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I thought Nacchan loved Kyouko and would've wanted to go out with her, but I guess there was stuff holding her back

It's not said as explicitly as in many others, but it's the usual stuff, isn't it? Societal pressure to create a "family unit", having stable employment, etc. She missed because she was scared, and later, she hit also because she was scared/already committed to this path and didn't want to feel like sacrificing Kyouko was meaningless.

At the end of chapter 1, she's all smiles and happiness until she is reminded of Kyouko by the gifts and immediately loses it.

hmhm, that's neat, I haven't thought about that. Forgot about all those little remarks and comments in the beginning that ppl around her made too, that set the scene.
Also like dang, wtv genuine level of affection she feels for the boyfriend/fiancé, her insecurity and envy trumps it so hard, to the extent that she gave away the lipstick too (we didn't actually see Nacchan give it away but I can't imagine that Kyouko would just take it).

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What if the things she wanted to buy for herself are actually the ones she would buy with Kyouko in mind? But subconsciously? She just doesn't want to admit it. This stuff happens when you put someone on a pedestal and your insecurity reigns. Still, it seems their relationship was never official, pretty vague. Anyway, am staying here for the drama

I think it really seemed for herself, bc of how each gift happened so coincidentally (she didn't just hand them to her iirc, she made Kyouko try them on or held them up to her and stuff). She didn't know if they suited her or not before she tried them either (apparently she just buys shit without checking first, idgi but she calls them impulse purchases), and she didn't know they would suit Kyouko either until she made her try.
The last gift especially, the lipstick is the best example bc she wasn't even the one to pick it out this time. I think the last gift was also the one that hurt the most (besides being the straw that broke the camel's back), bc not only did the bf pick it, not only did she actually think it looked great this time, but because Kyouko reached out and "took" it for herself, when she tried it on. It wasn't intentional on Kyouko's part (i think), but it happened to fit Nacchan's perception of "you take everything that is mine, I have nothing".
Unless I missed something (like how Kyouko feeling lonely and neglected for a while might've have contributed to it, that maybe she wanted to connect to Nacchan again), I think that was probably a coincidence, that this time she took one of Nacchan's items and tried it on without Nacchan being the one to offer it. Not intentionally but Nacchan probs wouldn't have brought it out for once either, bc it's something she thought actually suited her, something she wanted to keep for herself, something she wasn't complaining about.

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I thought Nacchan loved Kyouko and would've wanted to go out with her, but I guess there was stuff holding her back, that she never properly dealt with and just bitterly laughed everything off. I didn't expect that ending though, that despite missing on purpose, despite never missing, that she regrets how things turned out.
Nacchan sounds like she's still conflicted and haven't moved on from that, I don't feel like she's truly happy atm

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What's the other series they've worked on with dog collars? Can't seem to recall

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Next is gonna be too much lip balm

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Why is this so weirdly enjoyable

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Nao and Onibi remind me of katekyo hitman reborn (?). Didn't the mc's head catch on fire and he'd strip? (Only read the first few chapters)

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Can someone explain the reference, or at least the train of thought? Maybe because I'm reading sleepily, but I don't get how Nao went from 'I have to convince her I wasn't the Nao she say' to 'Old school anime ref'.

On my way to catch up on the chapters and checking out some comments along the way
I don't know if you still care about this but I used to watch that show as a kid and from how I understood it, Nao is being presented with an impossible case to prove: how can she clear her suspicions and prove that she is the Real Nao if there aren't two Naos in the first place?
I remember one episode where this Lord bullshits Ikkyu and tasks him with catching the tiger within a folding screen/painting. How can you catch something that isn't real? In response, Ikkyu gets all geared up and ready to go, and tells him to bring the tiger out of the folding screen so that he can catch it.
From how I see it, Nao unintentionally employs a similar strategy; if Onibi can bring out the Minimal Bikini Nao, then she shall concede defeat/admit to being the Fake Nao.
As such, Onibi is deeply amused, because just like Ikkyu-san, that is indeed a very interesting and clever way to go about it.

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Adachi's awkwardness level is way too low.


