express some sadness for feelings she can't admit to or share as openly.

Hm and I guess the reason why the play bothers Touko so much, despite that it's just a play and has no real necessary impact on her life and actual decisions, is because she's lost some confidence I suppose.It's rubbing her the wrong way cus it's a very direct attack on what she believes in and is trying to achieve. To be forced to play this character and repeat these lines she loathes to hear, she's taking it personally.

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Their Story discussion 20 Oct 05:06
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I like that at the party, Qi Fang is shown grabbing his jacket, but then you never see it again

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Howdy! Looking for a manga where:
- The setting is in some sort of locker room. They were changing for PE uniforms I guess?
- The other girl has a short hair (iirc...) and was secretly checking out the other girl
- The other girl looks like the girly type with large breasts... iirc she was also checking out the other girl and was thinking that she will invite them to her house and maybe things can happen

I looked through a lot of tags in the directory but couldn't find it. Any help would be appreciated!

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"I'll never be able to change if I keep doing [this]"?

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I like that the play is so important, plot wise, character development wise. Writing their own play too. (instead of the classic fairy tale, or romeo and juliet lmao)
Pretty often, the play's just an event, a flag raised to bring characters together and raise romantic tension.
But here tho, hmm yes, that tension. Touko's expression in the end, it's so dark, I got chills. That huge contrast with Yuu in the cover page. Hope and despair.
It's just a play. In no way does it force Touko into decisions in her own life, but she's taking it pretty personally. I kinda can't tell, or imagine, how this will help change her pov, she's so stubborn about her facade. So much has been shaking her up (like finding out her sister was different from how Touko thought she was, and was trying to be), her mood is sinking. I wonder if she resents Yuu for the script change.

Now that Touko has lost both of her supports in her ideal, all tensions are now piled on her. She's a time bomb at this point.

Also props to Sayaka for stepping up as well

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Contradiction is typo'd in the title

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is page 52 missing? I feel like there was an abrupt transition

Yeah i suspect the same
You see a page number here:
If you count backwards, you see that when you reach page 4 (where you see another page number), it doesn't add up.

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Mamori's Seiyuu, Mikako Izawa turned 23 yesterday

Happy Birthday!

I wonder if she finally told her family about VD

Lmfao what
That's hilarious, but understandable too
She really just decided not to tell them about that one role?
what if they look her up more extensively one day

New Game discussion 25 Sep 06:37
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Excuse me over here, i just want to cry in the corner while Kou and Rin dont even have a proper hug and the fact that the author is siding to the Aoba x Kou ship.

I'm here with my sinking ship

how is kou telling rin the news first and making her promise to wait for her the author going with aoba x kou?

I dont really want to argue about how my ship ends but here is the thing:
Regardless of their conversation in chapter 63, the author tends to do something, idk, more emotional between Kou and Aoba rather than Kou and Rin.
I was so happy at ch 63 but then ch 64 scene with aoba kou is just more intense.

Idk man, i'm just really sad rn

I think that's cus Aoba is like, the main main character, and Kou is part of her personal motivations and growth as a character
I don't really see it as shipping material, though you could if you want, but Aoba's emotional attachment to Kou is still really important tbh.There's no denying that Kou leaving hits Rin really hard, we all know that, (and ngl, I would have liked to see more moments between them for something like this), but we also know that for what Kou means to Aoba, this is especially significant to her development. Kou leaving isn't just to break hearts, but for plot purposes, it'll likely push Aoba to greater heights. So tbf, no matter what your/the author's ship is, this chapter/scene had to happen, simply for the sake of Aoba.

New Game discussion 25 Sep 03:52
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I don't know how to explain it, but this is done really well, the pages are filled with emotions
I teared up in the beginning and the ending of the chapter, doesn't help that I happened to be listening to a sad sounding song at the same time TT v TT
It was a balance of "this is sad but you can't help it, she's going her own way", and "this isn't the end, we'll all be together again, it'll be okay"
It was really bittersweet, my heart feels kinda heavy rn tbh
I look forward to the chapters about Kou's trip

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Is this the first time that Kurosawa has blushed in the series? It's pretty great.

Not really, but at least, never losing her composure like this

Citrus discussion 16 Sep 22:56
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Does anyone get the ending of Chapter 32? Why did Matsuri freeze like that? I mean, it was just Eyebrows-chan and Shirapon-senpai coming back with tea, right?