Pretty accurate, ngl. But I think Adachi's horny-level could be a little bit higher lol.

fixed that for you

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Drawing is hard and I kinda quit halfway through, but Adachi is cute, so I had to try anyway.
This is how I'd imagine her after the festival, all giddy, despite having to go back to school soon.

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I'm over the moon right now. Got myself to finish an exhausting assignment before rewarding myself with these updates and I got to say, it really healed my soul and soothe my fatigue.
Edit: sorry for the word vomit guys, school's been draining and I finally got to breathe. Thank you for the translation Sneikkimies and for the proofreading Shades (and Gilgamesh iirc?) I refresh Sneik's page rather frequently, this series brings me endless joy.
(Also, don't underestimate your contribution/importance in this process @Shades. I love (meticulous) proofreaders so much)

As Shimamura-like as her acceptance was in the end, she came such a long way! From feeling uneasy that Adachi might be coming to school to see her in volume 1, and feeling uncomfortable and then relieved when she thought that Adachi didn't specifically need her to be the one she spent Christmas with, to finally now thinking that she doesn't have an issue with Adachi loving her, no matter what kind of love that turned out to be. She's grown a lot more comfortable with being around Adachi since, to levels no one else has reached with her before. Rather than the general tolerance she feels for those in her life, she's developed an actual fondness of having Adachi around.
She usually acts carefully around others and like her grandma pointed out, she avoids conflict and prefers harmony (out of practicality), but for Adachi's sake, she turned down Taru pretty damn firmly. For Adachi's sake, she had to intentionally ignore someone else's feelings (ouf). That was quite unlike Shimamura actually, who's super diligent about how she navigates her relationships, but still she knew the importance of making sure the message was conveyed properly and actually did it

Also, Shimamura stating that she didn't regret doing that? Immediately finding her mom and requesting a yukata?? Feeling embarrassed about admitting the real reason she was going out of her way to wear one and running away? Shimamura? The lazy and energy-conservative Shimamura running off to not talk about wearing a yukata to made Adachi happy? HMMM.
Fucking delicious tbh

And holy shit speaking of coming a long way, Shimamura ran after her! Brooooo
Adachi left/ran from her at least twice so far and she never bothered or even tried to understand why, because Shimamura just doesn't bother with ppl beyond a certain point! But she ran after her! In those uncomfortable sandals! So much effort for Adachi's sake!!!
Not to mention after she realised Adachi was probably in love with her (madly in love~), she gave it so much thought? Shimamura doesn't usually fucking do that lmaoo, she's always been like huh? I don't get it but wtv, and just brushes it off. The mental energy she spent on Adachi!! Shimamura did so many things and spent so much energy on Adachi lately, it's mindblowing
If you think about it, times before when she'd just casually agree to something like "whatever", she'd do it because she couldn't be bothered spending that much time on making that decision. But she spent sooo much time thinking about Adachi's feelinnnngggs. The end result (her answer) might seem amusing and lowkey a recurring joke (her usual response), but she took such careful consideration before giving an answer, the care that went into making that decision is unlike everything she's done before ( ´ ▽ ` ) the one other being she's been so careful and serious about is Gon, and that says a lot, honestly.
Another sort of reflection between Gon and Adachi:
Shimamura greeting Gon with a hug when she arrived, and then mimicking that greeting with Adachi when she got back home, even the pats on the head and back
Shimamura declining Taru's call in consideration of properly spending time with Gon
Shimamura declining Taru's invitation in consideration of Adachi's feelings

On and lmfao, the fortune teller is such an unexpected gem of a character. She foresaw that Adachi was lovesick and Shimamura would have trouble with women, and then saw them together and was like... hohoho I see. raises arms in the air, go for it. And her sketchy ass takoyaki lacking the tako too lmfao, I can't believe she chased after them and got them to buy some from her. These little random scenes are so funny, like seeing the pair react over the deformed taiyaki and the octopus'less takoyaki (that chapter was also the most I've ever seen Adachi eat. Can't believe she broke off in a sprint after that too)
(Oh and oops speaking of eating, Shimamura usually doesn't bother understanding or asking more questions and just lets shit go. It was mainly for the sake of teasing, but her going out of her way to repeatedly ask Adachi about the fortune telling was great lmao, Adachi getting rektd by all the purchases she could manage

Also, people mentioned the moms noticing what's up, yes! I'm super grateful Shimamura's mom took the sister out instead, likely recognising that the one time Shimamura would go out of her way to bring out a yukata to go see a friend, is probably not the right time for her to babysit.
And Adachi hasn't been to a festival since she was a kid, aka hasn't owed a yukata for a while. We know she doesn't really spend her money either, and suddenly her mom walks in and Adachi's wearing a yukata that she clearly bought for herself. Definitely an "oh shit my daughter is actually interested in something" moment for her. It was super uncomfortable but I really appreciate her trying to reach out and being involved in her daughter's life, even just a little bit. It wasn't a bad attempt at all.

Final remark:
Shima: I wonder how she'd react if I asked her what does she mean when she said that she loved me. I want to see that face to face.
Adachi irl: runs the heck away
Shima: surprised pikachu face

QC side note, @sneik and shades: p328, second line: "There was nothing about [her] that I disliked?" Or, "There was nothing [] that I disliked?"

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I'm pretty hyped tbh, always liked the diversity in the yokai they face and how gruesome the enemies tended to be, it was so much fun
Don't know how much of the original cast we'll see again, but I'm pretty interested in how all three leads are girls, because of how unexpected and uncommon it is for an adventure/action series

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I lost it when I read the title of this chapter

omg lol you're right. I know the song but just didn't really think about it, and forgot about the title after I was done reading
Assuming we're talking about the song by Oasis, these are the lyrics (first half ish, it repeats). Quite a few of the lines remind me of Sei
Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do, about you now
Backbeat, the word was on the street
That the fire in your heart is out
I'm sure you've heard it all before
But you never really had a doubt
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now
And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I don't know how
Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you're my wonderwall

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I'd definitely prefer to leave and go home to Aya instead too

This, i know it's better for her but that's not how she gonna move their relation forward, dodging the Yoru's issue while only make it worse. She had to confront Yoru and get past it, as unconfortable as it is.Going with Aya will even be better, not only to reinforce her relation with Aya but also to prove Yoru that she wasn't just playing around.

I didn't mean it like that either, didn't say that it's better for her or not, or how what she does is gonna affect her as a person or their relationship, literally just stated that I couldn't deal with the tension and that I wanted to go home to a cute girl too
Does the fact that I find Aya cute prevent Sei from dealing with her inner demons somehow?

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That imagined scene of Aya at home waiting was so comforting to me, after how stiff and awkward Sei's talk with Yoru was. I'd definitely prefer to leave and go home to Aya instead too

Yeah but no, the problem is she don't solve anything with Yoru at all. She speak 5 minutes and chicken out. Say what you want about wanting to see Aya but that mean she is still not over Yoru because she can't even face her properly and 2 but that's my opinion, that she doesn't seem to understand Aya's view of the relation. I don't think Aya will be satisfie until the substitue play is dropped.

Wait what does that have to do with anything I've said lmao
Sure but I never said any of that. Literally 0 commentary on their issues. Never said she was getting over Yoru, never said Sei understands what Aya truly wants from her. I just felt relieved to see her get away from such an uncomfortable interaction with Yoru. I didn't say that Sei wanting to see Aya was comforting to me, I said that the scene she imagined was comforting to me.
I'm not sure why you replied to me, I don't think that really has anything to do with what I said.

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Edit: Uh I guess I might as well leave a proper link to find chapter 11:
That imagined scene of Aya at home waiting was so comforting to me, after how stiff and awkward Sei's talk with Yoru was. I'd definitely prefer to leave and go home to Aya instead too
Probably unpopular opinion: Seeing dysfunctional characters making nice gesture, aka Sei behaving like a normal person and doing nice things for Aya is gap moe.

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But ight I'll give it a shot, I think Lilliwyt may have hiccups with English sometimes

English is not my mother tongue, neither do i understand it perfectly. There is also the fact that i don't like putting too much brainpower into understanding what someone said because that mich of a brain. Finally it's also because it's not the first time Blastaar complain about what peoples said.

I think i understand the grasp of it, not that want to discuss about it becauseit's too hard for my little brain.