Yes, what's so shocking about it...?

Shirapon and Eyebrows seem to be discussing a concerning matter
Matsuri probably overheard, and is shocked about it.

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What's with the name? Did I miss where cement played a part in the doujin?

Natsuki: "What's with the sad t-shirt?"



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Oh, Hana-chan's hairstyle is a lot cuter now

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Anime season 06 Sep 11:07
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It was pretty inferred episodes ago. Latest episode just explains the circumstances.

@Rain Spectre
Myeah, latest episode, you say. (at the time) But let's just put it out there anyway? Spoiler tagging isn't a hassle at all, you know. It'd be nice to just be a little more considerate of other viewers... :/

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It's been far too long since I've last read it, so the plot itself is quite blurry..forgive me- but I do believe it's a one-shot. Girl A asks her close friend, girl B about her crush. I think girl B tells her it's a secret? Later on girl A witnesses girl B being confessed to.. Girl A learns through subtle notions that she was the secret crush all along.
I hope that was helpful! I really want to re-read it so the help is very much appreciated :)

It's not quite that tbh, but this is the only one that comes to mind for me:

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Can anyone remember the title of the one where there are 2 childhood friends in love with each other's little sister? There were also side characters who got together. One of which is a goth loli who loves dams and one really tall woman who looks scary?

Probs this

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Please, I would love to know how you can have a close friend that you don't even know their name. How the hell can they be close if you literally know nothing about them? That's not a personal opinion, that's just a fact. If they know nothing about them then they can't be close.

Christ, you associated two unrelated things and made a bullshit jump there.
If you don't know their name <=> you can't be close friends
If you don't know anything about them <=> you can't be close friends

Wtf, you legit went "an apple isn't a fruit because a rock isn't a fruit".
You're implying that not knowing their name means you don't know anything else about them.
You're comparing something you're personally generalising af to something true and trying to pass off the first statement true as well, wth

Yes they would, if not then it's no different than asking a stranger for advice.

Yes, in terms of personal involvement, but that's not the point? You ask them cus you trust them lmao. You want to ask them because THEY ARE an actual friend, because you value their thoughts and ppl tend feel comfortable with those they confide in lol?
Besides, what happens when you repeatedly confide in someone? You grow closer. They get to know you.
And tbf, Hiruma actually couldn't have asked her other "actual friends" because they are in other classes and have no involvement with what's going on with Amane and Nina either. Rip that her other friends aren't actual friends by your standards either

What a cop out, fact is that there wasn't any romance between the two. Literally just online "friends" then love rivals and no feelings portrayed between the two of them that would be considered romantic by any measure.

That there is very much indeed a fact. Or at least imposed like one, tho it's basically your opinion lmao. Idgaf about your opinions, I'm here cus you're claiming them to be facts. I argue about your so claimed "factuality" with what I saw that disproves it, and provide it to you. If you dismiss it, there really isn't anything else to add. If Nina referring to Hiruma as her "precious friend" is something you'd dismiss, then shit. Because really, what good is proof is you'll just pretend you didn't see it?
The moment you admit it's an opinion, I'm good. I'm fine with your opinion. The moment you do, it doesn't mean that "nothing happened", it just means that that's how you saw it. And that idc about, there's nothing else to be said.

If you can't defend it with your own opinion then what's the point in starting the argument? How do you see their online friendship as special?

Yeah but you hardly defended your opinion at all. You claimed your pov to be factual, or based it on what you claim to be "facts". If isn't based on anything legit then it's pretty much meaningless.
You say it's bull cus nothing shows it. I don't care that you think it's bull, I just disagree with "nothing happened", and showed you exactly what happens. I already shared and referred to the pages that contradict "they're not friends"/"nothing happens", showing Hiruma happy to think about her friend, showing her talk to her about her problems and feelings. You dismissed it. Because that's your opinion...?
You say there's nothing romantic.
I show you romantic tension between them and you say it isn't good enough. Well ight. It's clearly meant to be so, but if in your opinion it isn't then that also ends there, idc about debating your opinions.
If you state there's an absence and I show you examples, well if you dismiss them, there's nothing I can add, it just ends there.
I'm not responsible for your denial. If I show you examples and they're not convincing enough for your opnions, well that ends there, we'll just move on to the next unsolved thing.