Yeah, second and third+ languages can be a pain, that's fair

The general idea is just that offering an explanation doesn't mean that people think the actions are okay, that they don't necessarily need to be reminded that bad stuff is bad
"Sei behaves like this because this happened to her" =/= "It's okay for Sei to behave like this because this happened to her"
"I punched him because I was mad" =/= "It's okay for me to punch him because I was mad"

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I hope it's not too weird/inaccurate of a dumbing down, Blastaar

No, that gets the gist, although I'd say "puzzling" rather than "shocking." And that last part can't be simpler than what I said, can it? lol

An author depicting bad behavior, or readers understanding what makes a character do it does not mean "approving" of that behavior.

And no idea, just swapped bits around, just in case it might help get the idea

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Can you explain in simpler words ?

Not simple enough, it seems.

This made me gasp af
But ight I'll give it a shot, I think Lilliwyt may have hiccups with English sometimes

There seems to be a congenital confusion on the Dynasty forums on the difference between “explanations” and “excuses.”

People in the Dynasty forums don't seem to understand that there's a different between explaining things and making excuses for things

Many, many stories of all kinds depict poor choices and bad behavior by characters. Better developed stories allow insight into the reasons that the characters do the things they do, while many others don’t, or do so only sketchily.

Lots of stories show characters making bad decisions and show bad behaviour. Better developed stories help readers understand the reasons why the characters behave that way. Some don't however, or don't do it well (not very in depth)

The idea that perceiving why characters do wrong or misguided actions constitutes advocacy for or justification of that behavior by authors or readers in real life (and therefore it always needs to be called out, lest anyone fail to understand that bad things are bad) is quite baffling to me.

What Blastaar finds puzzling*/difficult to understand: people thinking that those [explanations for why the characters behave the way they do] = [authors or readers defending or making excuses for that behaviour], which means that it always needs to be called out, as if people couldn't tell that bad things are bad

I hope it's not too weird/inaccurate of a dumbing down, Blastaar

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EDIT: This is kind of lost in translation, but Sei sometimes regresses to the speech pattern of a little girl whenever she and Aya does the dirty. As the translator, it's really hard to get those nuances carried over to English. This is also the reason why I believe that Sei is much, much more attached to Aya than it seems like when just reading the translations. I'm sorry I couldn't bring these nuances out, but that's pretty much impossible to do without making Sei sound like an idiot.

Maybe you could leave a TL note at the end of the chapter for stuff like that. Like idk, "in x panel or x page, Sei says stuff like this, but the tone couldn't be carried over", and such
I think it'd be really interesting to know/think about

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Followed it as it got updated, glad to see it became less about the skirts, and more about their relationships

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Hm hm, quite the chapter
1. Aya's frustration converted into top energy and lust
2. Sei is most emotionally vulnerable when it concerns Yoru and Aya doesn't know how to deal with the baggage, she'd rather avoid avoid an emotional connection
3. Aya recognises that physical intimacy isn't enough, whoops
4. Aya was clearly disgruntled when she abruptly left and Sei didn't really care or think much of it, even though she noticed tbh
5. Aya's always the one running to meet her. When they first met at Sei's apartment. When she returned Sei's clothes. When Aya went to look for her at her school. When she went to find her when Sei wanted to peace out from drinking with the math teacher
But the moment Sei got that text she went running to meet Yoru. No one can ever replace the emotional damage Yoru has on Sei tbh
6. The kindergarten extras are cute, Aya is such a good kid

Ah no i mean literally, the same comment was posted by Faust, both on Mangadex and Dynasty.

Wrote it on Mangadex first, but DS discussions tend to be more lively, so I wanted in on that. No way was I gonna rewrite that lmao

Am I the only one who likes this story?? I find it quite interesting to read ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Same same, it's erotic and the moral ambiguity is fuuun

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Hm, I didn't give Haruki much thought because I don't really like her, but if I take a step back and consider what she's done so far...
Haruki is the friendly, sociable childhood friend. She invites Aya to hang out with her friend group as an attempt to include her, but only because its a controlled environment, a space that's under her supervision, people she knows and approved of. Not to mention that Aya isn't up for those offers, so it's not like there's really any chance that Aya would've created meaningful relationships with those girls. In other words, there's no chance Haruki would've lost her position as the only one who's relatively close to her. Haruki knows "everything" about Aya, and she's pretty proud about it. Likely because she's the only one.
The reason why I'm thinking that Haruki doesn't actually care for her to make friends, despite her (half assed) attempts at integrating Aya into her social circle, is because the moment it seems like she's made an online friend, Haruki grows immediately uncomfortable about it.
A person she doesn't know. A part of Aya she doesn't know. Something outside her control. Someone else Aya may become close to. In theory she should be rooting for it, but in reality she doesn't like it.
The actions she takes feel like they're about reestablishing the control she has been losing. She tries to find out who Kuro is, what their relationship is and even tries to get on equal footing as Kuro by trying to reach physical intimacy (cough, assault) with Aya too. When it doesn't work, when Aya's behaviour is outside of her control, she tells Kuro to fuck off instead, the last remaining factor she can try for.
Haruki's goal may be good (to protect Aya from an online predator), but she's doing it all for the wrong reasons. It'd be like someone being upset about an item being stolen, but only they have been wanting to steal it themselves. Her love for Aya is rather selfish and controlling, but she doesn't realise it yet.

Also I feel kinda bad for Aya. From what i understand about her, I don't really see why she's sometimes seen as someone as awful as the other two.
She seems like she's trapped. She's cautious and Kuro realised that, so Kuro toned back the aggro and started making her feel like she has a safe space instead. Because if Aya believes that she has still control over the situation, if Kuro lets her think she has a choice in the matter, then she might just do it of her own accord.
It's now to the extent that to escape the awkwardness of dealing with Haruki, she rather go to Kuro's apartment instead.
I don't think Kuro even realises the extent of Aya's current attachment to her. She looked utterly shocked to see her in her home, to have even cooked for her too.

Lastly, Kuro has a very gentle and heartwarming smile. If I had to describe it in other words, I'd say that she smiles like she wants you to lower your guard. It's very hard to tell which might be calculated and which might really be from genuine happiness.

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Yoru's eyes are so... cold and indifferent at times. It feels like she'd throw you away once she's done with what she wanted from you
I think I get Kuro's deal. She was helpless in her situation back then, and she's helpless at her job/public life now. But she has so much power over Aya, and from that gains so much power over Haruki too. It must feel really satisfying for her, to finally get her way, and look down on Haruki, who's in a similar position as she once was.

I'm not sure how she truly feels about Aya, but by being "honest" with her about being Yoru's replacement, she is in fact also putting her in a similar position as her teenage self: "This isn't what I really want, but I'm okay with it." Actually it might fit in pretty well with what Aya wants, she just doesn't acknowledge it. Aya's trading physical intimacy against 'friendship' after all, because she wants to be close to someone. Even if she doesn't state it (I don't remember actually), she enjoyed how it felt, when they were first texting each other, having someone care about her. Kuro is pretty much treating her like a girlfriend right now, and even if it isn't explicitly what Aya is looking for, that sense of closeness and intimacy she wants still comes along with it.

Idk how much she really likes Aya, but she definitely manipulates her hard huh. On one hand she tells her that if she won't do it, she'll just find someone else (you are disposable), but she also makes her feel like she needs her, and that she wants to keep her around. She makes a lot of gestures that outside of their context are actually very affectionate and often gives Aya words of affirmation (that she likes her, cares about her, is happy to see her, etc), but I don't know to what extent she might mean them, if they're just tactics to make Aya feel wanted, to give her a place to belong.

I'm not surprised Kuro didn't think Aya would have a "best friend", because she wouldn't have reached out online and maintained such an alarming relationship if she didn't feel lonely or isolated. Aya is such a vulnerable target with her low self esteem and lack of social support that it's no wonder that it doesn't sound like she would have such a uh concerned friend.
Anyway, uh, Kuro is taunting tf out of Haruki, and deeply enjoying rubbing it in her face. Rather than being ntr'd, she's the one netoraring someone else for once.

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Saw a description of a manga on another thread that i didn't recognise, does anyone know what this is?

"Reminds me of a Manga I read where two girls started going out with each other and were known as the most popular. Except you started noticing how they both would nitpick each other or talk about one another then soon one of them got scared. So they made a pack to commit suicide together and then couldn't do it in the end because they really didn't love each other"