Nothing happened at all throughout the whole story, and why her "move" makes no sense.

Refer to previous screenshots and links for examples of relationship development. That's how I'm showing you that things happened. I literally can't do anything about you dismissing everything and still state that nothing happened.

I mean, that sounds like a really lazy way to dismiss any relationships ever, really. "Person A reached out to someone they wanted to get to know better and that was it". Yeah, if you cut everything out, that is indeed pretty much it.

What am I cutting out? That's literally how they explain how they started contacting each other. Liked her cat pictures > talked to her.

That is indeed how they met, but you stated it as if that's all there was, as if they never progressed further than that, and that's what I'm commenting on.
You skipped that they did get to know each other better and are "precious friends" now. And that's quoting one of the involved characters. You're legit blowing off what a character states.
That is kinda what "that was it" means, you know. I've shown you that it wasn't just "it". I've done my part.

Aside from how we actually don't see her treat other people that same way?
Hiruma apparently looks like a loner without friends too, I'm sure that if she acted super chummy and caring when vividly interacting with the rest of her classmates, they wouldn't have gotten the impression that she liked to be alone if she's trying so hard for everyone else as well.

She literally says in that panel that she has other friends in different classes. How did you miss that? And the person who has the impression that she liked being alone is literally the person we are talking about who she doesn't treat special.

Yeah. Friends in others classes. I'm talking about her actual classmates? How did you miss that lmao
Clearly, by not having other friends in her class, and not hanging with her classmates, is how she gives off the impression of being a loner. That impression isn't just from Nina lmao, Hiruma clearly says "people apparently think that [...]", how did you miss that? Man, if you're gonna misread pages that are actually linked to you... Ight, being a loner is an impression Hiruma is aware people have of her. Nina's comment isn't anything new, or an impression only she has.
If Hiruma tried that hard for anyone else, she would easily be trying just as hard to reach out to her classmates, and would at least interact with them more frequently. If she had, there would be no reason for them think she gives off that impression. But she didn't. She doesn't jump and act friendly with just anyone else. If she did, you'd think that she'd just make new friends in class.
And ofc, she didn't treat Nina specially at the time because she didn't know she was her online friend. After she finds out? All over her. This isn't an opinion. This is from observing what happens.
You're trying to support your opinion that they weren't close because the way she treated Nina wasn't necessarily special, because she might treat everyone the same.
Except we don't see that. If she did, we'd see it. You're really just saying "maybe she treated everyone that way", so in your opinion, it's not a good enough example.
But yo, if she did, she'd have friends that's for sure. If she reached out to ppl, she wouldn't be "the loner".
And that isn't an opinion. That's what we see and are told.

It's fictional romance, it really isn't uncommon for a character to perceive another under a romantic light after an important gesture or event/trigger of some kind, one that means a lot to them. For Nina, that gesture would be their talk under the rain. And it's not like Hiruma wasn't kind to her in their previous exchanges either.

Oh, you mean the Ayaka and Yurine romance that is literally spanning across the whole series and hasn't reached it's romantic conclusion yet? Might want to not use that one as an example. Izumi and Chiharu literally happened in an extra. It wasn't even deemed good enough by Canno to give it its own volume.

Maybe I'm referring to these couples cus they're in this series, which I'm assuming you've somewhat read and minimally understood. And it's still legit a trope lmao. That those examples' arcs aren't over or good enough arcs for you doesn't disprove my point. It doesn't change that characters grow closer from stuff like that. A bunch of the first encounters or the "romantic turning point" of romance series are pretty simple and are easily used as justification for the attraction.

Hiruma reached out to Nina when she was at her most vulnerable, and held her when she felt the most lonely, the least understood and hurt, that's her turning point.
And tbf, no couple has an entire volume, so it really doesn't mean anything. Lol, name one volume with all chapters focused on one pairing.

The talk under the rain which resulting in absolutely nothing romantic. Not even an inner monologue about how they are growing attracted to each other.
And ofc, this:

You really can't say that I'm not least backing this up lmao. You stated another fact, I'm showing you what disproves it. If this doesn't sound like there are romantic undertones, well ight. It's clearly meant to indicate that she felt a romantic attraction to Hiruma, but fine, your mileage may vary.
And tbf. You said they weren't close friends. I show you legit quotes and you still said you didn't believe it.
Even if they stated more explicitly that they had feelings for each other, you wouldn't have believed it either tbh

Finding it sufficient to decide whether or not it's believeable is one thing, stating that there are no transitions is another.

No it's not "another". If it's not sufficient to be believable then why the hell would I say there was a transition at all?
If it's not good enough to be a transition then I will state as such and will continue to. It's garbage writing, plain and simple. Their interactions are not romantic, Hiruma provides absolutely nothing to show she even reciprocates Nina's bipolar feelings.

Yeah but that's an opinion that you're wording like a fact, a fact you don't back up. You just prove countless times that you've forgotten what happened, misread or blown it off.
You can't say a transition you don't find believable isn't a transition. You're acknowledging that it is one, you just don't like it. That's your problem, and it's inaccurate when you phrase it like that. That's why I won't bother with it, because that's not a fact, that's your opinion, and idc, its yours man
"Not romantic, [...] provides nothing"
Yeah I'm not gonna bother relinking stuff tbh. Too bad if you don't think it is.

Inb4 you go "except everything I said is absolute, they aren't opinions, they are facts"

Again, I can say it wasn't done at all because it wasn't.

Oh look, another opinion disguised as a fact. Let me try.
It was. I can also say "it was done", "because it was".
Hm, that doesn't quite feel like it holds much weight. Weird.
Anyways, since you always stated it as a fact, I just have to show you the times it was "done", and I have. How you take it isn't of my concern tbh.

it's nice how hypocritical you are stating that I can't claim my opinions as facts but have to problem claiming your own as facts. Is it not your opinion that there was a transition, that there was romantic chemistry?

Ye it's easier, I have no problem to state they were friends because oh wait links all the pages that show they were. Oh shit, maybe I'm not pulling an opinion out of thin air. Maybe it's actually based on something. Who knows. Maybe it's actually a fact that they are friends.
I referred to examples and showed you the actual pages like, a good couple of times tbh

You clearly said that I can't say these things didn't exist but only that they were done poorly. That's your opinion, drink your own kool aid for once. Your opinion that there was actual transition from love rival to romance can just be as wrong as mine stating that there was none.

Lol, opinions
You shared your opinion based on an inaccurate description of the series, neglecting multiple development points, stating it's terrible because you're choosing to ignore all those things.
I legit replied to say that they were indeed friends, and you were like no they're not. That's not even an opinion to be made tbh, it's legit what their relationship was in the beginning. Excluding everything else we've talked about, them being friends is at least the most obvious +plus canonically stated information. But nah, you don'f accept it
Very clear difference between "i dont think their friendship was convincing" and "their friendship wasn't convincing so they aren't friends"
I wasn't even here to argue about a difference in "opinions", it legit doesn't matter how differently we think. I'm here cus you went and stated that it's badly written because nothing happened. That's not even an opinion, you're literally stating that.
And hey, I'm arguing my side of whether your facts are true or not with examples and quotes yo. "They were friends cus look, all these pages where they each state that they're friends". Not an opinion, it's just what's depicted. And you're just repeating that if you dunno their name, address and school, you can't say you know them at all, that there was nothing romantic, no attraction. You're trying to counter what's text with your opinion. You just continuously misread, state fallacies as fact and brush the actual pages off.

Bad build up is no build up. A foundation made up of shit is both not a good foundation and couldn't be justified as one.

A low presence, or a debatably poor one, isn't an absence.
You're saying nothing happened.
I defend that, showing you what happened.
And then you just reveal by "nothing happened", you meant that you didn't think it was good enough so won't acknowledge it happened at all, in your opinion.
Well okay. If from reading this whole arc, you felt like nothing happened and don't see how anything lead to later relationship development, well no wonder it didn't make sense to you.
And that's the end of it tbh.

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Drinking game: one shot whenever someone smells Mika, one shot whenever Mika feels gloomy

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The rings
and one reaction to said rings

I know I said "I heard that", but I've seen clips and stuff, I'm not making as big of a shot in the dark as just basing my thoughts on hearsay
Anyways, if a yuri series were to get the same amount of "subtext" as Yuri on Ice, I don't think yuri fans would mind one bit, tbh.

Edit: Just in case, i was sarcastic about calling it "subtext" by the way. I wouldn't call ALL THAT GAY ASS SHIT subtext. Hence the quote marks.

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